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Ice Cream and Half-off at Downtown Bakery & Cafe, Healdsburg

You're making me so hungry, and I'm going to Healdsburg in a few days. I can't wait to try Downtown! Thanks.

Belmont Greek Festival?

We had a great dinner of bbq lamb and orzo, lamb chops and buttery rice, and moussaka. Loukoumades for dessert. Mouth watering. Amazing Greek food and fun atmosphere.

Belmont Greek Festival?

We went on Sunday. Their food was really good! The rice had lots of butter, I love it that way. The lamb chops were excellent. I was full but like an idiot I still had a baklava sundae. It was gooood too. I was so stuffed. Hubby had lamb shank and orzo, he said it was great. I drank some sour berry drink that was really good too. We had a nice time with the music and the play.

Belmont Greek Festival?

I just can't get over their food, everything I tried was delicious, but the lamb chops and rice, lamb shanks and orzo and moussaka stand out as simply fantastic. If you went, you might be able to get free tickets for next year. You have to fill out the questionnaire in the book.

Belmont Greek Festival?

Saw their windmill today, got me hungry for a gyro. We go there every year. Our family faves: the gyros (tasty and juicy), lamb chops (incredible, really good Greek seasoning), lamb shanks and orzo (meat tender and falls off bone), pastitsio (creamy, delish), moussaka (incredible taste, not sure what the seasoning is, but wow), and the rice is like soaked in butter, if you like that which I do. I plan to eat a gyro, my son will eat tons of lamb chops, my hubby will have lamb shank, and then we will get a to go box.

best burger in Palo Alto?

Jeffreys Hamburgers, yum! Excellent juicy burgers. Also Marvin Gardens in Belmont, but partly cuz their fries are incredible.

Marvin Gardens
1160 Old County Rd, Belmont, CA

Food Festivals? [2010]

I have eaten their pastisio too, it's pretty great.