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Guinness in Manhattan

@egon, did you go yet? do you have your own list of recommendations? we are headed to manhattan soon as well and would love to hear your results. thanks.

Mar 28, 2012
ssmomma in Beer

help... need a private/personal chef for a day, south of boston, for a 40th birthday

please, help me. hubby is turning 40 next month. i want to do a backyard dinner for 35 adults, 20 children. i'm not looking for your typical BBQ like Blue Ribbon but rather what i am looking for is a chef/caterer to grill some steaks/prime rib and put together some sides and apps in my backyard. how do i go about it? look for a caterer? an event planner? a personal chef? i wish i could tell you what i'm looking to spend, but i am unsure. we usually do all the shopping/prep/grilling ourselves (ok hubby does) but i want to sit back and enjoy this evening. any suggests, recommendations would be well appreciated. thanks!

Aug 25, 2010
ssmomma in Greater Boston Area