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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

I have to add "Two's Company" in downtown Mosinee. Unpretentious looking, but Craig, the proprietor, has an inside line to some really terrific steaks and chops! The "Craig's Favorite" filet with gorgonzola, onions and mushrooms is to die for, and is consistently as good a cut of meat as I have had at the Wagon Wheel, with better toppings. That particular entree is $24.95 with salad, soup, and choice of potato. Top that! Great burgers, and specials like a double pork-chop. Go, and enjoy the small-town won't be disappointed!

Dec 08, 2008
papertec in Great Lakes

Pittsburgh - Eastern Suburbs recommendations?

Be aware that Udipi Cafe is vegetarian, Lamb Masala there!!!

Oct 14, 2008
papertec in Pennsylvania

Indian food near Rocherster

Alas...Thali is closed on Tuesdays, so I repaired to the House of India at 989 South Clinton and dined quite nicely!