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ISO Restaurant for TONIGHT walking distance from Olympic and Elm in BH

Several options if you will walk up to Olympic at Beverly Drive and on the east side of the street GOING NORTH:

Island Burgers - part of a chain

Sushi-Sushi (good quality fish - try the chefs tasting menu)

Urth Cafe on the west side of the street - good salads, sandwiches - YUMMY DESSERTS)

koo-koo-roo - chain chicken place back to the east side of the street

Mulberry Pizza
Frida's - Mexican Fusion
Ruth Chris - chain steak place - upscale $ with full bar
Chin-Chin - chain chinese place

WEST SIDE OF THE STREET - across the street from Ruth Chris is one of the better dining options... MAKO 225 SOUTH BEVERLY
310-288-8338. Award winning Asian Fusion from a former Wolfgang Puck protoge.

Sep 06, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Great Eats near LAX

If time is an issue - then perhaps you should head 10 minutes from LAX to El Segundo, a new restaurant called FARM STAND is GOOD. I love the persian inspired dishes (chicken stewed in pommengranate and walnut puree with saffron rice) or the Nonna's lasgna. Warm cookies and milk for dessert. The concept is Urban Country family dinner table inspired food. The owners Sylvie (born in Provence of Italian and American descent) and her husband (Persian/Turkish and Russian descent)have blended the best of their family's (Mom, Dad, Grandparent's) favorite dinner menus and made them accessible at their new restaurant.

Farm Stand
422 Main Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310 640-3276

OR -

Perhaps the Marina Del Rey branch of Tlapazola Grill, 4059 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, 310-822-7561 - Oaxacan with hints of California cuisine influence traditional flavors.

Aug 19, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

ISO lunch spots near Wilshire/Rodeo



South of Little Santa Monica and north Brighton Way.

Aug 17, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Where to take Japanese tourists?

A couple of my favorites that I have taken my elderly parents (and visiting Japanese friends) with great success (usually I try to get earlier reservations - that will ensure the noise levels are down and the elderly can hear and join in the discussion. They also like the attention they get when they are the first to arrive)

It's American Bistro Food in Santa Monica but not close to the beach - more in the neighborhoods.

2424 Pico Blvd. (on the corner of 25th and Pico


One of my favorites in the Beverly Hills area - Japanese with California/French/Italian overtones. At dinner, its small plates format which might fit your grand parents style of eating. Folks who have come here with me love the wok-fried whole crispy fish with the black bean truffle sauce and ponzu sauce... good quality rice, white and fried rice. So most of the dishes will be familiar to grand parents BUT different enough for your guests. Chef Mako Tanaka was former executive chef of Spago, Chinois on Main, China Grill in New York, etc.

225 South Beverly - South of Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


For Italian, I like Vincenti in Brentwood. It is not inexpensive but the food quality is really good and fresh. I have met a lot of Japanese golf-pros, rock and movie types that have come here to eat. This chef is from Italy but he has a an light - almost asian approach in his cooking.

11930 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(310) 207 0127


Aug 17, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Authentic Italian food in Los Angeles?

Vincenti - San Vicente Blvd at Montana. Upscale rustic Italian - very fresh, seasonal ingredients. Not inexpensive but wonderful stuff. My friends from Rome and Milan love this place over all of the other Italian places in L.A. Chef is from APuglia. Mondays are special - they only night that they offer Pizza's.

11930 San Vicente Blvd (in Brentwood)
Los Angeles, CA 90049

310 - 207 0127

Aug 09, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Mako - Black Beef - imported Wagyu (Kobe style) from Japan

HI - yes, he did say that this WAS the case and the import restrictions were lifted just a few months ago...which is why he was allowed to get his allocation back.

Aug 05, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Mako - Black Beef - imported Wagyu (Kobe style) from Japan

After reading that Mako was selected for Best Picnic Box by Los Angeles Magazine's Best of Los Angeles issue, I went to Mako tonight to order a Bento Box for Saturday Night concert pick up. While waiting for the hostess to take my order for our Bento Box, I kept on seeing these yaki-tori skewers flying out of the Kitchen. Finally, I stopped a waiter to ask what these skewers were all about. It seems that Mako got a shipment in of 5-A grade imported Black Wagyu Beef (Kobe style beef) from a prefecture of Japan called Gunma which is one of best place in Japan to raise Cattle. OK I was weak, the smell of that dish as it was coming out of the kitchen was just too much. So ... had to ask... how much does imported beef from Japan cost these days? $25.00 per skewer a waiter said. OK so once I got over the sticker shock, I went for it: while my skewer order got placed, Mako came out for a few minutes very excited to explain how different this beef was from the Americanized Wagyu. He was right. This was a WOW moment. It was so rich, buttery it literally melted in your mouth - unlike any cut of beef that I have had before. His skewer was cooked in true Mako fusion style - perfectly medium rare, it was served with a light soy, 5 spice infused red wine sauce and a Tokyo Negi.

Apparently he has a special "Wagyu" Black Beef Omakase Menu but he said it is only for serious eaters and needs a 24 hour notice. If that skewer was any indication... I may have to indulge in this serious dining moment.

Aug 05, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area

Mako's closed on Sundays - where to go for similar meal?

This idea won't work if your birthday is tomorrow... BUT, why not order a Mako's Bento Box Picnic Box to go for a Saturday night pick up, have your husband pick it up on his way home, where - you will have a special champagne (or beverage of choice) chilled and ready for your special picnic dinner for two. The bento box is beautiful, wrapped like a present and you get to keep it after your dinner! It is 3 tiers of appetizer, entrees and desserts. This way your birthday gets to be extended!

Got the detail off of their website click on the Menu link and the bento box info link:

Boxes are available for pick-up from 5:30-6:30 Tuesday - Saturday. Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. 310.288.8338

OTHERWISE... you may want to try Orris (more French in style) on Sawtelle. They are open at 5:30

Jul 23, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area


This is wild Roman Chickory (so Judi's rec would work well) and it is a late fall eary winter green. You will see a fantastic version of this salad on the menu at Vincenti Restaurant starting late October - February.

My understanding is that they are farming this as a new type of crop in Northern California - Fresno area which is why it gets to the SF markets first in the fall. My understanding from farmers is that they started to bring limited amounts of it in to the LA markets last fall. So keep watch.

Jul 01, 2006
EAO in Los Angeles Area