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San Marzano canned tomatoes in Halifax>

LOL, I jut made 3 pavlova on Monday as I had many egg whites left over from an ice cream. Unfortunately I can't eat them as I'm allergic to egg whites.
Now to find someone to give them to!

Jul 14, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

San Marzano canned tomatoes in Halifax>

You know what, I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago and the Braemar Superstore now has a fancy jam section which includes Bonne Maman. There were a number of varieties but I don't recall specifics. Seeing as I made a huge batch of jam last week we won't be needing it for at least a year!
But you can get your fix...

Jul 13, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

"Only in Canada" food items: add to the list

Smarties are available in New Zealand as well.

Jun 01, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in General Topics

San Marzano canned tomatoes in Halifax>

If you'd like to check out Meadowbrook without the drive, there is a small retail outlet at the Alderney Landing market, they are super friendly and can organise meat for you from there.
I was quite excited to find corned beef there last week!

Feb 21, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

San Marzano canned tomatoes in Halifax>

We moved from ON last year and you're so right, it is very frustrating trying to find certain items here. And the prices! ridiculous!! I'm so glad for Chowhound as usually someone here knows where to get the trickier to find items.

Feb 15, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

Where to find: Powdered Vanilla in Halifax?

Thanks for the info everyone, this shall be my mission for this weekend.

Jan 07, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

Juniper Berries

House of Spice in Kensington has dried juniper berries - not sure if you're after fresh or dried, I have never seen fresh ones in a store.

Where to find: Powdered Vanilla in Halifax?

We're still figuring things out after a move last year, some ingredients are proving extremely difficult to find. Does anyone know where to buy powdered vanilla in the HRM?

Jan 03, 2011
kiwiFRUIT in Atlantic Canada

Funny food references on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

The incident when Oscar gets sick from a steak Larry had to pretend to take home after Susie told the waiter she was going to feed it to her dog. I love Curb!

Oct 31, 2009
kiwiFRUIT in Food Media & News

Gifts for my Kiwi New Zealander Foodie Friends?

I'm from NZ and I live in Canada... I always take back different flavours of potato chips(ketchup, dill pickle), candy bars, peanut butter and Reese's Pieces. I never had root beer growing up so I take that as well.

Sep 01, 2009
kiwiFRUIT in General Topics

best brunch places in Toronto?

There's now a Mitzi's at College & Delaware, not too too far from Bar Italia... well, not as far as Sorauren, anyway.

Malt Syrup

You can find malt syrup at House of Spice in Kensington, or at most health food stores. I like to eat the syrup with a spoon, mmmn.

Soft drinks with balls

Lucky Moose on Dundas has Lucozade, I got some with my TimTams

Cannoli in Toronto

I find Riviera's cannoli to be disappointing, they sit in the fridge too long and the shells get soft. I walk a few blocks west to Sicilian Sidewalk, they're made fresh and piped full of delicious ricotta.

Osogood Sandwiches - actually good sandwiches!

That chicken and apple sandwich is one of my favourites. Also the one with pecans and cranberries is good. When I walk home from work at 2am I often see her baking away inside, windows all steamed up, I'm glad people support small business in this area.

To migrants, ex-pats, aliens and transplants, what do you miss?

I wish I could have a Jimmy's steak & cheese right now, followed by a cream-filled raspberry lamington. I also miss hokey pokey, sometimes I make it and put it in vanilla ice cream.
Feijoa and yams are things I miss a lot, too

May 04, 2009
kiwiFRUIT in General Topics

Tamarind Paste or Brick in TO??

Any of the Asian stores on Spadina will have the brick - there's usually two sizes. Also Perola in Kensington market, the No Frills at Dufferin mall has it as well

sultana raisin cookies??

Oh man, I had a craving for these a few months back and couldn't find anything similar here. In NZ and Australia they are made by Arnott's (same manufacturer as the infamous TimTam) and I think they're called full o' fruit, or snack right or something. They're so chewy and fruity and delicious! I wish Arnott's distributed here.

Don't touch money and then touch my food!

I personally don't care about people touching money and then my food, but I do wonder about this research and its application to the USA/Canada. Australian/NZ money has a plasticised quality to it, American money doesn't, would that make a difference due to the extra "absorbency" (for lack of a better term) of US currency?

Feb 22, 2009
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Pound cake & Banana Bread

The Common has a delicious moist banana bread, made with spelt flour. It has chocolate chips though, not walnuts.

Tim Tam Biscuits

I went to the three Loblaws around my area when news first broke of TimTam stock, and none of them had any. Nor did any of the staff have any idea what I was talking about. Luckily I just got back from NZ & Australia, so I have a supply in hand. Double chocolate all the way!

Car-mel vs. cara-mel/Pee-can vs. Puh-cahn

It's actually "togs".

Dec 22, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Hellenic Republic [Melbourne]

I was at Hellenic Republic this afternoon for some brunch... The restaurant looks great, very Grecian painted white brick and tile, open kitchen, lots of light. We were seated promptly and told a waitress would be over... She arrived, without menus, asked for our drink order straight after saying hello. When I asked for a menu she brought one over for the three of us... a bit weird?? Coffees arrive within 10 minutes, our order is taken. The food was just OK - I had the Greek porridge, flavour was good, but the lumpy texture wasn't to my liking. Bircher muesli was tasty, omelette was apparently good. So food wise everything was average but I would have to say the service needs work. An OJ ordered when the food arrived took 15 minutes to get to the table, the server never came back to check if everything was OK, empty plates sat on the table for about 10 minutes before being removed, the bill took another 15 minutes to arrive and we waited another 10 minutes for the credit card to come back to the table.
I'd have to say this is not a place I would go back to, the food was "meh" and the service slow and a little too casual.
I actually can't believe that service staff in this country have the gall to pre-auth credit cards in search of tip, considering the lack of effort and care they put into service.

Disposable Gloves

I got some from Canadian Tire a couple of months back.

Grocery Store Manners

Last week at my local supermarket I came across a cart parked in the middle of the aisle with no way around it, with a CHILD inside it. No parents to be seen anywhere, and the whole aisle blocked. I wish I could say I found this surprising, but I've given up on common sense and manners from the general population.
If you wouldn't leave your car in the middle of street with your child in it, why leave your cart in a supermarket aisle?

Sep 07, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Please don't take my plate away

In our restaurant we are instructed to wait until the customer asks for the bill before bringing it to the table. This creates a little annoyance with some people, usually those who are used to the whole Nth American dine and dash routine. Most people don't seem to mind asking for it, and honestly I prefer to be asked for the bill.

Aug 24, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Do you need a few more minutes? [moved from General Topics]

Lol. Snapping and waving are bad, but I especially love those who feel the need to yell "Excuse Me" or "Hey, girl" or some other variation from all the way across the restaurant. This kind of behaviour is a great way to get yourself a longer wait.

Jul 29, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Do you need a few more minutes? [moved from General Topics]

It's true, very few people close the menu and place it on the table and as a server I find this very frustrating. Another one I also find annoying isd people who don't put their cutlery together on the plate to signal they've finished eating.
If a table of mine needs more time that's fine, but they also need to be aware that they've missed their "window" of my time.
Other tables sit down at the same time, and I try to get everyone in order. You may have to wait while I get another table's order, while I deliver drinks or food for the tables before you who have already ordered and sometimes it takes 10 minutes or so for this to happen. I'm one person, we don't have food runners or bussers. I try not to let people wait too long, but sometimes it's hard to get back quickly.

Jul 27, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food

Good eating places near Dufferin Grove park

I've lived in this area for just over a year now, I love it.
Thai green mango at Bloor & Havelock is fairly decent Canadian Thai food, I like the spicy beef salad and the spicy noodles.
I also like Beirut restaurant, the owners are very friendly, the food is nothing fancy, but good hearty Lebanese/Persian-style stuff, plus Smoking the shisha on the patio is fun. The Black Horse has a fairly decent beer selection.
There's portugese chicken at Bloor & Concord which I have been known to enjoy on occasion.
Banjara is a little further down the road at Crawford, just before the park. It's been one of my favourite mid-range Indian food places for a while. Unfortunately, in my opinion they don't do good naan, but I love the malai kofta and chicken madras.
Down on College at Gladstone there's The Common - excellent coffee, and consistent.
That new place Pantry at Dovercourt has some interesting items, didn't try any food yet but have had coffee (Balzac's) and it was fairly average. It's worth the extra 5 minute walk to the Common.
Caplansky's isn't that far, only about a half hour walk, good for working off all those smoked meat heavies.
Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Rounding up absurdity

I always round to the nearest five cents when I'm giving people back their change. I don't deal in pennies, I think they're a complete waste of time and until I moved to Nth America I hadn't had to deal with them in over 10 years. I always round in favour of the customer - if the bill is $2.87 I'll give them whatever and 15c. Most of the time they leave it anyway, and then I don't have pennies jiggling around with all the other change in my apron.

Jul 18, 2008
kiwiFRUIT in Not About Food