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What is your favorite cut of pork rib?

What is you favorite cut of pork rib and how do you prepare them?

I like baby back and featherbones

My baby backs I slow smoke with cherry wood for about 2 .5 hours then I wrap them in foil for 1 hour under low heat. I use a dry rub then mop them after about an hour
Then serve them with a bourbon bbq sauce

My featherbones I salt and pepper then grill. Then steam them in a roaster for about 2hours at 350.
I steam them in a beef and chicken broth with green pepper, onion and celery

Here is a link to a rib chart showing the different cuts

Share your favs!

Chef Dad Omaha!

Sep 06, 2010
chefdadomaha in Home Cooking

Pizza Dough 101

I have always heard the secret is in the flour. High Gluten flour is the best for pizza.
King Aurther makes it

Sep 05, 2010
chefdadomaha in Home Cooking

Help Me with a "70's Funk" Party Theme

ABBA - Swedish Meatballs!

Aug 27, 2010
chefdadomaha in General Topics