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Do you use any of these very strange fruits? - moved from Home Cooking board

I use the Pitaya alot, it is a strange and exotic fruit but when you make certain dishes with it, the flavors are very pronounced and enhanced. I have a dish in my restaurant that is a homemade pitaya icecream. Because it is a sour"ish" fruit you have to balance it out with a decent amount of sugar or another sweetener such as agave nectar which really brings out the flavors. Its always good to just experiment with new ingredients, one good idea that you can use is a pitaya based meringue

Aug 30, 2010
ChefChazzz in General Topics

Anybody read Anthony Bourdain's book "Medium Raw"?

Im currently reading this book and alot of the things Bourdain says intrigues me and I wanna know if anyone else has thoughts on this book. The way he writes about the audacity people have in cooking where they completely "f*** over" customers is just ridiculous but true. I have realized in my own career that its all about working the people and making your self, your restaurant, your food look like its something that everyone needs to try wether they need to fight for it or not. I think that Anthony Bourdain has a very realistic view on the culinary world and how people will do whatever they can to get somewhere in this world. If you have any opinions please post on this because I wanna know what other people think about the culinary world and what they think about the book.

Aug 30, 2010
ChefChazzz in Food Media & News