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any morel mushrooms showing up?

Monterey Market had some a couple weeks ago. I know some people from the Mushroom Society of SF had a morel foray last weekend, but there weren't too many to be had. Maybe the rain this weekend will help.

Sandwiches in the East Bay

I am trying to imagine where Lee's is. I used to work in Gourmet Ghetto and am trying to guess what the closet cross street is.

Sandwiches in the East Bay

I checked out the replies, and wow, at lot to choose from. I didn't know a lot of these places.

I went and checked out the Vietnamese sandwiches at Albany Cafe. I had the the mixed pork sandwich (the #1) and asked for extra jalapenos. The lady was very nice and told me that the jalapenos are iffy. Sometimes they're super hot and sometimes they are very mild, so she told me to check first so I don't end up blowing my head off. Pretty good! I would've liked a little more acid, but it was tasty.

I am going to check out all these sandwich places. Thanks everyone!

Sandwiches in the East Bay

I've been combing the boards trying to find a suggestion for a place to get sandwiches. I dearly love Genova's in Oakland, but it's far for us to drive sometimes. Any place in Berkeley or Albany that makes awesome sandwiches (meaning NOT pre-made)?


Hawaiian plate lunch in SF Bay Area

Hey everyone,
Thanks for pointing me to some restaurants to check out.
I live in the Berkeley area, but am willing to drive for something yummy to eat!!!

Hawaiian plate lunch in SF Bay Area

Just got back from Hawaii and now I'm missing the plate lunches. Does anyone know of a good home-style lunch plate place preferably in the E. Bay. I know about L & L, so something besides that would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks! I hope it's not the wrong season; there were oodles of durian just last week at Ranch 99. I'll go to Oakland Chinatown for my fix.


I live in the East Bay and drove to all these Asian markets trying to find durian. I looked at Ranch 99 in El Cerrito, some Asian market on Solano Ave., and the new Berkeley Bowl. Any suggestions for other places to track durian down? The closer to Berkeley, the better. Thank you.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Gourmet Ghetto Spice of Life festival (Sun 10/17) and Gourmet Ghetto walking tour?

Moonlite Bakery and Coração Confections I've seen at the Berkeley Farmers' Market. Moonlight on Saturday and Coração (raw chocolates) on Tuesday.

Berkeley Farmers' Market
2530 San Pablo Ave office), Berkeley, CA

fuyu persimmon from seed?

My parents have grown a couple persimmons from seeds, but they live in Silicon Valley which used to be a fruit haven. Their trees have done well. The last two years they had big crops.

Oct 13, 2010
achefsbest in Gardening

Advice - building cookware collection - All Clad sizes/shapes?

I use my all clad 2 quart sauce a lot. For soups, stewy stuff, making pasta, popcorn...

Oct 13, 2010
achefsbest in Cookware

Fresh rambutan anywhere?

I saw some at Monterey Market earlier this week.

tasting of local eggs: an unscientific experiment

I've bought the Marin Sun Farm, Soul Farm, Sinclair, Clark Summit Farms, plus eggs from the farmers' market.

I like them all, and the egg yolk color seems to vary. All I can say is that I feel better and safer using eggs from these local and known places.

Kitchen Destruction?

I liked your post title. I thought it was about remodeling. :)
That said, I am also a clean as I go kind of person. My partner is quite the opposite. All surfaces are covered with tools, nothing is composted or thrown away, and the sink is full of dishes.
Needless to say, we can't work together in the kitchen!

Oct 11, 2010
achefsbest in General Topics

high quality grass fed meat clubs/csa/animal sharing

I saw once that Marin Sun Farms had some kind of CSA-type thing. I don't know if they still do, but check it out. You're lucky you have all that freezer space.

Any quince at Alemany Farmers' Market?

I thought I saw some at Monterey Market recently.

Farmer's markets in January?

The Saturday Berkeley Farmers market seems to have the most of those regionally produced products you are seeking than the other two Berkeley markets.

Tres Agaves - worth going for tequila only?

I had to go a couple months ago cause I was doing secret reviews for a company. Good drinks, yes. The food wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. I have other fave Mexican places. Service was good and friendly.

Oakland (Jack London Square): Encuentro Cafe & Wine Bar - organic vegetarian and vegan enoteca and tapas bar

We ate here last night. I had the deviled eggs, a socca with kale, pepper sauce; and their gnocchi with a tomato sauce and cheese. My companions started with the figs stuffed with goat cheese with a red wine redux, a vegan creamy potato and leek soup, marinated seasonal vegetables served with baguette, and the quinoa with kale, pickled vegetables, cilantro, seasoned pepitas, with a smoked goat cheddar.

I was really pleased with all my dishes. My deviled eggs had delicious but unique taste, my socca was scrumptious, and my gnocchi were very light. You know how gnocchi can sometimes get heavy. My companions were also very pleased with their food. Their least favorite were the marinated veggies, but they raved about everything else.

We all loved our desserts; they didn't like my banana cake as much, but their strawberry cheesecake and chocolate were to die for.

This was out first time experiencing Flying Goat coffee and we were all impressed. Even my partner who doesn't like coffee liked it.

We really liked our waiter. She was really friendly and did not appear annoyed when we asked about the food. She had a great sense of humor and we enjoyed her unobtrusive presence. She was very enthusiastic about the food.

We plan to go back!

Where to find raw milk ?

Good Earth is in Fairfax on Sir Francis Drake.

Good Earth Cafe
, San Francisco, CA 94102

Where to find raw milk ?

Don't know where you are located, but they have Claravale and Organic Pastures at Berkeley Natural Grocery too. They also have Claravale at Good Earth Grocery. The Claravale, in the glass bottle, seems to sell faster than the Organic Pastures.

Yeah, I was shocked when Whole Foods pulled the raw milk off the shelves!

Good Earth Cafe
, San Francisco, CA 94102

best authentic indian food in the bay area?

I first started going to Bread of India the first week it opened and went regularly for a while. They had this third generation chef there; he was awesome too. So imagine my surprise when I went back a while ago. The food seemed to have lost its luster. I think that opening chef left. Too bad, it used to be really good.

I drive by and the lines aren't what they used to be...but maybe it's the economy.

Little Star Pizza open on Solano

Yeah, I went there two Tuesdays ago. I enjoyed my spinach pizza. I liked that it wasn't too cheesy and I liked the cornmeal crust.

I'd gladly go back for more.

Time to Harvest Fennel Pollen (Sonoma County)

Funny this came up because I 've been reading Mario Batali's grill book and he uses fennel pollen a lot. Glad to know I can still collect.

Jeremy Fox in Oakland!

I only hope he has full creative control. It will be interesting to see what he does there.

Does anyone hate the smell of Shiitake mushrooms?

Yes, I find they have a sort of chemically smell raw, but the smell disappears when I saute 'em up with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I think they are super delish then!

Oct 02, 2010
achefsbest in General Topics

Calling all hummus lovers

I like the traditional, but I like to make it with heirloom chickpeas from Spain that I buy from Spanish Table. Then sometimes I like to make it with walnuts, instead of tahini, and put toasted cumin into it.

Oct 02, 2010
achefsbest in General Topics

Truly Magic Food Moments. Have any?

We were in France at Michel Guerard's little place, not the 5 star. My partner, who is vegetarian, asked what she could eat. They said they could steam her some veggies. She told me she didn't want that, but we went ahead and made the res anyway.

When the veggies came, in one of those chinese steaming baskets, she ate a carrot and said "Oh my God!" Those veggies were the best ever!

Oct 02, 2010
achefsbest in General Topics

Top 5 Egg Dishes in San Francisco?

I used to love the Migas at Cesar in Berkeley and any tortilla Espagnol.
That egg salad sandwich at Il Cane Rosse with the anchovy butter, yum!
There was a chef from Stars that opened a restaurant briefly on Haight St.; I still dream about her version of eggs benedict.
The breakfast tortilla at Berkeley Bowl with eggs, hash browns, spinach, salsa. I always get guacamole extra too.
A huevos rancheros we had in the Yucatan, Mexico made by Dona Maria.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Kitchen rentals in South Bay?

Go to this website and scroll down to the South Bay and Peninsula section. Hopefully, you'll find something to suit you here. Good luck!