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Nice dinner @ Fortina in Armonk

Yes, the bread pudding is excellent, as is everything else.

A&P bankruptcy

Actually, since they filed for bankruptcy, they have a new credit line and new suppliers are guaranteed to be paid. At least that's how I think it works.

A&P bankruptcy

Well, you should be happy that they did not have corn since the corn at A&P is usually crap. Stop & Shop and Shoprite are much better.

As for bread, I don't understand why they would have low stock given that it's a perishable and something that they presumably sell on a continuing basis. Unless many people have stopped shopping there already. I haven't been to an A&P in over a week so I haven't witnessed this myself.

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

And they're probably no better than many places here in Westchester which the food snobs choose to dismiss as garbage.

Are you going to tell me that they don't list places in Westchester as well?

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

What coupons?

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

I guess this doesn't qualify, but X2O currently has butter poached lobster on their $35 3-course menu at the Dylan (also at the Bully Boy Bar at X) on Thursday nights. Here's the menu description:

The menu begins with a salad of heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil oil and pine nuts. Next up is Butter-Poached Maine Lobster. First, the lobster is steamed, removed from the shell, and lightly warmed in butter. Then the lobster is served over an array of Hudson Valley vegetables done in a Minestrone broth. For dessert we serve a peach cobbler made with peaches from Conklin's Orchard, served with a vanilla panna cotta and brown sugar crumble.

My yogurt expired a while ago

I know this is an old thread but I just ate a yogurt dated last November and it seemed fine. Of course, if I no longer past anything after this, I guess we'll know that it wasn't. I do find it strange that most websites say that it's only safe to eat 7-10 days after the expiration date. Also found a post elsewhere by someone who claimed that they opened a yogurt 10 days after the expiration and it had a terrible smell. I found that strange since that's never been my experience with expired yogurt.

Aug 12, 2015
MisterBill2 in General Topics

Restaurant North opening Market North in Armonk

We were going to an outdoor concert this evening, and my wife saw a picture of a lobster roll on North's website, so we decided to drive to Armonk. We were pleasantly surprised to find them open and they had they lobster roll on the menu (for $18). It's served on a croissant, so I guess it's not a traditional lobster roll, but my wife thought it was excellent with lots of lobster meat. Not cheap, but given that the croissant alone was $3.75 (per a report here), I guess not a bad deal.

I got the lunch special of spicy tuna and salmon rolls from Kira for myself, so it was a productive trip to Armonk.

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

That would be disappointing if the Sichuan chef wasn't there at lunch. I've been trying to arrange a work lunch there and we were planning to go next Friday. I have noticed that the Sichuan dishes are not listed on the lunch menu.

Lefteris in Tarrytown, what the hey

Yeah, I never understood all the love for Lefteris when Santorini is nearby and much better (and easier parking). I guess if you're going to a show at the Music Hall, Lefteris is better, but there are other choices there.

A&P bankruptcy

The location is actually considered Brewster, not Southeast. And they have an annual food festival that is coming up on August 22nd. It's worth the trip -- assuming it's the same as last year, they will have loads of food (their own and from their suppliers) AND beer samples. The entire back wall of the store is coolers full of beer, for those who haven't been there.

Here's the event page on FB:

A&P bankruptcy

Doesn't the WP Shoprite validate your parking if you spend $20? There's also the Scarsdale store, but it's terribly crowded and the aisles are narrow.

elita's deli, ossining

Hmm.. I was going to Ossining tomorrow to pick up lunch but was planning to get jerk wings at Chow's. Decisions, decisions.

D'Ag RyeBrook closed!

I'm sure the landlord will pick the tenant that offers the highest rent and brings the most people to the center.

A&P bankruptcy

It's definitely better than A&P.

A&P bankruptcy

So it includes Long Island and Westchester/Hudson Valley, and the disposition of A&P stores is different in each of those areas. Specifically I was referring to "most of the others are being sold to Stop and Shop", since only one in Westchester is going to S&S.

A&P bankruptcy

It means you have a crappy S&S I guess. I just wanted to point out that not all of them are as terrible as is being made to seem here. They carry a lot of local produce during the summer, as does Shoprite.

BTW I have found that emailing S&S corporate gets a pretty quick response.

A&P bankruptcy

The A&P in Danbury doesn't have a new owner yet. ACME did not purchase it, nor did S&S.

A&P bankruptcy

I don't understand all the complaints about S&S. I've never had a problem with the produce at the Somers (Baldwin Place) store.

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

I just got email from Stir Crazy saying that they were closing their Palisades Center location this coming Tuesday (20% off until then). Coincidentally, we were planning to have dinner there today since it was my wife's birthday and we had a B1G1F entree coupon. Will that leave Chili's as the last original restaurant? Too bad, we really used to like that place, although I haven't been there in a while.

A&P bankruptcy

The bids and bankruptcy court approvals won't be finalized until September according to an article I read, and it will probably take some time after that.

A&P bankruptcy

Maybe we don't go at the same time but I never have a problem parking when I go on the weekend. I pull into the entrance between Smashburger and the dog place and find a spot in that back aisle. HMart's lot is much busier, although the layout is better.

Yes, it's cash only. Certainly it's not as nice as HMart, but for some stuff it's worth a stop on the way. It's not out of the way for me (or Donna).

A&P bankruptcy

Apple Farm has reasonably priced fish, and some of their produce has better prices (quality is not always the best). I buy tuna there for $10.99 a pound. They cut it to order and it grills fine. The sushi grade tuna at H-Mart is great, but I refuse to buy it for $40 a pound since I'm not using it for sushi.

Wegmans in Montvale

No, they're going out of business. They've announced the buyers of 120 stores so far (which I believe at the top stores), and 25 that are such dogs that they're just closing them rather than even trying to sell them. The rest are also being sold, but either in smaller batches, or nothing's been decided yet.

Jul 22, 2015
MisterBill2 in New Jersey

Wegmans in Montvale

So what else did you expect would buy large numbers of stores since you seem to hate all of the big store chains? There are still a number of stores whose buyer haven't been announced. Presumably they could become Shoprite or other smaller chains, or not a supermarket.

Jul 22, 2015
MisterBill2 in New Jersey

Hudson River Valley 1st Timers - Help!

We had not been there in a while until the past year, when we had two HVRW meals there (American Bounty and Bocuse). Both were very good. We also ate at Caterina last year with a gift certificate that we won from HVRW and it was also very good. As you say, service and food are dependent on the students, although at least in the case of the food you'd hope that the instructor is checking stuff before it goes out.

I just bought tickets for a show in September that's going to be in the on-site theater and will probably go to American Bounty for dinner beforehand (although I guess that Crave is also an option).

They definitely used to be cheaper and are no longer a bargain, and I don't like the 17% service charge they add (used to be 12%) to pay for graduation uniforms and scholarships.

A&P bankruptcy

The A&P in Mt. Kisco is supposed to be sold to Stop & Shop. I'd been thinking the Thornwood location would have been good for S&S, but it's probably too close to the North White Plains location. I'm sure they will do very well in Mt. Kisco, given that they're next to Target.

The expansion of the SR in Thornwood is complete. They did a nice job. ACME stores are supposed to be very nice, although somewhat high priced (like A&P). From what I have read elsewhere, their meat is supposed to be very good.

A&P bankruptcy

Define "smaller stores". I've seen people spend a bundle on a Sunday afternoon at Stop & Shop in Somers. People go in there, buy their Starbucks, do their weekly shopping and don't seem to care about prices.

A co-worker who's rather clueless about grocery shopping said to me yesterday (about the A&P closures) "Wow, imagine when the big one in Triangle Shopping Center or in Cortlandt die. Costco will really be of interest to people". I had to explain to him that they could already be buying similar stuff at BJ's, and that there are many other options for normal grocery shopping other than A&P. I also had to point out that another chain was buying those locations. Sigh.

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

When we ate at Liebmans in Riverdale when my mother-in-law was still alive (and living in the apartments at the Hebrew Home), they often had so many walkers that they told me they sometimes had to stack them!

A&P bankruptcy

Actually, the list is ordered with the worst at the bottom (the lower scores are worse). So Pathmark was at the bottom. Stop & Shop was the "best" of the worst.

I'm not sure that I understand the bad scores for Stop & Shop. Their regular prices are high (although not always, they are cheaper in area where they have more competition). The shopping experience is much nicer than A&P. The Stop & Shop store in Somers is always busy on weekends while the A&P a few blocks away is almost empty. And their regular prices are higher than their store in Peekskill.