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Paris liquor stores that sell premium tequila?

Does anyone know any liquor stores in Paris that sell very good tequila? Stores stocking the cheap stuff, or anything sold at Nicolas, need not apply. Thanks!

Jan 27, 2008
Guildenstern in France

Looking for your fave paris hole-in-the-wall foods

Shin Jung for terrific Korean in a very low-key setting:

Café Creme in the north of the 3rd, near the big blue covered market, for very good cheeseburgers.

Aug 15, 2007
Guildenstern in France

Good restaurants near Place de la Republique?

We've just moved to the top of the 3rd, and would love to know if anyone has favorites near Republique. All cuisines welcome!

Aug 15, 2007
Guildenstern in France