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Anyone experiences Compartir in Cadaqués?

Thank you, Sue and Parigi, for your reply. I know it's a bit crazy. And you doesn't know everything. We, The Antwerp Foodies, we'll be there with 9! fits precisely in a minivan! We do every year such a 3-day foodie trip in Europe. Last year in Stockholm with Oaxen, Franzen/Lindeberg, matthias Dahlgren, in 2010 we were in Bilbao and San Seb with Guggenheim, Etxebarri, Akelare and Mugaritz. In 2009 we did Copenhagen: Noma, Geranium, MR and Mielcke & Hurtigkarl.
Just to say we are experienced.
But I am also a little bit worried about the traveling part. Not easy in a busy area like Barcelona.
I warned my follow travelers we are not there to lallygag, to lounge,... We are there for business. Because I am a chef and restaurant owner with not unlimited leisure time. You understand better our tour de force?
I post my report this time. For sure.

May 26, 2012
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal

Anyone experiences Compartir in Cadaqués?

A few weeks ago I read "ElBulli Chefs to Open a Restaurant, Compartir".

The website Gastroeconomy reports that the three chefs de cuisine of elBulli — Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas — will open an informal restaurant, Compartir, in the town of Cadaqués, Spain. The restaurant is about forty minutes from elBulli and is housed in a historic residence that boasts a terrace. It opens at the end of the month.

Anyone has been there, let me know, because I planned a short foodie trip to Girona-Barcelona.
These are the reserved restaurants.

6 juni / Six Star Day
11:20Barcelona to San Pol de Mar. 65km/45'
13:00 Sant Pau *** nr 65
After chilling at the beach?
17:30 to Hotel Palau de Bellavista in Girona 60km/40'
21:00 El Celler de Can Roca*** nr 2. 4km/10'
Night Plaça de la Independencia?
7 juni / El Bulli Day
10:00 to Cadaquès 80km/1u15'
Visit villa of Dali in Portlligat.
13:00 Compartir in Cadaquès ??????
16:00 to Hotel Ohla in Barcelona. 170km/2u15'
19:00 Tickets. 2km/20' tapas from Adria "El Bulli" brothers
8 juni / Barcelona Day
11:00 Breakfast at Tapa24
Then: Boqueria - Tapas - Beach - Monvínic winebar -..???
18:05 Barcelona - 20:10Brussels

So, any suggestions about this plan?
Thanks a lot.

May 25, 2012
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal

Recommendations for restaurants in Stockholm (Sweden)?

Yes, Nancy, we'll arrive at 3 pm. So I planned to lunch at Pumpen, but unfortunately it's closed weekdays. Agneta let me know Magnus will arrange some charcuterie and local beer on the boat. Hoping for nice weather. Midsummernight, so no sleeping just eating!

Jun 18, 2011
Lifewithoutyou in Europe

Recommendations for restaurants in Stockholm (Sweden)?

Next Wednesday noon we, 9 (male) foodies, will enter Oaxen by hydroplane. I'm so excited to plunge in the wonder world of Magnus and Agneta for the first time. Next day, after a short night at Prince van Oranje, we will have lunch at Lux. That same evening we'll go for Frantzen/Lindeberg. Friday morning back to Belgium. I'll report. Life is beautiful (La vita è bella) !

Jun 18, 2011
Lifewithoutyou in Europe

Recommendations for restaurants in Stockholm (Sweden)?

Nancy, you did also Frantzen/lindenberg and Matbaren last year. Could you tell us something about your Stockholm experiences. We, a group of 8 foodies, will go for Oaxen Krog and F/L end of June. I'm looking for another place for a nice summer lunch in Stockholm. Tx

Apr 05, 2011
Lifewithoutyou in Europe

Kind of Asador in Barcelona

Beef from Argentina: strange, while northern regions, eg Galicia or the Basks, have one of the best beef in the world. As a matter of fact Barcelona claims to be the culinary capital of Spain, some thinks, of the world. I understand it's a harbor city so they eat more fish. But in France for instance, their best beef comes also from the coastal regions: blond d'Aquitaine, Limousin, ... The grass is greener than up-country.
I don't want to eat meat from Argentina. I 'll eat it in Argentina! So I will never drink a south african or a wine from Chile in Spain. They are certainly good but I want Spanish wines. We call this 'terroir'. So important in gastronomy.
Btw thank you PBSF.

Oct 04, 2010
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal

Kind of Asador in Barcelona

We are looking for a real good meat restaurant in Barcelona. Kind of Etxebarri or Casa Julian de Tolosa. An Asador with the best grilled meat, not only lamb but beef, Gallician, Catalonial. Thanks

Oct 02, 2010
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal

Group of runners in Barça

Thank you, PBSF.

Sep 18, 2010
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal

Group of runners in Barça

End of October we will run the Marató del Mediterrani in Castelldefels, near Barcelona. We all, 12 people, a healthy mix women and men, will stay four days in Barcelona. We like to run marathons but we also like , some of us the most, eating well. We're running for eating or running foodies.
It's not easy imo to book the rather small restaurants for a group of 12. So i need some help.

1. After the marathon, Sunday evening, we need a good restaurant with great atmosphere. I mean good music, a nice resto, a crowded bar, (not too much distance between resto and bar) ,...e.g; after the Palma marathon we had dinner in Opio of Puro hotel, in Istanbul we did the w-hotel with his lovely bar. What do you think of new w-hotel?, which restaurant? Bravo with chef Carlos Abellán? Or Moo in hotel Omm, is the bar good too?

2. The day before the marathon, saturday evening, we want to eat well too. I heard some good comments on Cinc Sentits or Sauc. Are they well equipped for a group like us?

3. The other days after (monday's and tuesda's) we like to have some tapas or pintxos. Which are best for a group?

Thank you for your help.


Sep 16, 2010
Lifewithoutyou in Spain/Portugal