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best wedding cakes in toronto

I am getting married this summer. Who makes the best wedding cakes in Toronto?


What is one tip that you learned about cooking that was simple but made a huge difference? [old]

Three Words:

Mise en Place

Jan 26, 2012
susansilver in Home Cooking

Please help for a restaurant in Chinatown

Thank you Prima - I think that Pearl fits the bill. I thought I heard that Lai Wah Heen closed. Does anyone know?

Please help for a restaurant in Chinatown

My fiancé who is Chinese and I are getting married at Toronto City hall and we would like to have a lunch at a Chinatown Restaurant for about 20 people. Does anyone know of a NICE chinatown restaurant where we can have an intimate lunch?

Thanks for you help.

ISO of the BEST Grilled Cheese Sanwich in Toronto

I want to take my bf out for a casual dinner tonight. What is the best grilled cheese place in the city. We live downtown at the lake, so the closer the better, but we will drive if need be.