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Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

Most of the equipment is the same, though I've never noticed the lack of ventilation myself. They did spend a ton of time cleaning the fume hood so perhaps that will have helped?

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

We had dinner at Kinome tonight - definitely a worthy successor to Dan. The soba, dashi-maki-tamago, and grilled baby bamboo shoots were highlights for us, but everything else was on point as well. Still feels very true to traditional Japanese cuisine, good sake list to boot. We'll be returning.

Vancouver wedding venues

We got married at the Arbutus club and were very happy. Food was good, service was great, and there's a great deck overlooking the surrounding area (primarily residential).

At the time (3 years ago) the prices were very reasonable as well compared to other options in town.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

Dan's last night of service was yesterday.

Ryoma is planning to do minor renovations and re-open as Kinome, possibly as early as February. We had his wonderful soba again last night so looking forward to trying out what else he has to offer.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

Got the scoop last night.

Dan will close as it currently is, but re-open after renos sometime in the new year under a new name - run by the current sous chef (whose name I keep forgetting).

We had some of his handmade soba last night - which was fantastic (as good as I've had in Japan), and reason enough to have hope it will remain a solid spot. It's the only place in the city making fresh handmade soba as far as I know...definitely a leg up.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

Last time I talked to Ken the plan was for his sous-chef to take over starting in January - so there's hope it will still be good (though perhaps with a different name...)

That was a month or two ago though so perhaps things have changed?

Best value happy hour in Vancouver

The wife and I popped by Merchant's Oyster Bar on the drive this weekend, and they have oysters at $1.50 per during happy hour and all day Sunday - a few different varieties. Didn't catch what the drink specials were though as we were there Sunday evening.

La Buca game and mushroom menu

We went on Friday.

The sage and brown butter taglierini was my favourite dish (how can you go wrong), but everything was pretty much top notch as per usual.

I did have and quite enjoy that scallop dish as well GE, based on that recommendation. Lots of chanterelles on the plate too.

Good place to buy meats for Chinese hotpot/steamboat ?

Glad to help, hope the dinner went well.

Candlenuts in the Lower Mainland?

Thanks Sam, I'll give that place a go next time I'm in the area.

Good place to buy meats for Chinese hotpot/steamboat ?

There's a Korean butcher shop called Hankook Meats on Kingsway, just east of Tyne (right next to the Cattle Cafe). I've bought beef and pork there before, as I recall the price was much better than T&T.

I think it is pretty common for Korean butcher shops to sell meat sliced this way so you may be able to find others if the location isn't convenient...

Candlenuts in the Lower Mainland?

Trying to find a source for these to make some Indonesian food, no luck at T&T or Famous Foods...

I gather I can substitute with macadamias as a last resort but the flavour just won't be the same.


Looking for a good Donair place in Vancouver

Abdul's makes a great Syrian-style shawarma, but yes, nothing even remotely resembling a proper Halifax donair.

Videos about Japanese cuisine, NON-sushi?

Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but here's a series of youtube videos from Nihonryouri Ryugin that are pretty amazing:


Jul 23, 2014
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Where would you eat in Vancouver if you were visiting from LA?

Dishes at Pidgin are indeed small. My wife and I usually order 4-5 at least.

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Gah! I searched, but not for "garbanzo". Thanks for reminding me they have other names. Costco trip coming up.

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Noted, thanks for the heads up :)

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Had some of these on a great halibut dish at Yew yesterday, and now I must find more. Anyone seen them around anywhere in the lower mainland?

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

Glad to be of help. Hopefully either their AC has improved or you get a relatively cool day.

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

La Buca's Alla Famiglia dining is just a hair over your budget at $55/person, but worth it without question in my humble opinion.


Dried/fresh hot peppers(habaneros+) burnaby

Pacific Sun Produce in the Old Orchard plaza (Kingsway & Willingdon) generally has a pretty good assortment of dried peppers - habaneros, arbols, guajillos, and anchos the last time I was there. I've seen dried jolokia/ghost peppers there before too.

Less variety in fresh.

recommendations for a nice dinner and dim sum

I think Edible Canada is a perfectly decent spot for lunch on Granville Island:


Though it's been a year or so since I've visited, perhaps others have more up-to-date recommendations.

Victoria Update?

On my last visit to Victoria, both Ulla and Matisse were still top notch on the higher end of the spectrum.

Vancouver restaurant with good steak

The Keg is owned by Hy's. The latter is the "higher end" version of the former.

Wondra Flour in Vancouver area?

From what I understand, Robin Hood Easy Blend flour is an equivalent product that's available at most (if not all) grocery stores.

Wondra itself I don't believe is sold anywhere in Canada.

Edmonds/Burnaby Quick and Awesome?

Lhy Thai is a good spot, on Edmonds a couple blocks north of Kingsway.


BC focused beer forums

That one you can (could?) get at BC liquor stores, in 650mL bombers. Not sure if it's still around but worth a look at least.

BC focused beer forums

Sorry, Lord of the Hops. Apparently they are no longer making it due to a cease and desist order from whoever owns the Lord of the Rings trademark (how stupid). I'm hoping they are just going to come up with a new name as it's one of my favourites.

If you can track down a bottle or two do it now before it disappears.

BC focused beer forums

I'd give Gypsy Tears a shot, I'm a fan of big hops as well and it's pretty satisfying - though not to the same extent as LOTH was. I've heard good things about their new red IPA as well (robo ruby) but haven't actually tried it yet.

BC focused beer forums

As far as I know the only place to get them is at the breweries, in growlers.

I personally prefer Parallel 49...Gypsy Tears and Hopparazzi are great IMHO (and I also loved Lord of the Hops...RIP)