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Dinner party games or conversation starters

I have to agree with the Tabletopics. Normally, I am one of those people that despises games at the dinner table, and prefer to let the conversation flow. But, I recently had dinner with my friend's whole entire family, with me being the only outsider (and American). The mother whipped out Tabletopics, and we actually ended up having an amazing time, and learning a myriad of things about each other that we never would have. Even the grandparents joined in with re-enactments of the "olden" days. It was incredibly enjoyable, and applied to everyone.

Sep 05, 2011
Natmonster in Not About Food

Best Italian/Chinese for dinner w/ 5 downtown Boston

My best friend from Canada and her mother are coming up to meet us for dinner. The only issue is they are very particular about where they eat. They have specified that they would like Italian or Chinese, and that the restaurant shouldn't be too dressy, but not too casual. I was hoping that someone on here could help me out, because I can't take them to some of my usual favorites like Chili Garden or Francesca's kitchen, both which would freak them out. If the restaurant is not too far of a drive from downtown (like newbury street) that would be fantastic! Places like the south end and cambridge work too. Thank you chowhounds!!!

P.S- Since it's labor day, many restaurants are closed, oh no! My original thought was Trattoria Toscana, an old favorite... but alas, labor day strikes again

Trattoria Toscana
130 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215

Need a good eat by Wrentham Outlets

Going up to the Wrentham outlets tomorrow and am in major need of a good restaurant close by. Otherwise it looks like Ruby Tuesday's, Friday's, or a food court; a sad thought. My sister and I are vegetarians, but parents aren't. Any good options? Even a fish place works. Thanks!