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THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

Hi Helen, in your original post which started this thread you said "I am really p****d off, I take back all I said that was complimentary." Have you reversed out of that position, were the steaks good enough to undo being treated so poorly? The real question is: will you shop there again once your coupons run out?

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

I visited The Butchers for a final attempt to purchase some meat, but alas, there was very little on hand. They only had things like ground beef, marinated chicken breast, some pork shoulder, and sausage. Silly me for thinking that a butcher shop might have some steaks :) I did buy a few sausages - the quality has gone down hill over the past few months. The hot Italian sausages used to be great, now not so much.

I have been given a refund for my coupons at Webpiggy, Dealfind, and Teamsave. All were very good about the return, even though I was over 30 days on a few. I just told them that The Butchers was not offering the product as promised - since they literallly make it impossible to buy meat. Webpiggy, Dealfind, and Teamsave all agreed this was not right on The Butchers part. Hats off to them for doing the right thing. I'll use their services again. Goodbye to The Butchers forever.

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

Helen, I'm glad you took the time to post your thoughts. It will save some folks a lot of frustration. BTW, I tried yet again to pick up some meat, and the selection was, as per usual, very limited. They did have some striploins, which I bought. But when I got home I realized there was absolutely zero marbling (I should have obviously noticed in the shop but I was a bit frazzled). So, not only have they made it difficult to use the coupons due to delays (like you experienced) and the limited selection when you visit the shop, but the product can be of questionable quality. This is slightly unethical IMO since they claim to sell a high quality product. I wonder if the meat is really organic/naturally raised?

There is a long thread on RedFlag about problems people have had:

Deal: $50 for $150 of Organic Meats at The Butchers

Yongeman, I'm not pissed, just a bit frustrated since I bought some coupons which at the end of the day I can not use as advertised. I went by again today at around 3pm, and again, very limited selection. No real choice of steaks (only one type), no beef short ribs, no lamb, just basic cheaper goods. Chicken, ground beef, stew beef etc. There were lots of people in the shop, in fact I waited in line. When I asked about the limited selection I was told I should order online, but to me, it is important to see and select the product in person.

Why wouldn't the owner stock up on everything given such a demand? It's not like the demand is a surprise given that he is sold out of many selections by 1pm nearly every day.

The 'coupon crowd' are comprised of those who work, and can't make it to the shop before 1pm on a weekday. The 'coupon crowd' is essentially getting left with 1/2 price ground beef, rather than 1/2 price tenderloin. But like you said this shop is not for everyone - although I'd say that is a bit of an understatement.

BTW, I did manage to get my hands on a ribeye a few days ago - delicious. Shame I can't get more. :)

Deal: $50 for $150 of Organic Meats at The Butchers

Yongeman, to my knowledge The Butcher's is now closed on Mondays (check their website). This is the reason I went today - because I figured that the Monday closure allowed for them to get re-stocked for Tuesday. When I asked the woman behind the counter why they had no supply on hand, she simply stated that 'it's late in the day' (it was 3:30pm). She indicated that this was pretty much normal. She basically said I needed to come earlier to get a greater selection. She never mentioned anything about fridge repair.

Yongeman you seem to be a big fan of the place, but would you concede that given what I encountered today was something I've encountered on at least 1/2 of my visits there, that this is not a good thing for customers?

Deal: $50 for $150 of Organic Meats at The Butchers

I was there this afternoon and tried to use my coupons, but no dice. They had very little selection, no sausages, very few steaks (ribeyes only I think), no beef short ribs, they had maybe 1/4 of their regular selection.

MeMeMe I think you should go for the refund. Others on this board seem to regularly post about how great this place is. I've written about my negative experiences in the past, some of these posts have been deleted by the moderators; although everything I posted was accurate, it was useful info for the community here, and it was respectful.

The Butchers - Big Money Meat

The Butchers has had a whole lot of groupon-like deals as of late. Their most recent is $50 for $150 worth of meat ( To date, they've sold over 1500 of these coupons at webpiggy, so in effect they are selling meat here for which they would have normally taken in $225k, but they are going to get paid maybe $50k at most (since webpiggy probably takes a huge cut of the 75k). This seems to support my opinion that prices there are wildly over-inflated - how else can you do so many deals like this?

I've participated in previous deals there (teamsave I think) and I was blown away by the high prices (and I often shop at Whole Foods). I had bought a coupon which allowed me to buy meat at 1/2 price, but even at 1/2 price I was shocked, for example I bought 12 sausages, and 2 pounds of beef short ribs, the total came to about $70 (cost me about $35 with the deal). Just wondering if anyone else feels the same or if I am missing something? Are there any chowhounders who pay full price there, and if so, what is the draw?

Crown Prince Fine Dining - New Chinese Restaurant in North York

Underdog, thanks for your review.

Can you or anyone else give me a 'beginners' intro to dining there?

I am going to have Dim Sum at Crown Princess soon and I've never had Dim Sum at any restaurant before.

Can you suggest a selection of Dim Sum dishes that might be a good way to introduce the neophyte to the Dim Sum experience.

My GF is bit less daring than I am, so can you suggest some dishes that might help her ease in, and then perhaps a few selections that a veteran such as yourself considers to be 'not to be missed'.

Can only 2 people go for Dim Sum?
How many dishes would be ordered per person?
Also, is Dim Sum typically served all day?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Crown Princess
1033 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, CA