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starbucks green tea latte is really gross

I am Japanese and love Starbucks' green tea latte (not liquid Tazo's one, but matcha powder one). Starbucks did a test marketing in Japan at first: they have an excellent marketing strategy, for Japanese people DO drink a matcha milk (we call it for a drink of green powder tea mixed with milk and sugar) but none of chain cafe served it. It was a huge hit. People here in this thread seem very confused with a regular green tea vs. a powder green tea. Also I don't like Tazo. It doesn't taste 'matcha' at all for me. Matcha is traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremony, but widely used for sweets and at home. When we grew up, we use matcha with milk and sugar. Don't misunderstand that Japanese people don't drink a regular green tea with sugar and milk! Starbucks was so wise to establish a green tea latte targeting Japanese consumers. I wrote a letter to them if they can bring that green tea latte to the US market. Now I am so happy with this product ... except the level of sweetness, but hey, this is not only at Starbucks. It is nation-wide issue! When I order a green tea latte (matcha powder, not Tazo liquid green tea) I always ask for half-sweetner and extra powder. This portion is perfect and authentic 'matcha milk' :) Thank you Starbucks! My Japanese friends and I cannot live without this drink! By the way, does anyone know which matcha manufacturer does Starbucks use? The quality is not too bad for matcha milk. Indeed matcha is pricey in Japan, but it's really depending on the tea grade. The newer tea leaves are the more expensive. Also it's depending on which area tea leaves are from. Since Starbucks provide a very affordable price green tea latte, I assume they use matcha made in China. Oh, noooo. A food safety is uncertain.

Sep 02, 2010
kaori in Chains