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Basic Napa Cabbage Kimchi (Kimchee)

All "Korean" chili powder available in the US is made in China! The chili powder made in Korea is not sold in this country. Every Korean I know says that there is a big difference (they have friends and relatives bring it in for them). My recipe also calls for watercress.

Jun 23, 2011
paoloXV in Recipes

Vegan Myths Dispelled, In Song

They're paranormal!

Apr 17, 2011
paoloXV in Features

Are Costco's Kirkland Foods Any Good?

Talk about the tip of the iceberg! You've touched only lightly upon the wealth of merchandise goods that Kirkland sells. for instance, 4 pounds of unsalted butter (not organic) for $9.00 compared to $4.59 a pound here in New York is a steal and there is no difference in flavor as far as this butter connoisseur can discern. If you want to spend real money on the "real deal" butter then buy French or Italian unsalted butter and call it a day. Salted butter is not something the discerning palette or a seriously good home cook would ever use (for anything); besides, most recipes call for "unsalted" butter. All Kirkland products are said to come from some of the top brand names. The toothpaste, for instance, is terrific. And by the way, Fairway brand EVOO is the same price as COSTCOs and for $3.00 more I can get EVOO from Sicily. It comes down to knowing the products intimately and knowing where to shop and for what and how much one is willing to pay. One could argue endlessly about the advantages of Trader Joe's over Fairway or Costco and there would always be a pro and a con for each vendor. Freedom of choice is great!

Apr 15, 2011
paoloXV in Features

CHOW's Green Goddess Dressing

First of all, Green Goddess Dressing without Avocado isn't Green Goddess Dressing. Secondly, to use mayonnaise is heresy. Mayonnaise indeed! I suppose the next thing we're going to be hearing is that we should use Miracle Whip!

Here is an authentic Green Goddess Dressing that is full proof (for the green and the flavor), not so terribly difficult to make and, more in line with our way of thinking, one using all natural and fresh ingredients.

Aug 30, 2010
paoloXV in Recipes

Thinthukgirl’s Sweet Kim Chee Relish

This is not a recipe for Kim Chee. Where did you buy the Kim chee? Han Ah Reum's? Was it Cabbage? Or Cucumber? Or Radish Kimchee? It's important to make the distinction.

Aug 27, 2010
paoloXV in Recipes