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Bad Dinner, No Tip

The story sounds a little concocted to me too. Probably just to get a rise out of us and look how well it worked :)

Nevertheless...if the server is rude or inept to that degree, I leave a dollar. Yes I realize that is a little bitchy and I have only done it 4 times in my 50 years but I feel it was the right choice every time. I do not feel like I should have to interrupt my dinner to explain to the server or the manager or anyone else how to do their job, especially, if, as in this case, it seems like it wouldn't matter anyway. I will leave a dollar (or maybe a quarter) to leave my message that I did NOT forget the tip but that I made a choice to practically stiff you.. I might follow up with a letter to the manager or I might just never go there again and spread the word. If the food was bad but the waiter apologetic and acknowedges the problem, I will tip the waiter cash. No one should be rewarded for bad service/food. I understand that tips are often pooled but that is a labor issue not a tipping issue. I am obligated to pay for the food if I ordered it (unless it is dangerously inedible) but I am not obligated to tip anyone.

I don't patronize restaurants that add the tip onto my bill. And to add fuel to the fire here, I don't tip baristas at Starbucks either. (Even before I knew that the shift managers took a cut). I tip to reward very good service not to help the restaurants bottom line.

Oct 07, 2008
cordybrown in Features

Email when there's a reply?

Sheesh. I can't get it to STOP sending me the emails saying a new comment on whatever...i'm getting tons of these irritating emals for the two threads i posted on. I admit on one thread I checked the box for this feature but on the other I did not. I clicked on my profile and tried to end the use of the 'feature' from there but no change. please help

Aug 28, 2007
cordybrown in Site Talk

Party of One

All thoughtful comments. I dine out alone while traveling and sometimes here in my hometown. I have come to enjoy it very much. I think the key to Han Solo's question about feeling comfortable is that if you are comfortable being alone you will be more likely to be comfortable dining alone. If you are not happy about having to being alone on that particular day or trip, either take some work along and get something done or choose the bar if you like the looks of it. Sitting alone in a dining room, I am usually left alone. Dining at the bar alone, I am more likely to have people talk to me. But be assured that no one is staring at you as a single diner anymore than they are staring at the groups. Its just that when you are with others, you don't notice the staring. I have read, written, stared at others, conversed with the waiter, taken out my laptop. Haven't tried the Ipod yet - not sure what I think of that but I am almost 50 so it may be a generation thing. I don't like to hear others music leaking out of others ears or cars but I don't think it anymore rude than a loud dinner conversation. Observe your surroundings, adapt and choose the appropriate behavior, I guess. I do enjoy the chefs counter concept and recommend you take advantage of it in restaurants that have it. You get some conversation and attention but still can enjoy the solitary dining experience.

Aug 25, 2007
cordybrown in Features

Cornbread and Oyster Stuffing

I'm going to throw myself on the butcher block here and say -- this is a great use for not in the shell oysters. Yup...those oysters that come in plastic tubs in their 'liguor'. Having lived on the Chesapeake in Annapoplis and now here in the PNW, I feel qualified to say that this is a great use for those tubs of oysters. And I like to use about 75 percent oysters and 25 percent sausage (cooked to a level of doneness not otherwise imaginable before you put it in the stuffing). I once went to a Tday dinner put on by those docents at Mt Veron. Did you know that oyster stuffing was a GW (not the shrub) favorite? And I went into the kitchen and got into a really great discussion with those ladies about food. They said that if Geo Washington had had access to those oysters in the tubs, he'd of thought them brilliant. Save the fresh ones for half shell snacks and don't let those tubbed oysters go to waste. Put em in the bird.

Aug 15, 2007
cordybrown in Recipes

Kettle and Frank Sitting in a Tree ...

Oh My. Yum Yum. I knew about the Salt and Vinegar chips with Franks (works great with french fries, vinegar and Franks too) but PommeDeGuerre's peach pie thing....Yum Yum Yum. Did I mention...YUM. Balsamic on peach pie...who knew?

Aug 14, 2007
cordybrown in Features

None of Your Business

I've had the same experience as 512window! I gave a coworker/friend a recipe for some little savory cookies and he made a terrible batch them for our christmas potluck. Then he announced that he got the recipe from me! Not only was it kind of minorly embarrassing but, also, those were my standbys for such events and now I feel like I can't make them anymore cause it will look like I am trying to get one up on him. I now give recipes out occassionally. Often times, when people ask for a recipe on the spot, they are just trying to give praise in a more personal way than just saying 'these are good'. I'm going to adopt that trick of offering to email the recipe. If they pester me for it, I'll send it. Maybe.

Aug 14, 2007
cordybrown in Features

But I Only Drank Water!

I agree with some of your points and disagree with others..Truly I can no longer afford to spend 75 dollars on dinner as I have left the computer geek world for a simpler art life. Yet, I don't really want to give up meeting my friends! I don't think I'm the only one in this situation, am I? So I think that splitting the check is not 'always better'. I think it is a little insensitive and mean to assume that.. I do bow out of some really expensive outings these days but whenever I meet with people I call 'friends' we all realize that each of us in a different financial situation than when we were first out of college and single and carefree. Some of us have retired early and rich, some are working hard and are not so rich, some have kids in college some are pregnant....yet we are still friends. And when we have someone new who says 'lets just split it'..we just genly say..nah,we never do that anymore....and hand them the check and ask them to kick in what they owe. Usually everyone is pretty generous and thus, the waitstaff really benefit too.

Aug 14, 2007
cordybrown in Features

I'm Vegetarian but I Eat Bacon

I too am a bacon vegetarian. And to all of you who posted comments regarding how hard this makes your 'true' vegetariansim', I suggest you go right ahead and proudly, and arrogantly, speak up and call yourself 'true vegetarians'. That is of course unless you don't eat...say brussel which case you MUST not call yourself a vegetarian but rather a brussel spoutless vegetarian...come on..loosen up. The only thing that probably makes being a vegetarian hard for you is your attitude.. Anyway..although I am a bacon vegetarian, I agree with Marsha that you have to do a little polite lie and just say you are a vegetarian so as not to burden your host with too many details. You'll have to get your carbonara fix on your own dime....

Aug 14, 2007
cordybrown in Features