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Recommendation on Best Food Markets Marseilles

I am doing some research on food markets in Marseilles. Please give me your opinions on what your favorite markets are. These could include the weekly open air markets, smaller epiceries, and/or hypermarkets. What do you think the best markets are in Marseilles; are there particular markets that are known for specialty products? Any and all insights/recommendations are welcomed!

Sep 07, 2010
marketsgalore in France

Food Markets in Marrakech

I am doing some research on food markets and would love any feedback/insights that any of you can give me. For any of you that might have lived in Marrakech, or visited - where do people go food shopping? From what I've gathered, there are the hypermarkets and some dried fruit and spice stands in the souks, but where are the smaller markets that sell fruits, veggies, and other food products?