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Saturday night in Ottawa with (grown-up) family

Can anyone recommend an easy, low-key restaurant for a Saturday night extended-family dinner in Ottawa? Concerns are: my husband is a strict vegetarian, his brother is a strict vegan, the rest of us don't have any dietary concerns but my Step-Father is mildly scared of spicy/ethnic food outside his comfort zone. We would hope to spend $15 - $25 on mains and really just want somewhere where the food is yummy and we can comfortably enjoy each others' company. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Just moved to Montreal...

....and would love to learn of all the foodie pleasures which await!

Let me subtitle this post "thinking outside the vegetarian box".

My husband is a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs or drink milk. Cheese, ice-cream, butter and yougurt are no problem. He'll happily consume milk and eggs in baking (cheesecake is a fav), but he draws the line at french toast. Yeah,....don't ask me. Anyway, his idea of an amazing meal is Aux Vivres or Chuchai and, though I enjoy these places as well, I'd LOVE suggestions for a restaurant where we can both order something completely to our liking, in my case the more steak tartare and beluga caviar the better.

In Edmonton, where we're from, we've really enjoyed Culina ( and I guess I'm looking for something in the same category: mid-range (or not, I love cheap/expensive food!), meat-tastic, but sensitive to the egg-free vegetarian. Can anyone suggest something like this?

And how about brunch? Where can I get eggs smothered in bacon and caviar (just an idea) and he can get something other than sweet crepes? Our food relationship always inspires me to open the "perfect" omnivorous restaurant some day.

I'm so excited to be here and can't wait to learn more and more and more......!

Aux Vivres
4631 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R2, CA