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Crab season is upon us

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

New May Wah on Clement was selling dungeness for $4.99/lb last Saturday night. I bought two for a total of 4.6lbs. 1 was lively, the other not so much. I've had sweeter, but not sure where the crabs were from, didn't ask.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

$6.99/lb cooked at Costco SF yesterday.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

New May Wah had three tanks of crabs 2 days ago, $4.50/$4.99/$5.99. I got a 2.5 lber from the $5.99 tank. Very tasty.

Jook - SF Dish of the Month December 2013

Zen Yai (Thai) in the TL has a really good jook with salted egg, thousand year old egg and pork.

great eats in the Mission [San Francisco]

The new location is on 18th, btw Folsom and S. Van Ness. Not sure what's taking so long to open, their pozole was great.

Peking Duck near the Bay

I had some really good peking duck at Lai Hong Lounge in Chinatown.

Ramen Shop? (Rockridge, Oakland)

I tried the miso ramen a while back, and for some reason the broth was really oily, like a thick layer of oil sitting on top of the bowl. Noodles were too thin for my liking. One slice of chashu that was about half fat. I didn't finish the bowl.

I tried my friend's shoyu meyer lemon broth and thought it was just ok.

Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

Salumeria's roast beef sandwich was heavenly. Unctuous, medium rare roast beef cooked in their smoker. The salumi sandwich paled in comparison.

The gem salad needed some acidity for my taste.

Their outdoor eating area is awesome on a nice day.

Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

I've added Gallardos for pozole and albondigas, to my lunch rotation. FYI, they're moving to 18th St on 5/12/13.

Also, El Metate serves a really well executed torta. I always get it with fried fish, but you can also get chicken milanese or carnitas. Good quality, toasted bread, perfectly fried protein, and a side of chicken soup!

Songkran Thai New Year Festival 2013 (San Jose)

Yes, pretty disappointing food offerings last weekend. Though the som tum I had was actually pretty good, and Thai spicy, made with crab. I didn't catch the vendor.

We ended up feasting on Cha Ca La Vong at Thien Long.

Hi Lo BBQ is open! [SF]

Anyone know if they're open for lunch?

Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

I've been back after the chef change, and thought the Pho Bo was respectable, but the Hu Tieu not as good as Tin. Service was pretty bad, like you said.

What did you order?

Lolinda [San Francisco] - even better than I would have imagined El Raigon was

I've had the flank & NY steak from the grill, wonderful smokiness. The flank was delicious, but the NY was underseasoned twice.

The malbec braised lengua was some of the best lengua I've had.

Ceviches and croquettas are nice to start with, but it's all about the grilled meats here.

Factors affecting dungeness crab flavor? [moved from San Francisco board]

That's the difference I notice, sweet vs not. I'm still trying to determine if it's a freshness issue since I've cooked crabs that were lively and kicking, but still not as sweet as I've had. I'm starting to think the water in tanks at the store are a big factor.

Jan 07, 2013
DezzerSF in General Topics

Et al. cafe / wine bar (Polk St.) [San Francisco]

I had some wine here the other week. Wasn't aware it was a new place. Anyway, good service, and even some options of "orange" wines by the glass. Didn't try the food.

Dan Dan Mian - SF Dish of the Month (Jan 2013)

Tried Chili House's version, Z&Y's sister restaurant in the inner Richmond. Noodles were on the soft side, but really well seasoned. It was difficult to slurp these without coughing from the chili & peppercorn bits. Good amount of ground pork, spices, and chili oil. Almost too much chili oil for me, but I think that is the style of this dish, and cuisine in general.

Is Lai Hong Lounge Now The Clear Choice For Dim Sum in SF Chinatown?

I came here once a while a back and agree with your assessment. Don't waste your time on the jook, it was very bland. My friend who took me here also commented that consistency was an issue.

Rich Table -- An Embarrassment of Riches [SF]

The one thing I didn't like about the pasta dishes (we had 2) was that the pasta itself was a little bit passed al dente. Did you notice this as well? Does anyone know if the pastas are made in house?

Camino crab et. al. [Oakland]

I had the crab on Saturday as well. I can't agree with you more. The slight char flavor, and the intense dry roasted crab flavor was delicious and so simple. I've always had steamed or fried Asian crab preps, but fire roasted is the way to go.

FYI, they have a 3 course dungeness menu on Mondays in December and January.

Rich Table -- An Embarrassment of Riches [SF]

I thought their cocktail program was fantastic. Buffalo, a Bourbon and Branch alumnus, is doing great things here. I had 4 cocktails from the menu, all were seasonal, complex and very balanced.

MY China - SF

I went last Friday and had a pretty horrible experience. The only thing we liked was the Siu Mai. Although I must preface that, we had a hard time ordering since one didn't eat beef, and another didn't pork and shrimp. Ha.

The beef hand pulled noodle soup had good beef and broth, but we didn't think the noodles had enough bite. They were just doughy.

Bang Bang chicken wings had an overpowering marinade that didn't agree with me.

Peking duck had nice skin but a huge layer of fat, don't some places remove this? I thought the thin wrappers provided were very dry, like eating paper.

Hot & Sour soup was more like sweet and sour, good mouthfeel though.

Kung Pao chicken was unbalanced. Too salty and spicy. The white rice we ordered didn't help much since it was dry, my friend commented it felt like a cheap variety of rice?

To make matters worse, pacing was way off. 2/3 of the meal came within the first 5 minutes. We had a late seating as well, most tables were clearing out by the time we started eating.

Don't bother with the "Big Trouble in M.Y. China" under the cocktail menu. The 112 proof liquor served with Tsing Tao beer has no business on the menu. I doubt it would pair well with any food.

I would have ordered differently, if it weren't for my dining partners. But it seems like the limited dim sum menu is what you should stick with here.

Very disappointing for $40+ a person.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

$7.99/lb at Pacific Market in South SF, this past Saturday. Crabs were on the small side, maybe 1.75lbers. Only a few left in the tank.


SF Weekly Poutine List :

Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

Try Dante's Weird Fish. Good seafood sandwiches and soups at a great value.

Third on Poc Chuc.

Haven't been back to Mau after the chef change, but it might be promising for straightforward Vietnamese.

Tea Leaf Salad - SF Dish of the Month (Nov 2012)

When I had a look around, it seemed like everyone was enjoying the food. The intimate space was apparently sold out for the night, and had a really vibrant energy so I take it the food only added to it. The staff was also really pushing the baluchang, which to me, would be one of the items that people new to Burmese would need to get used to. Glad to see Chef Dennis and Burmese cuisine making new fans.

Tea Leaf Salad - SF Dish of the Month (Nov 2012)

I went last night actually. They have two versions of tea leaf salad, rangoon $6 and country $9. The former, which we ordered, included cabbage, while the country version is served without.

We also had shrimp with sour leaf, pork with pickled mango, and crispy fried pea salad. Everything was delicious, and I felt Chef Dennis didn't hold back at all with regards to the flavors of his dishes. They had quite an extensive menu for a pop up.

Wednesdays in November only, except for 11/21.

San Francisco Hound coming to town, please rate my itinerary.

Feeling under the weather on Sunday, we actually did make it to Chinatown for food. My friend didn't want Sichuan however, so we ended up at Go 4 Food. We had beef brisket with turnips, salted egg yolk shrimp, and on choy with garlic. The food was definitely well seasoned, and my favorite was the salted egg yolk shrimp.

Slurping Turtle had a nicely designed space, but the food didn't wow us. Duck fat fried chicken was nice and crispy, but the mostly white meat chicken was on the dry side. The pork belly buns were tasty, but we've had better at Ippudo and Momofuku. I felt the tonkotsu ramen broth had average depth, especially after having the broth at Aviary! The spicy miso ramen was okay too, but you do get quite a big portion.

Oct 09, 2012
DezzerSF in Chicago Area

San Francisco Hound coming to town, please rate my itinerary.

The weather this weekend sidetracked us and we didn't make it to Hot Doug's in the morning. We did however make it to Frank & Dawgs which was tasty, with interesting combinations. I liked the brioche bun but my Tur-Doggin felt a little over the top after a while and I couldn't finish all the duck confit.

We enjoyed Topolobampo for its perfectly executed high end Mexican fare. We tried the ceviche, huitlacoche quesadillas, and I had the fish entree with pozole froth. Definitely delicious, but overall, I felt it lacked soul. I actually preferred the Frontera dining room, and wondered if I would have liked the food better there.

Oct 09, 2012
DezzerSF in Chicago Area

San Francisco Hound coming to town, please rate my itinerary.

We ended up at Lou Malnati's at 8th & State. We thought the Malnati classic had a bit too much cheese, even after requesting less cheese with our order. The cheese also hardened after our first slice. I wanted a bit more tomato sauce and I ended up using the sauce from the stuffed spinach bread appetizer. I know this might sound blasphemous, but I think I prefer the deep dish we have back in SF bay area!

We had a good time at the Whistler with nice drinks and cool music. The bartender even made me a nice Mezcal manhattan, when I requested something off menu.

Barrelhouse Flat was good for after drink eats; interesting chicken wings, and a pigface poutine.

Oct 09, 2012
DezzerSF in Chicago Area