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Where can I find pickling lime?

Hello! i have found the lime at Orchard Supply hardware, Lowe's and at a local Mexican food mart. the stuff I bought at Lowe's (like a Hoome Depot) is made by Ball canning Co, like the jars.. When I was a kid we would go to the lumber yard and they would shovel some into a paper bag. I think they used it to make cement! Not food grade I am sure but we made the best sweet pickles that I make to this day.
If it would not be too much trouble might I have your recipe for the watermelon? My husband loves them and I have never had any luck. They are always sour. thanks and good luck Brenda Conkling

Buffet dinner in Bay Area.

Does anyone know of a place that surves buffet dinner? my husband likes buffet style but not Sunday Brunch. It can be simple like Golden Corral (closest one is Sacramento or Tracy) or fancy or something in between and that is what he wants for his birthday.
We live in San Bruno and would be willing to travel an hour to 2 hours. San Jose, Livermore or the East Bay. would be great. Thanks Brenda

Where can I find pickling lime?

Hello! I know your post on pickling lime is from 2006 but would like to ask if you could give me your pickled watermelon recipe. I use the lime to make sweet pickles and my husband loves the watermelon. Thanks!