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DTW "Jewmas" restaurant recommendation for two Shicksas

FYI..... Shangri La is serving from 10:00 to 3:00 on the 25th. I learned that Christmas is their busiest day of the year, so if you go, plan accordingly.

Dec 23, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

DTW "Jewmas" restaurant recommendation for two Shicksas


Shangri La serves cart service dim sum from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. On the weekends, I think they start serving at 10:00. Not sure what their Christmas day times are. I'd assume 11 - 3.

They start serving dim sum again at 10:00 pm to closing; ordering is off a sushi-like check-off menu rather than off the carts.

Their regular menu is available all day long (they're open till 2:30 in the morning I believe).


Dec 15, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Knife sharpening [Suburban Detroit]

Sur la Table in Novi and Ann Arbor sharpens knives.

I have never had them do it (I do my own sharpening) but they do offer it.


Just ran across this post:

Although it's about a Chicago Sur la Table, and the posts are dated, people weren't very happy with SLT for sharpening, in general.

Nov 18, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Carson's Bistro (DTW/Ann Arbor): anyone been?

There's Bigalora on Washtenaw just west of US 23. It's 6 minutes from the intersection of Plymouth Road and US 23.


Nov 07, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Coming back to Detroit from Grand Rapids...

According to this thread, no CWE:


Oct 27, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

A look back, what restaurant or bar do you wish was still around? [Detroit area]

FWIW, there is this post from another board:

"I spoke with a friend who knows the owners of Howell's, and it will not be rebuilt. :-( The owners are retired and live in Florida, rebuilding Howell's would just add unnecessary stress. RIP, Howell's."

Sep 01, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Petoskey/Charlevoix with young kids?

Legs Inn is great. Highly recommended. If it's a nice day, eat outdoors overlooking Lake Michigan.

Red Mesa Grill in Boyne City has great Mexican food. It's an easy drive from Petoskey. I think it's about a 30 - 45 minute drive.

For sight seeing, there's Ernest Hemingway's childhood summer cottage on Walloon Lake. A nephew of Hemingway currently resides there. It would be just a drive-by since it's a residence, not a museum or anything. It's on the east side of the lake. Walloon Lake itself is gorgeous.,4641...


Aug 23, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

A look back, what restaurant or bar do you wish was still around? [Detroit area]

Emily's of Northville
Marco's (Italian restaurant in Farmington)
Four V's in Dearborn (great Ruben sandwich)

Aug 22, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Mackinaw Island

The PBS television show "Under the Radar" did a segment on Legs Inn (and Harbor Springs). The segment on Legs Inn begins at the 20:00 mark in the video:


Aug 07, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Mackinaw Island

Big +1 for Legs Inn. Great Polish food served inside (and outside, weather permitting overlooking Lake Michigan) in a fascinating building.


Aug 05, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Taste of Thailand Foodfest [DTW]

Here's a list of restaurants that participated in the festival and the food they were serving. Food prices were pretty much $3 - $5 based on what I saw and purchased.

Bangkok Cuisine:
Chicken on toast
Vegetable spicy roll noodles delight
Chicken roll noodles delight

Bangkok Cuisine Express:
Thai beef BBQ with sticky rice
Thai pork BBQ with sticky rice

Sala Thai:
Pad Thai
Som Tom (spicy papaya salad)
Thai fried chicken
Sticky rice
Vegetable fried rice

Suko Thai:
Kao Soi (red curry with egg noodles)
Kao Mook Gai (rice dish with chicken)

Golden Buddha:
Pan fried mussels
Gaeng mudsamun curry

Pi's Thai Cuisine:
Pad gra pow chicken with rice
Thai angel cookie
Boiled peanuts
Sweet mung bean paste

So Thai:
Spring roll
Beef lab

Thai Cafe:
Kuoy tiew luk chin (Thai meatball noodle soup)

Lai Thai:
Thai salad with pork
Kanum chin nam ya (rice noodle with ground tuna curry sauce)

Bangkok Pepper:
Fried chicken patties

Bangkok Grocery:
Thai groceries food
Laab moo
Fried fish ball, fried pork ball

Tony Ba'lony's:
Thai pizza
Fresh roll
Fried banana
Thai sandwich

Thai Delight:
Bangkok chicken
Mango sticky rice
Chicken curry

Chang Thai:
Pumpkin curry
Crab rangoon

Jee Thai Desert:
Khanom foi thong (shredded egg yolk)
Khanom thom (desert ball)
Khanom moa gang (Thai custard)
Khanom thong yord (round egg yolk)
Woon ma plow (coconut jelly)
Khanom tua paap (steam bean dessert)


Jun 30, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Taste of Thailand Foodfest [DTW]

The "Taste of Thailand Foodfest" is taking place this Sunday, June 29th, from noon to 5:00 at the Buddhist Meditation Center in Sterling Heights.

Here's an article from the Macomb Daily News:


Jun 23, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Weekend in Ann Arbor with a 2 year-old: suggestions?

Regarding The Henry Ford (museum and the village), if you think you might be back again within a year and think you might like to hit the museum or village again, I'd recommend at least looking at getting a membership rather than buying individual tickets.It's quite a bargain unless you're only going to visit once within a year.

In addition to the unlimited visits that you get to both the museum and the village, you'll also save $5 on parking, as well as getting discounts at the IMAX theater (the largest screen in Michigan I believe).

Just a thought.


May 08, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Weekend in Ann Arbor with a 2 year-old: suggestions?

Are you planning on hitting Greenfield Village as well as the Henry Ford museum? I hope you do, if the weather is decent.

And while there, I would suggest a drive by of Henry's house, Fairlane, which is literally across the street (Michigan Ave.) from the Museum/Village. It's not currently open for tours, but it would still be worth the 5 - 10 minutes it would take to drive over there and drive by the house... the road goes right in front of the home.

For many years, the house was owned by the University of Michigan, but fairly recently it was transferred to the foundation that operates the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. They are in process of eventually opening Fairlane Estate to the public once again.


May 02, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Metro Detroit delis serving Detroit's own Sy Ginsberg corned beef?

According to this article, which was posted previously among related posts, it's "Chicago’s Vienna corned beef, customized to their specifications".


Mar 25, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Tullio's LaRiviera Restaurant (Allen Park, MI)

Thanks for the news item!


Jan 27, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Tullio's LaRiviera Restaurant (Allen Park, MI)

My sister said there is major renovation/construction going on in the old Tullio's LaRiviera Restaurant in Allen Park (which has been closed for years).

She said her hair dresser heard a rumor (VERY unsubstantiated rumor) that Giovanni's might be moving there.

Personally I would be very surprised if that were true. But hey, stranger things I guess.

Has anyone heard any such talk?


Jan 22, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Aventura-Ann Arbor

I went there last Friday night for the first time. I liked it.

We had the HAMBURGUESA DE CORDERO (lamb hamburgers) and the COCHINILLO (suckling pig).

The Cochinillo comes with your choice of 3 side dishes. We got the flat bread pizza, the mushrooms, and the potatoes.

Everything was very good.

The ambience is a bit busy, and a little on the loud side maybe, but it is still interesting.

I'm looking forward to going back and trying more items. There's plenty to chose from for sure.


Jan 10, 2014
BobRe in Great Lakes

Pick A Restaurant: Ann Arbor

Definitely West End Grill in my opinion. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance if you decide to go there.


Dec 30, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Restaurant/Bar w/Dining Room for 50? (DTW)

You might check with George's Senate Coney Island on Haggerty between 5 and 6 Mile Road (at the golf course).


Dec 05, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes


You're right CWE. I just checked their FB page. They have a picture of the construction. It's supposed to be open in early December, and will be between 12 and 13 Mile Roads.... closer to 13.

29206 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Here's a dedicated FB page link for the Farmington location:


Nov 12, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

real (meatless) food near Hampton Inn Detroit Novi @14 mile road?

Siam Spicy is on Novi Road and Twelve Mile Road. They have vegetarian options.

I really like their Pla Lad Prik.... catfish in a black bean sauce. Very tasty.

Their other options are very good as well. And they have beer/wine which might be a plus depending on your tastes.

There is also Shiro for Japanese/sushi. I haven't been there in a very long time so I can't give a personal recommendation regarding their food/service. Perhaps someone else has been there recently and could comment.


Nov 11, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

French bread loafs in DTW

You might check stores that carry Zingerman's breads:


Nov 04, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Ann Arbor

They teach a class on making their Jewish Rye bread at the Bakehouse Bake! training facility.

I took it and I have to say I've made rye bread at home that really is as good as you can get at the Bakehouse.

I highly recommend their training classes if anyone is even remotely interested in taking one. They're fun, you learn a lot, and you really can make great stuff at home.


Oct 11, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Great find for Up North diners in Walloon Lake Village

I forwarded this to a friend of mine who lives up there. He replied that he knows the chef and his wife. The chef used to be the chef at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club.


Oct 08, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Hamburger & a beer; downriver or Washtenaw Cty. DTW

Sep 26, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

joe's bistro - birmingha, mi

I haven't been to the Bistro yet, but I looked at the menu online. Yes, it isn't cheap.

But you can remove some of the sting if you like to have good wine with your dinner.

You can order any bottle of wine carried in the market at retail + $15 corkage fee.

Depending on the wine you select, that can be a decent savings.


Sep 18, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Knorr's Hot Indian sauce

This the stuff?

Here's the ingredients.....
Ingredients: Drinking water, vegetable oil, sugar, spirit vinegar, modified starch, egg yolk, glucose-fructose syrup, salt, Curry, spices, paprika, flavour (contains wheat, celery).

I'm sure it tasted better than the list sounds lol.


Sep 12, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

NeeHee's has Re-Opened; Canton/DTW

There's pictures of many of their dishes on their website:


Aug 13, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes

Brooklyn MI

Admittedly a little out of the way (about 40 minutes) is The Common Grill in Chelsea.

Chelsea is northeast of Brooklyn.


Aug 09, 2013
BobRe in Great Lakes