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small town wine recommendations

I've been surfing around the internet and this seems like a good place to ask for wine recommendations. I want to buy a nice bottle of wine for a friend of mine as a birthday present. The problem is this - I live in a small town (edit: in rural New Mexico) and unless I drive 3 hours to the city, the only places to buy wine are Albertsons, Walmart, and a local hispanic grocery store. So I'm hoping you all can help give me some recommendations as to good wine that I may actually be able to find here.

I'm aiming for something in the $15-$40 range, and I know that she regularly drinks Riesling and Gewurztraminer. I've made a list of favorites from other posts that I've read here and I plan on taking it to the store with me to see if I can find anything on the list.

Sep 02, 2010
ryan.lee in Wine