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The Great Canadian BBQ Joint (Mississauga)

Had the 1/2 chicken dinner.Chicken was soft and pretty moist,bbq sauce was good.Got the rice and peas for a side,it was just yellow rice with a frozen veggie mix in it,no taste and was hard.Also got the beans,thought they would be baked beans(should have asked first) but they were just kidney beans and can corn with no taste.
My son had the 1/2 rack ribs and spicy fries.Ribs were soft with the same bbq sauce but no smokey taste,Fries are from the freezer but were tasty,Also tried the mac and cheese,it was ok,not great.
Won't be going back,over $30 wasted on subpar food.
RD'S in brampton is much better,smokez in mississauga on dundas between dixie and tomken is also pretty good.

Broasted Chicken

Does anyone know where you can get broasted chicken in the GTA?
There was one small place in mississauga but it changed management and then closed.
I know I can get it in port colborne,fort erie,leamington and kingsville but haven't found any in mississauga,brampton or oakville.

Best Fish and Chips - Mississauga

Helens fish and chips on lakeshore and credit river behind star bucks.Not much parking because of starbucks.
Mimi's fish and chips in brampton ,just expanded.Haven't been there since they expanded.
On hurontario between pizza pizza plaza and metro plaza,small plaza south side of the traffic light.

The Works - coming to The Danforth

I have eaten at the oakville location 3 times.The burgers were always very juicy and tasty.The fries were also good,not dry.We also liked the onion rings.I prefer battered onion rings but I like the works breaded onion rings are good.My son and I also liked their milk shakes.We all thought it was unusual and different to have drinks in measuring cups and light bulbs as salt and pepper shakers.I also tried the ground turkey and it was good but the beef burger is better.My friend had the veggie burger.She said it was really good.
We also really liked organic big burger and hope they re-open somewhere close.

Good fries and burger on Browns Line

I emailed organic big burger and they told me they closed,there are new owners doing burgers and that they will be opening somewhere downtown in the near future.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Organic big burger on brownsline in etobicoke is closed,a new burger place is opening in its place.
Organic big burger is moving somewhere downtown location to be announced.
That is all they told me in their reply to my email.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

My sister and I went to organic big burger on brownsline today(dec 26) and it is all papered up with a sign saying opening soon OBQ.
Does anyone know if organic big burger is gone and this is a new place going in or are they just remodelling?

Brampton finally has BBQ

I have gone twice and was excellent twice.
First time had ribs and creole rice,my brother had the jerk chicken burger.
Ribs were great,creole rice also.The chicken just melted in your mouth.
Secind time I had the pulled pork with beans and corn bread.
Sandwich was excellent,pork was very soft and tasty,beans were ok and the corn bread was excellent.
Definitely will be going back.

Good fries and burger on Browns Line

I took my son once and my brother and cousin another time.Both times the burgers were excellent,the fries and onion rings were also good.My son and I also had an organic brownie and they were also very good.

Looking for a good Dinner in Windsor ON

the tunnel bbq is good

Jif Peanut Butter

We were at liquidation world in mississauga at dundas and dixie on sat 12 mar 2011 and they had about 12 small bottles of jiff peanut butter.I don't remember how much they were.

Dragon Pearl Buffet

my friend and I went on sat-11 dec and we both think the place is great.
the place is very nicely decorated,staff is very friendly,very nice atmosphere
food was excellent

Help! Repatriated Torontonian baffled by the Chinese food!

I have tried quite a few places in mississauga and brampton and haven't found the type of food and egg rolls the OP is looking for.
I grew up in a small town outside of windsor and the type of chinese food the OP describes is what we had.
When I go home to visit family,there are 3 restaurants at home they get food from.
All 3 have basically the same food and taste.
The egg rolls are not what they used to be though.
The very best we ever had was when I was a teenager(30 yrs ago).
There was a chinese restaurant at home which only had 1 employee.It was her uncles place.
She took orders on the phone,was hostess,waitress,bus person,dishwasher,cook,cashier and
made everything from scratch herself.She was also pregnant.
Unfortunately her uncle and aunt took over and the food was not the same.The food was ok,not
like his nieces at all.You could tell everything wasn't home made anymore.
I like both authentic style and canadian style chinese food so I don't have a problem finding a place to eat.
I agree with other posters,you will have to go outside of the GTA to find what you want.
If you ever go to kingsville(about 350km from here) go to the jade palace or mei mei inn.
Leamington also has a few places(also same distance).
Windsor has a few places as well(also same distance).
I thankyou for the trip down memory lane.


Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

I went about a week ago with one of my friends.
I had the 3 meat sampler platter with 2 sides.
I chose the ribs,pulled pork and chicken.
The sides I picked were corn bread and baked beans.
The chicken was very dry and not much taste.
The ribs were a little dry,a little tough and not much smoke flavour and no sauce on them.
The pulled pork was a little dry,not much smoke flavour,no sauce and a little tough.
The corn bread was dry and didn't have much taste to it.
The beans were very good although I like the beans to be softer.
My friend had the beef bisquet with market vegetables and silver dollar fries.
He said it was ok,nothing to write home about.
The portions are a good size though.
The owner is a very nice guy,he talked to us for a few minutes.
It cost us $60 for the 2 of us including tax and tip.
Neither one of us feels we will go back.Wasn't anything special for either of us especially for the money spent.


Imperial vs Mandarin ( if I must choose)

The mandarin in brampton is their head office and is there best location.
They have a couple different rooms.One has a fish tank which is actually one wall,another is a wall with live birds inside and the other is a tropical garden with waterfall.
I have heard from family and friends that the other mandarin locations vary(some good,some not so good).

I have been to 2 imperial locations and they were both good(one at eglinton/warden area and the other dixie/dundas in mississauga).

Japanese Grocer

Pat's Oriental store on dundas west of cawthra north side of dundas in mississauga and sandown on brown's line and evans in etobicoke.
B-Trust has a little bit of japanese groceries.

Best restaurant in Mississauga

My family and I like the orchard(family restaurant) at dundas and hurontario,the bounty(family restaurant) at dundas west of 427,the golden turtle(vietnamese) at central parkway and confederation,bombay bhell(east Indian)hurontario and eglinton or dundas west of winstonchurchill,wasabi buffet at hurontario and courtney park,mandarin(their head office) in brampton beside costco,amore mediterranean cuisine(great chicken parmigiana)at dundas and erindale station,tandoori flame(Indian buffet)at dixie and orenda brampton,summit for dim sum at dundas and winstonchurchill and like another poster suggested peters on eglinton.
We haven't tried any korean in mississauga,one of our friends took us to a place in the dvp/steeles area which had all you can eat koren BBQ which you cook yourself at your table which was excellent,but I don't know the name of the place.There is also an Indian restaurant on hurontario between britannia and bristol which my Indian co-workers really like(I have to ask them what the name of the place is).