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Worst in Toronto

Sorry my faux pas re: Moe's grandson Lorne, yes I was typing rather quickly and in respect to mentioning these places although it's pertaining to cruddy food experiences, it's also people many of them indicating at the same time to try other places that are a nice dining experience that provides the same genre of food. are either an accountant or do research.

Worst in Toronto

When my family goes out to dine at a 5star restaurant which throughout the years has been quite often we will indeed complain if there's reason to do so, in this particular instance let's just say a certain member of our party who happens to be a chef was in the frame of mind I'd mentioned previously about the 'being seen there' mode. In other words she was more intent on being able to tell the world she'd been there 'finally' rather than come to terms with the fact that our dining experience was god awful. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal throughout summerlicious but again we honestly couldn't even partake of one bite and I'm not kidding, 'one bite' without a server in our faces and again it's extremely rude to continuously be asked 'Is that all, is this it"...etc...simply because the line up out the door was pretty long; I don't drop $600 at a meal for 4 people to be rushed and/or rudely hurried out the door in order for them to have their turnover. Thus why I stick by having been there twice at North 44, the first and the last time.

North 44
2537 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, CA


It's around the corner from my office so it's convenient for the staff but we've had so many crappy meals there it's appalling. Every time my colleague has ordered the super nachos they always and I mean always forget the jalapeno which is stated as a topping right on the menu, they also forget the sour cream at times. Do NOT ever eat their eggs benedict it's disgusting, made out of a box too! I hate restaurants who make 'fake' hollandaise or use margarine instead of butter, that's the whole reasoning behind a great hollandaise the compliment of the butter to make that great sauce/taste. Service is pretty good at times (I know many of the waitresses/waiters and they are really nice) but it takes forever for them to get to you once you've been seated at your table. I will admit their French Onion soup is pretty good, could have more cheese of course but then again it's not difficult and doesn't take rocket science to make a french onion soup.

Worst in Toronto

Oh my gosh, you stirred up some memories of how disgusting the Pickel Barrel food at the Atrium is, ha! I say memories because I worked there over 30 yrs. ago when I waitressed as a young adult.....if I told you guys that most of their crap comes out of a box I'm sure you'd believe me, other than a corned beef sandwich that of course doesn't take rocket science to make (as long as your meat supplier is wonderful) they can't cook anything well and working there for me lasted 1 month as I quit, so rude too the staff!
I also cannot stand overrated pretentious restaurants '5 star' with negative 5 star quality food and service, I went to NORTH 44 twice (1st and last time)...with my family. They burnt my appetizer of crab cakes, they had 5 servers hovering over us constantly because their only concern is to have a constant turnover of tables for more $$ and the food's quality is appalling for the astronomical prices you shell out. I told the main server/waitress "I'm not trying to be rude but having been a waitress years before you most likely; I feel it's important for you to know you must at least give us one second to bite one morsel of food please, you keep coming up with the rest of your staff and it's overkill." Truly disappointing evening.

North 44 is a restaurant that 'many' continue to dine at simply so they can tell everyone "Oh I've been there"

Big whoppee.

Corned Beef and Roast Beef and Deli....still one of the best huge and I mean huge sandwich places for corned/roast beef will always be Yitz's on Bathurst just North of Wilson, they still make their own meat on premise! Great deli meat! Moe Pancer's son is now in charge which is nice to know the family still runs the place.

346 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N, CA

Worst in Toronto

They opened anew Fran's at Yonge/Shuter a few years ago and it's not the greatest food at all! I highly recommend out of the kindness of my heart that you all steer clear away from their 'eggs benedict' which is beyond disgusting. I can't stand restaurants who either make their hollandaise from a box or with margarine. Hollandaise must always be made fresh with butter, otherwise the consistency and flavour is 'off'.

They've always been known to make one of the most dynamic rice puddings in T.O. which was true once over 25 yrs. ago! Tried the pie too, yeeeeech.

Best burgers

Oh my gosh, so true! We live up by there and Golden Star burgers are amazing, I couldn't agree with you more. I too used to love Lick's burgers when the very first Lick's opened in the Beaches it was terrific, but now they aren't all that great and their special sauce seems somewhat different too. I purchased a bottle of once and it was god awful!