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GoGo chicken--baldwin ave. arcadia

Drove past this place in same shopping center as 101 noodles express. Saw signs in window for hot pots. Anyone know anything about it?

As an aside, really like the dumping place on the corner, same side of street about a block north. Forgot the name

K-Town Blueprint--HELP

Went over to Parks BBQ about two weeks ago. First kbbq experience. Great time, great food.
When I drove down there (East on Olympic), I passed a ton of restaurants that were packed. Plus there was a spot about 7 doors down from Parks, (right underneath the stairwell, if you are familiar with that stripmall), that had these huge pots on peoples tables (looked like a hotpot/stew). The lady said in broken english, too spicy for me and brushed me off...that is where our conversation ended unfortunately, because it smelled and looked great. I swore that I would return and make her feed me;)

Anyway, here is what I'm looking for...Can someone lay out a blueprint of maybe 4 or 5 (or more) restaurants in Ktown that are worth hitting and will give me a good sampling of different Korean style cuisines (I'll eat about anything, spicy is no problem) ?? This way, I can stop driving past all these places at night and saying "ooh, what's that?"

PS. I've noticed a bunch of Pho places scattered throughout the area, if any of those are worthwhile...i'm game.

Thanks in advance.

4 Days Tokyo-Eat a little of everything


thanks for info...i feel like it is my duty to try about a place called bakuro in ebisu..seems like a good spot.

As far as breakfast is concerned, I've had trouble figuring out what traditional breakfast would be...definitely open to places you consider worth stopping at...

Also, really interested in finding an okonomiyaki seems to be more of an osaka thing, but was wondering if I would find it in tokyo/kyoto/hakone (restaurant recs for hakone would be great. Will be there one 1.5 days...)

Thanks again!

Sep 09, 2010
travelingsalesman in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

Looked at the dates you went, I am heading out next week and was wondering if there is anything you would change on your itineary? Any winners/losers. Looks like you laid out a real nice blueprint...curious on your feedback as my "parameters" were pretty much same as yours, especially the one blow out sushi night...

Thx in advance

Sep 08, 2010
travelingsalesman in Japan

Need a recommendation near Arc Light Hwd

Bodega Wine Bar (3rd location after Santa Monica and Pasadena) just opend next door to Tender greens about a block away from ArcLight. Good music, wine, sake, beer, late menu too...cheese plates, salads, pannini

Bodega Wine Bar
814 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

4 Days Tokyo-Eat a little of everything

Thanks for the recs...was wondering what I should expect as far as language goes at most restaurants? Is everything in japanese or is it common to find English translations of menus?

Sep 07, 2010
travelingsalesman in Japan

4 Days Tokyo-Eat a little of everything

Four days in tokyo...I want to try and eat my way through the city...Down for anything from street venors to about $100/h meals.

Definitely want to try horse, an unagi restaurant, also, some good breakfast recomendations are welcome..

will travel to just about anywhere accessible by subway...not sure if there are any ethnic food stand outs that I should get in tokyo that I haven't heard about?

I know I'm leaving some broad strokes here, but any direction would help.


Sep 06, 2010
travelingsalesman in Japan

2010 list of hot wings

I know Baby blues bbq is regularly met with mixed reviews on here, but recently I tried their wings and thought they were great. Fairly big and off the grill, I was really surprised. Both my friend and I wondered how we had been coming here for so long and not ever tried them before.

Defintely worth a shot if you are on a quest!

Baby Blues BBQ
7953 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046