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Best chocolate in Montreal, what happened to Chocobel!!!

Thanks for the update!

Anyone been to Birks cafe?

I didn't go for tea but for lunch with my mother and we loved it!! It feels like Breakfast at Tiffany's!
The food is great, good quality and healthy and the prices aren't outlandish. except maybe for the coffee. I work downtown so I've been on a hunt for a good lunch place in the area and this might be the one!! I reviewed it on my blog, here are some excerpts.
Every dish on the menu has been reviewed by a nutritionist so its all relatively healthy and portioned properly for a one person meal. This restaurant proves that healthy doesn`t have to mean boring. We had the table d'hote and I ordered the beef gravlax which came with lentils and whole wheat toast. It was ginger honey flavored and delicious. My mother ordered the squash soup and it was a little spicy and contained cubes of tofu and squash. Both very good entrees.

Next, I ordered the papillote of sole which came served to me in a plastic wrapping that made it feel like I was recieving a present! The waitress cut open the package for me and in it was the rolled sole which contained tomatoes, olives and zucchini. It was served on quinoa and vegetables. I loved it. It was light but still flavourful. My mom's ricotta stuffed ravioli was also amazing. It was covered with beautiful delicate mushrooms and truffle shavings.

For dessert, I went for a litchi macaron which was not comparable to Pierre Hermé one, but good and not as sweet as the other ones I've tasted in Montreal. We had cappucinos (5.50$, the only overly expensive item on the menu!) and they gave us lemon madeleines.

Everything was amazing. The service, the food, the decor.

So ya definitely a great lunch place for downtown!!
Definitely going to try high tea at Birks Cafe soon though.

Best chocolate in Montreal, what happened to Chocobel!!!

I drove by Chocobel a while ago and noticed that it was closed down!! Is it in renovation or did it actually shut down? Or move to a new location? I can't find any information on this. And I never even got a chance to try the goat cheese chocolate as it was always sold out when I went!
Anyone have any info??

Taverne Square Dominion Anyone?

Beautiful decor! I visited dominion on a saturday night and I only tried some of the appetizers: the deviled eggs, bocked shrimp, scotch egg and salmon gravlax. Didn't love the gravlax dish, the fish was good but it came with a weird blueberry jam I didn't enjoy. The baby shrimp were very spicy but good, the deviled eggs awesome as well and the scotch egg was deep fried deliciousness!! It's a really nice place especially for downtown since there is such a lack of decent dining establishments in that area. A bit pricey though.
I'd like to go back and try out the mains for lunch. Oh and I really liked that the blinis and toast were whole wheat, it was a nice added touch.
And yes the drinks are good.

Salon Gourmand


i also went to barroco for a girls night out and the food was absolutely awful. I wrote a blog post all about it but honestly its seriously overpriced and the quality of the food is horrendous, I found the service to be quite friendly though. But irrelevant!!! The bison tartare was hard and chewy, the octopus as well, the fish was blah. The cocktails were good. Huge waste of money. They spent too much time with the concept not enough on the content.
salon gourmand