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Should You Brown Meatballs Before Cooking?

I love just baking them in the oven using a cupcake or mini cupcake pan - helps them brown very nicely and the recess in adn taper of the pan allows some of the liquids to drain to the bottom too - Saw it on an Alton Brown and this one really hit the mark...

Mar 13, 2013
rw2tpc in Features

Italian Restaurant on Strip

B & B in Ventian is outstanding - my favorite retaurant in town. Batali's other restaurant in the Palazzo, Carnevino is also phenomenal, and they offer something you can only get there - Their Riserva Steaks, steaks that have been dry-aged for a minimum of 240 days - really spectacular for the beef lover...

Aug 25, 2010
rw2tpc in Las Vegas