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Coming soon to Old Bridge...

Hi eleeper,

They have been open for months and the food is excellent. I have been numerous times. They are not there everyday but do post on their Facebook page ( when they will be open.

With respect to the empanada thing, Puerto Ricans do make them them and call them pastelillos as opposed to empanadas. I am assuming they decided to call them empanadas since it is easily identifiable. It is similar to tomatoe vs tomato.

Sep 15, 2014
jefftravels in New Jersey

Coming soon to Old Bridge...

Well now there is some light shed on the Puerto Rican food truck.

Any update on the other restaurant? Sounds like some exciting things coming to the area.

Aug 18, 2013
jefftravels in New Jersey

Puerto Rican in Freehold

There is new authentic Puerto Rican Food Truck opening in Old Bridge in Fall 2013. I am super excited.

Here is the info.

LaLa's Puerto Rican Kitchen

Aug 18, 2013
jefftravels in New Jersey

Romantic Lunch Recommendation in old Montreal

I will be having dinner there that night or on Saturday. thanks for the reply, any other suggestions?

Romantic Lunch Recommendation in old Montreal

I am looking for a few recommendations for a nice romantic lunch on a Friday in Old Montreal. If it had a view that would be nice but it is not mandatory. I am looking for a great meal and not so concerned about price, a good lunch special would be fine. It doesn't necessarily have to have the "old Montreal" feel.

I am willing to take some suggestions outside of old Montreal as long as it is very close.

Thanks in advance.

Marriage proposal recommendations

erich, I also fear I will not be able to get a caleche at the perfect time. I am considering reserving one prior for an increased fee. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I think I am going to dine at Club Chasse et Peche.

Hows the chefs table at DNA and europea? Can either be romantic?

How about a nice romantic restaurant for lunch? I would like to make the entire day as romantic as possible.

Marriage proposal recommendations

Hello Lilly, yeah i am contemplating a restaurant, so I know some good advice can be found here. It can never hurt to have too much information ;)

Around how far in advance do i need to make reservations?

Marriage proposal recommendations

I will be in Montreal Sept 9 - 12 and I plan on proposing to my girlfriend. I am considering a restaurant and figured this would be the place to get some great suggestions. I will be staying in old Montreal and would love a fine dining romantic restaurant.

If you could recommend a restaurant and best day of the week. I can do it on a Thursday or Friday. I am sure the restaurants get busier as the weekend approaches. If you know of any additional accommodations a restaurant can make please be sure to mention them. i.e. more private room, package, music etc..

We are open to various types of food.