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Looking for a good Donair place in Vancouver

Abdul's makes a great Syrian-style shawarma, but yes, nothing even remotely resembling a proper Halifax donair.

Videos about Japanese cuisine, NON-sushi?

Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but here's a series of youtube videos from Nihonryouri Ryugin that are pretty amazing:


Jul 23, 2014
jerkstore in Food Media & News

Where would you eat in Vancouver if you were visiting from LA?

Dishes at Pidgin are indeed small. My wife and I usually order 4-5 at least.

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Gah! I searched, but not for "garbanzo". Thanks for reminding me they have other names. Costco trip coming up.

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Noted, thanks for the heads up :)

Source for Green Chickpeas?

Had some of these on a great halibut dish at Yew yesterday, and now I must find more. Anyone seen them around anywhere in the lower mainland?

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

Glad to be of help. Hopefully either their AC has improved or you get a relatively cool day.

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

La Buca's Alla Famiglia dining is just a hair over your budget at $55/person, but worth it without question in my humble opinion.


Dried/fresh hot peppers(habaneros+) burnaby

Pacific Sun Produce in the Old Orchard plaza (Kingsway & Willingdon) generally has a pretty good assortment of dried peppers - habaneros, arbols, guajillos, and anchos the last time I was there. I've seen dried jolokia/ghost peppers there before too.

Less variety in fresh.

recommendations for a nice dinner and dim sum

I think Edible Canada is a perfectly decent spot for lunch on Granville Island:


Though it's been a year or so since I've visited, perhaps others have more up-to-date recommendations.

Victoria Update?

On my last visit to Victoria, both Ulla and Matisse were still top notch on the higher end of the spectrum.

Vancouver restaurant with good steak

The Keg is owned by Hy's. The latter is the "higher end" version of the former.

Wondra Flour in Vancouver area?

From what I understand, Robin Hood Easy Blend flour is an equivalent product that's available at most (if not all) grocery stores.

Wondra itself I don't believe is sold anywhere in Canada.

Edmonds/Burnaby Quick and Awesome?

Lhy Thai is a good spot, on Edmonds a couple blocks north of Kingsway.


BC focused beer forums

That one you can (could?) get at BC liquor stores, in 650mL bombers. Not sure if it's still around but worth a look at least.

BC focused beer forums

Sorry, Lord of the Hops. Apparently they are no longer making it due to a cease and desist order from whoever owns the Lord of the Rings trademark (how stupid). I'm hoping they are just going to come up with a new name as it's one of my favourites.

If you can track down a bottle or two do it now before it disappears.

BC focused beer forums

I'd give Gypsy Tears a shot, I'm a fan of big hops as well and it's pretty satisfying - though not to the same extent as LOTH was. I've heard good things about their new red IPA as well (robo ruby) but haven't actually tried it yet.

BC focused beer forums

As far as I know the only place to get them is at the breweries, in growlers.

I personally prefer Parallel 49...Gypsy Tears and Hopparazzi are great IMHO (and I also loved Lord of the Hops...RIP)

IHOP (Broadway & Laurel) Gone - to be replaced by Japanese BBQ

That would be Gyu Kaku, it's a Japanese chain with locations all over the US. Appears this is the second Canadian location (there's one at Nelson and Hornby downtown: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/157278...)

Private Home Chinese Cuisine - Burnaby

We've gotten delivery from there a couple of times - some dishes are good, some less so - the less successful ones for me were either heavily over-salted, or a bit too goopy with cornstarch-laden sauce.

I did really enjoy a dish of white fish with king oyster mushrooms the first time around.

Overall - not bad - but probably one of those places that needs some experimentation to figure out what they do best. YMMV.

Your Top 3 restaurants in Vancouver

Mine are (also in no particular order):

La Buca

Gooseneck barnacles now available in Vancouver

Honestly I can't recall, as we didn't order them. Sorry!

Gooseneck barnacles now available in Vancouver

Blue Water Cafe had them as a special (appetizer) when I was there a few weeks ago.

Newly opened and soon-to-open

There's also another place right next door to Pearl Castle at Old Orchard that just opened as well, called Gala Cafe - not sure what it is though, can't find any mention of it on the interwebs.


All pizzas $12, but just the one size (roughly 12"?). Regular price is between $14-17 IIRC so it's a pretty reasonable discount especially if you go for the pricier ones.

They also have $5 "pints" of Peroni on Monday (in quotes because it's only 400mL).


I tend to find myself at Cotto pretty regularly - especially on Mondays when all their pizzas are $12...pretty solid deal considering the quality.

Portuguese egg tarts: where do you get yours?


In all seriousness, the best I've found in my hood is Fortuna Bakery on Hastings (Burnaby) but they don't compare to the ones that can be had back east.

Perhaps I will give Universal a shot...not a fan of T&T's.

Tojo's - Detailed review with pics

Pretty much my reaction to Tojo's as well. Decent, but not worth the cost.

I much prefer the omakase at Dan.

Chow-worthy daytrip destination for pescatarian and dog?

Steveston maybe? Fish and chips at Pajo's is pretty decent I think. Lots of places to wander around outside.

North Burnaby?

A new Vietnamese place worth checking out:


Corner of Hastings and MacDonald.