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Are garbage disposals standard?

So the real question is the comparative green-ness of different methods to dispose of small amounts of organic kitchen waste. Grinding it up using drinking water and sending it to municipal WWT facilities which are frequently overburdened is not great. However, sanitary landfills should NOT promote biodegradation - they are nothing like compost piles if managed safely. So putting them in your garbage is also a strain on municipal facilities with no benefit. Which one is worse depends on many factors so you'd probably have to ask your city hall. Of course the best approach is to compost in your own yard if you can, or via municipal collection if you've got it.
Now trash compactors can be really beneficial for those with limited trash can storage space and for the pick-up - you can reduce the volume of your typical household garbage. Here in Southern Ontario, neither compactors or disposals are common, but organics are picked up for composting.

Feb 26, 2013
Dr LM in Cookware

Kitchen Tool you had an 'a ha' moment with ......

2 suggestions: tongs and a stable soap dispenser with a big pump top (which you can push down with an uncontaminated part of your hand/wrist/forearm) or a touch-free one with sensor. I do all my meat prep on the board, wash hands (w/o contaminating the soap dispenser). Then for seasoning and transfer to the cooking vessel, handle the meat only with the tongs that I will cook with anyway, while my hands stay clean. (Someone else then washes the dirty knives, board etc. That's the deal in my house.)

Oct 19, 2012
Dr LM in Cookware

wow - stunned at whisked scrambled eggs

I started scrambling eggs almost every morning when I got a lovely small non-stick pan and a tiny coated whisk. To minimize effort and dirty dishes, and get the eggs I like, I fry sliced mushrooms in butter w salt & some savoury seasoning mix (eg roasted garlic & herb), slide them onto a small plate, break a few eggs into the pan off the heat and immediately break yolks and mostly blend with the whisk - pinch of salt too. Back on low heat with lots of stirring/scraping with the whisk first, then a silicone spatula to get the whole mass warm then custardy w/o overcooked curds. Mushrooms folded in, heat turned up for final set and increase of volume by getting the water to expand. Moist, tender though not fluffy, tasty mushroom nuggets - yum!

Oct 19, 2012
Dr LM in Home Cooking

Kitchner: Help us Chowhounds, you are our only hope!

KW (Kitchener-Waterloo) Oktoberfest is Oct 8 thru 16! I'm new to the area so this will be my first year, but people here say it is not to be missed (if you like schnitzel, beer and lederhosen). You know German is the local ethnic tradtition when the town used to be called Berlin...

Sep 03, 2010
Dr LM in Ontario (inc. Toronto)