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Kitchen of India

We've been several times and it's alright... Mount Everest is very close by, though, and we love it so much more. (Actually, years ago, Mount Everest was originally in that Kitchen of India location - now they're in the strip anchored by K-Mart.) I'm having issues adding the link but their website is here --

Mount Everest
7927 Belair Rd, Nottingham, MD 21236

Cafe Spice in Towson is moving

Thanks for this -- we'll have to try to visit before they go. And if that Cockeysville location shakes out, I won't have as far to drive for my gobi manchuri fix!!

Bummer news about Mi Viejo Pueblito

I saw on the Baltimore Sun Dining@Large blog that it's now Fiesta Mexicana (there's another location in Rosedale - same owner), under new ownership. I really liked MVP -- may give the new place a try when we're in the area.

Vegetarian Sausage?

Depending on what kind of sausage you need, they shouldn't be too hard to find! I've seen Soyrizo at Giant (there's usually a small section of refrigerated case in the produce section devoted to veggie stuff) that's a veggie version of chorizo and it's quite good. There's also the Field Roast brand of Italian and apple-sage varieties, which I haven't had in awhile but remember as being good. Tofurky and Morningstar both make bratwurst-style sausages that I've seen in the freezer section with the veggie burgers.

My favorite thing to do for sausage-replacement is to whip up my own with a block of tempeh and this great recipe - - it's great for pizza or in a gravy-biscuit situation!

Hope that helps!

Vegetarian New Year's Eve

If you're in Maryland, Great Sage in Clarksville is doing a dinner and champagne toast that night - no details on their website, but they had fliers at the restaurant.

Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029

ISO vegan restaurants with gift cards

Great Sage is all vegan now and pretty convenient to your geographical specifications! I'm not sure if they do gift cards, but I'm sure they'd be able to work something out for you.

Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029

Dining and Dieting around the Inner Harbor?

I work a few blocks from the Inner Harbor and my coworkers and I are a similar bunch. La Tasca is another tapas place -- it's a little disconcerting because it's almost always completely empty, though that might change as the weather gets nicer -- but it always fits the bill for us. We can share a couple plates and then get little dishes that suit each of our needs. The food has been consistently very good, and it's in a nice spot right behind the Constellation, which is a nice change of pace from cubicles and office decor.

La Tasca - Baltimore
201 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 22102

Spicy Garden (Indian) next to Patel Brothers in Catonsville (Bmore)

Oh, excellent! We'll have to add this to our list to visit when we're out that way! I like Mango Grove a lot, but driving to Columba for a dosa fix isn't always very convenient.

Mount Everest in Parkville has some south Indian things as well -- including dosas, which are great.

Mt Everest Restaurant
7927 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD

Asiana Indian York Road anyone been?

We were there for dinner last night, and found our expectations exceeded! The new management was really warm and sweet, and mentioned the name change when we asked about the half-dismantled sign -- now, I have NO memory of the Mexican Restaurant part factoring in at all, but they did mention they would have "tandoori sandwiches," which, if they are served on the really good naan that we had with our dinner... is a good thing.

Spices were definitely quite kicky, so if you prefer the milder side of Indian food, I would make it very clear when you order. I had Aloo Gobi, which was garlicky and roasty and magically delicious, and my boyfriend had the mixed grill. We really liked the tea, which was darker than the tea we usually get.

Our favorite-favorite is still Mount Everest in Parkville, but Asiana (or, I guess, York Garden now!) is absolutely at the top of our list for alternatives.

House of Kabob on Harford Road in Parkville

Hmm... was this a recent Mount Everest disappointment? They just reopened in Parkville (near K-Mart and Salvo Auto Parts) and, going back to a few years ago when they were at Kitchen of India's current location, I've never had a bad experience with them. But... I've never had delivery. We either eat there or run by and pick it up.

I really need to write up a real review, but HECK YES I would give them a second chance. The awesomest thing about their rebirth is that now they serve South Indian dishes... not having to drive to Columbia or the DC suburbs for a dosa-fix is priceless, and the servers and managers are just lovely people.

When Mount Everest went away, Indian Delight was our go-to place until Kitchen of India came along. Now I don't see us being able to go anywhere but Mount Everest, such is our massive love for them.

Kiko's (Baltimore - Perry Hall) is closing

(They haven't updated the website with the news, but Marco and Petra sent out an email last week confirming the rumors. My original post was deleted because I'd pasted too much of their email... doh! Trying this again!


I'm so sad this this little strip mall gem is going away -- apparently the economy is hitting them hard. We went this weekend and pretty much ordered everything off of the menu, and Petra mentioned that they'll send out another email when they know more about their actual closing date. Plenty of great reviews -- including "Best Mexican" from Baltimore Magazine a couple years back -- and we found it to be excellent authentic Mexican food in an adorable space, probably hurt by the Perry Hall location and not diversifying to include burgers and pizza. I wouldn't have wanted them to exist any other way, but I'm still so sad.

They advise reservations if you're going to try to go before they shut the doors, but the crowds are unpredictable. One night last weekend it was jam-packed, while yesterday we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

House of Kabob on Harford Road in Parkville

House of Kabob once saved us on Thanksgiving, a couple years back when our original choice for takeout (Mount Everest!) ended up being closed for the holiday. Being vegetarian pretty severely limits my options there, but my meat-eating boyfriend is much happier there than I am. I love their fessenjan (sans the chicken for me) and the kashk batamjan (brutalizing the spellings, sorry!) is great. Their lunch buffet is a nice way to try a bit of everything.

I've found the service to occasionally be a little strange (as in: one guy (who may not even be there anymore, I don't know) is a little overly familiar, chatty, and just kind of gives me the creeps? I don't know a nice way of putting it...).

With other local favorites around (Mount Everest has come back, for example, and that reminds me that I REALLY NEED to get you all out there by posting a glorious review), House of Kabob has sort of fallen off our radar.

Indian Delight - Catonsville, Md

Cafe Spice is just wonderful -- the owners are lovely and attentive, and the gobi manchuri appetizer is always on my mind. Well above average, worth going to Towson even if you have no other reason to be in Towson (which is high praise in my book -- I hate that roundabout business).

Indian Kitchen... now that I'm thinking about it, it's actually called Kitchen of India -- This is our neighborhood place, and it's solid and dependable and magically delicious. Worth going out of your way for? Honestly -- probably not. But if you find yourself on Joppa Road and you've got a hankering for garlic naan, you won't go wrong.

Indian Delight - Catonsville, Md

I've never been to the buffet, but we've been for dinner multiple times and like it a lot. There's nothing groundbreaking about the food, but it's done well for the homey goodness that it is. It's a bit out of our way, and there are a couple of greater-than (Cafe Spice in Towson) or equal-to (Indian Kitchen in Parkville) options closer to us, so we haven't been there in awhile, but the service was always friendly and attentive. If we lived closer we'd eat there all the time, as it is, when we have reason to be out that way, it's at the top of our list. The decor is neat, too -- a step up from your usual strip mall discovery, with paintings on the walls.

Great Sage - recent experiences, anyone?

This makes me sad and really confirms what I've been dreading. I've almost loved Great Sage -- I'm vegetarian, and it's one veg-exclusive place that my meat-eating boyfriend will happily eat. We've had the spotty service issues before, but were able to get over it because the food was fantastic and it could be explained away because of a busy night or whatever.

We haven't been back in months, and I'm not inclined to go back since he had an awful experience there on Mother's Day. Yeah, that's a horrible night to get into a restaurant without a reservation, but he and his family were out that way and decided to try. One employee told him it would be a 20-minute wait for his party of five, which was fine -- and then he turned around to another employee, who got in his face and really snippily said that no, they couldn't accommodate his "large party." If they didn't have room, they could have said so and he would have been fine, but he was torn between two warring employees, one of whom was unspeakably rude. So yeah... I'm not interested in subjecting myself to that sort of service, especially after driving there from Baltimore.

I'd love to add this place back to our list of dinner options, but I'm not in any rush.