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Chilean Food Book

You'll find all you want to know (maybe more) at

2 Week Trip To South America - Please offer your experience and advice (food and wine-centric)

Take a look at my blog Eating Chilean ( It covers Chilean food and goes off subject to discuss Peruvian food and food in Cartgagena from vacations.

Spinalis dorsi (cap of ribeye) report

humm.... interesting. In Chile this is the favorite cut for pot roast and is called plateada ("silver plated"). It is in the same price range as shoulder cuts, presently about $3.75 US/Lb. It is braised for up to 3 hrs, or cooked in a pressure cooker after browning and over-night marination. It wouldn't have occurred to me to broil it.... it really does take 3 hours of braising to become tender, but it looks like I'll have to try it grilled medium rare. (I can always braise it afterward if it's not chewable.

May 07, 2011
Jim S in Home Cooking