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The Morgan's

I always forget about Coral Bagels! I went there once and it was really great. I kept meaning to go back but I always forget its there. Thanks for the reminder, Blind.

Coral Bagels
2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL

Key Largo help for this weekend!

Mrs. Mac's is indeed very good. I had takeout once from there and I did not even eat seafood, but everything was fresh and good. I had some kind of turkey pita wrap and my boyfriend had a fish sandwich which were both delish I have also had two very good meals at Sundowners in Key Largo which has a beautiful view of, yes, the sunset. For brunch or lunch you could try Key Largo Conch House. I had an amazing conch eggs benedict there and a french toast with passionfruit and coconut which was also great. Off the beaten path is the Pilot House, which we found after a snorkeling excursion docked at the nearby marina. I can't recall what we had, but they had happy hour specials (even on the Saturday we went) and the food was pretty solid. A friend of mine enjoys the all you can eat stone crabs at Ballyhoo's.

I hope this helps or at least leads you in the right direction!

The Morgan's

I finally got around to trying this place out for brunch on Sunday. The patio outside was full so we opted for an inside table. The downstairs seating was tight but the decor is modern and simple. I thought the service was terrible. Our waiter was very slow and not very helpful with suggestions. We also noticed the tables around us had complimentary danishes to start off with and we had to ask him more than once to bring us some. We opted for the eggs benedict and 3 eggs over medium with toast and potatoes. Let me start off by saying that one of my biggest pet peeves is when breakfast at a restaurant reaches the table cold. I find that happens way too often in this city, with the exception of cuban joints like Larios and Sergio's. My boyfriend's eggs were cold and overcooked. My benedict was tasty but also cold and the home fries are nothing to write home about. Is it too much to ask for to have a hot breakfast when you're paying more than $30 for two people? The only reason we did not send anything back was because we were in a rush and had to eat quickly.

I doubt we will be coming back here even though friends have had great experiences and we saw some dishes coming out of the kitchen that looked delicious. Also, they charge $6 for orange juice, which is ridiculous. I really wanted to like this place, but I will be going back to Sergio's for an entire hot breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon and cafe con leche for $6.

Driving from Miami to Key West Help

The Pilot House is pretty good. It's a little bit off the beaten path and I discovered it after a snorkeling excursion that docks next to the restaurant. They had good happy hour specials on a Saturday with reduced price oysters and such. I had a grouper sandwich that was delicious. My boyfriend also enjoyed his meal. I would definitely go back. The food was solid and nice location on a dock.

Birthday Brunch/Lunch in Miami area?

Ok ok......I think I'm narrowing it down to Jaguar in the Grove (brunch menu looked good) or our old standby Georges' but the new South Miami location.

Any feedback on Jaguar's brunch?

Birthday Brunch/Lunch in Miami area?

Thanks, Frod. I will definitely check it out. I haven't heard too much about this place.

Birthday Brunch/Lunch in Miami area?

I'm looking for a fun, casual inexpensive place for lunch or brunch on a Saturday to celebrate my boyfriend's 32nd birthday. It will be a party of about 15 family members, including several children. I was thinking something along the lines of a Mexican restaurant, but I can't think of any that serve brunch (chilaquiles anyone?). I'm limiting myself to the Kendall/South Miami/Falls/Coral Gables area.

Please help! Thank you!

Mushy salmon... what went wrong??

This has happened to me the past two times I have made salmon at home. I typically like my salmon a bit overcooked (I know, sorry!) so that it flakes into big chunks. I cooked it the same way as I always do (400 for 20 minutes) and it is just really mushy and unappealing. It was farmed salmon from my local chain grocery store, but I had been purchasing it for years and never had that problem. It is making me not like salmon! I'm going to try wild salmon and hopefully the quality is better and I won't have that problem anymore.

Jul 14, 2010
jessicam29 in Home Cooking

Bachelorette Party Lincoln Rd SOBE - Is there any hope?

Doraku sushi is pretty good and right next to the theater. Its a lively spot with music, good drinks and solid food. I actually went there with friends right before seeing the first SATC movie :)

1100 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

French Macarons in Miami area?

I actually went to Boudoir in the Gables this morning for breakfast and saw them in the case. Ordered 2, and while they were delicious, two for $3.90 was quite steep for a 2 bite cookie. I might have to re-assess the favor situation.

French Macarons in Miami area?

Does anyone know where I could get French macarons in the Miami area? Preferably a bulk order of 50 or more. I need these for a bridal shower. I couldn't find anything on the boards.

Thanks a bunch!

(Really) late night food in Coral Gables

Al Carbon, on Coral Way a bit east (? bad with directions!) of where you're staying, is open pretty late. They have decent argentinean parrilladas and burgers.

Easter Brunch South Florida

I believe Perricone's in Brickell has a reasonable buffet brunch, but I haven't been in years so I don't know about the quality.

Baires Grill on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Nice lunch!

I had a great dinner at Baires this past weekend. The pedestrian section is now open and the place was packed. We started with the soup of the day, a pureed bacon and garbanzo bean soup, which was really smoky and delicious. Then we shared two of the empanadas, ham & cheese and spinach. The empanadas were grilled, not baked or fried. I'm a sucker for anything spinach, and the ham&cheese was delicious too. DH had the filet mignon special, which came with a side of the arugula salad, some thin fried potato strips, and a blueberry-malbec sauce. I had one tasty bite, and he really enjoyed it. I had the skirt steak, medium with a simple mixed salad. The steak was cooked perfectly, although I had to salt it a little. The salad was fresh romaine, tomatoes, and onion. Nothing too exciting, but very fresh. There were several different salads on the menu as well as some pasta dishes in addition to the typical Argentinean meats.
Like the OP said, its a great addition to the area and perfect for a dinner&movie night.

New or Coming to Miami / Dade - 2010 Edition

Old Lisbon's second location opened on Sunset Dr., in the old Alta Cocina space in South Miami.

Help me decide - Q, Sugarcane or Burger & Beer Joint for tonight?

I am happy to report that Sugarcane was very good. We sampled a lot of dishes except the meat ones (observing Lenten Fridays, which i had conveniently forgotten in my OP re: Q and B&B!). Service was very attentive, but the bar was very backed up so I didn't get my white Sangria until we were well into the meal. The server was very apologetic and came to the table several times to tell me they were backed up. When I finally got the sangria, it was delicious but the serving was TINY. I thought they should have comped it.

Onto the food:
goat cheese croquettes - how could you go wrong with fried goat cheese?
oysters - kumamoto and fanny bay. very fresh and still tasted like the ocean
shrimp cocktail - 1 huge prawn. again, very fresh and served with sauces other than cocktail
Night (?) roll - tasty but overpriced for the portion
Sugarcane roll - again, tasty, but a bit overpriced. This one had lobster in it and it came with a small claw and a little bit of the tail with some meat, so I could justify the price a little
Squid - grilled, and served with aioli. very very tender and tasty, it tasted "spanish-y" to me
Octopus - it was good, but not my favorite dish

Dessert: Torrejas were delicious! Brioche french toast with roasted apples and vanilla ice cream. i could go just to eat this and the goat cheese croquetas!

I will definitely be back to sample some of the meat dishes. I also really liked how the place was decorated. Nice indoor/outdoor bar. Warning: make reservations on a weekend. It was slammed on Friday night.

Help me decide - Q, Sugarcane or Burger & Beer Joint for tonight?

thanks guys! i decided on sugarcane. we weren't really in the mood for so much meat from burgers or bbq, but Q and B&B are definitely on my radar. maybe next weekend.

Help me decide - Q, Sugarcane or Burger & Beer Joint for tonight?

I've been dying to try all three. Any advantages to trying one before the others? I know they are all completely different.
I would love to hear your feedback!

What do you make that is SOOO easy yet you impress yourself every time you make it?

i impressed myself with a butternut squash soup last night! sauteed onion, garlic, and carrots until soft, added a bay leaf, italian seasoning, cubed butternut squash and chicken stock. cooked until fork tender, then blended with the immersion blender. no dairy or extra fat added (other than the EVOO used to sautee the veggies). Delicious, healthy and comforting!

Mar 03, 2010
jessicam29 in Home Cooking

Q American Barbeque

So is it up and running? Will it be open this weekend? Debating between here and Sugarcane.

Old Lisbon-Coral Way & 17th

I heard they are opening a new location on Sunset Dr. off 57th Avenue, near Sunset Place.

Bachelorette trip - looking for places to eat and party!

Hello all.....about 7-8 20-something ladies from Miami will be heading to LA for our friend's Bachelorette party. We will be staying in West Hollywood and are looking for some trendy, fun places for 2 or 3 dinners, as well as more casual lunches or brunches. We are going to LA in late June for 3 or 4 full days.

We do not have any dietary restrictions, our budget is about $40 to $50 pp at the high end, and we're looking for something lively and trendy. It doesn't have to be the latest hot spot, but somewhere we can dress up and have a good time.

For another night, I was thinking something funny and cheesy, like a really over the top theme restaurant or something. Isn't there a place called Tokyo _____ where the waiters all sing and have the diners participate in sake bomb contests?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I would be glad to reciprocate on the Miami board for some great recommendations :)

Feb 24, 2010
jessicam29 in Los Angeles Area

Lebanese!Middle East grocery-greater Miami?

Daily Bread also has a location off US-1 and 114th-ish. Just had lunch there today. Delicious falafel!

Good place to pick up stone crabs in Miami?

Garcia's near the Miami River has stone crabs.

South Florida's Historical Foodie Institutions

What about Fox's Sherron Inn on US-1 in South Miami? i think its been around forever....since 1946 i believe.

Kendall picks

How could I forget Sports Grill? LOVE their special grilled wings! Also visit their location on Sunset Dr. (72nd St) and 100th ish Ave.

Pacific Time or Area 31 for regular fish

I had a very simple grilled swordfish filet at Pacific Time this weekend. While it was delicious, it was very simple and served with broccolini on the side. I did wish it had a little more to it.

Kendall picks

Where in Kendall are you staying?

On Kendall Drive (88th Street) and approximately 97th Avenue you have Havana Harry's for better than average cuban. Their crema de malanga soup is delicious.

HELP! Caterer recommendation for Miami wedding-casual

I went to a wedding in December catered by Mena Catering and the food was really delicious! It was an "Asia de Cuba" theme, with a cuban spin on asian classics. If you want something different you should definitely try them.

Rehearsal Dinner on or near Brickell

I recently went to a rehearsal dinner at the Mayfair hotel in the Grove and it was really nice. They set up tables outside, since the Mayfair has this indoor/outdoor feel. The food was pretty good, but what was really nice was the atmosphere. They also set up an area with couches and chairs, like a lounge space. The rehearsal was at St. Jude in Brickell, so the Mayfair is only about 10-15 minutes away.