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Myong Gourmet Mt. Kisco

I've never been there and I agree the menu looks interesting. They've got a decent Groupon available right now, and I've seen them on the other discount programs like restaurant.com. I think they're where Q was for a few months (maybe longer) when they opened in Mt. Kisco a few years ago.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

Thanks for your sad but amusing post.

Crabtree Kittle House [Chappaqua]

They should have done it on Saturday for Small Business Saturday. AMEX was giving 3 $10 credits per registered card. I have a number of cards between myself and my wife. I hit a number of places around Westchester (some of which we really like and others we've wanted to try) to buy gift cards - North, Fortina, The Cookery, The Parlor, Wolfert's Roost (new place in Irvington owned by Eric Korn) and Savannah's Southern House in Yorktown (or is it Cortlandt) because they had a 25% off gift card sale for the day and I wanted to try them. All courtesy of AMEX!

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Glad to hear it! Valley always does a great job, especially for HVRW. We'll be there Thursday night. I love their duck breast. Maybe it's because of their location, but they don't get the recognition (or interest) that I think they should.

We did Bocuse at the CIA on Saturday and it was really good. It was their normal menu, but they had supplements that seemed higher than they normally add when they offer the price fixed menu on weekdays for $45 ($5 for foie gras, $6 for beef) but I didn't mind that much. Interestingly, the only supplement at American Bounty was $4 for Foie Gras, which seemed odd. The only thing I was disappointed in was the apple galette, which was a small and hard piece of pie crust with apples on top.

Then we went to Crave last night and it was really wonderful. Of all the places we have been this week, they were the ones that most impressed us, from start-to-finish not a disappointing dish or something we wished we had not ordered. The chicken entree was especially good with a pumpkin chipotle ale sauce, but I had the striped bass and also enjoyed it. The panna cotta for dessert was probably the best I've ever had, with honey on top and some peppercorns to surprise you with a bit of heat.

Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nov 09, 2014
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Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

I believe they are on Sunday nights, just not Saturday.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Enjoy! I personally prefer the HVRW menu at X in Congers over X2O (we're going next Saturday).

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

I have not been there for HVRW lunch on Saturday but I have on a weekday and it's been fine. The menu they sent me for lunch was the same as for dinner (which seemed unusual, so I did not post it), but would make it a real bargain. If what's on the menu concerns you, you might want to call and verify. It's a much quieter experience, and they generally do not open the upstairs for lunch. Also, no muffin to take home.

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

From a press release or just as news?

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

FYI, when you go to Opentable via the restaurant's website, you don't get Dining Points for your reservation, if you care about such things.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Or make it $30 and had it be more than the price of the menu. Now that would be really bad, right?

I am going to Bocuse at the CIA tomorrow night and I have confirmed (finally) that it is their normal 3 course menu that they offer for $45 Tuesday thru Thursdays, which is anything on the menu with a few reasonable surcharges, like $2 for the lobster appetizer (and $5 per person for the grand dessert that includes the liquid nitrogen ice cream). I can live with that.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

What time are you going? We will be there at 7:15pm.. would love to meet you after all this time!! Please mention something to the hostess.. they know me there and I will do the same and tell them someone may be looking for me. My first name is Bill :-).

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

So, where is everyone going? We are starting at Cafe of Love tomorrow night, then North on Friday, Bocuse on Saturday and Crave on Sunday. I'm still undecided where to eat next Tuesday. I'm thinking of Tagine, although I am still considering Char in Mahopac since it's so close. But I really don't want to go somewhere that I'll be disappointed. There's also this new place Destination Bistro in downtown Yorktown Heights.

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

Probably to give them a chance to work the kinks out without the masses descending.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16


First Course

Obercreek Farm’s Baby Green Salad
Local Concord Grape Vinaigrette, Pecans, Goat Cheese, Chives

Kabocha Squash Soup
Ronny Brook Yogurt, Cashews, Sea Salt

Nantucket Bay Scallops
Truffled Parsnip, Chestnuts, Pickled Radish, Garrison Honey

House Made Pappardelle
Short Rib Bolognese, Parmigiano- Reggiano, Oregano

Main Course

Cider Braised Colorado Lamb Shank
Spaghetti Squash, Baby Carrots, Lamb Jus, Garrison Mint

Maine Sea Scallops
Local Mushrooms, Baby Beets, Butternut Squash

Market Vegetables, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Baby Herbs

Long Island Duck Breast
Black Kale, Local Apple, Crown Maple Syrup


Hudson Valley Cheese Plate
Black Grapes, Cashews, Baguette, Garrison Farms Honey

Dark Chocolate & Banana Cake
Caramel Ice Cream, White Chocolate

House Made Nutella Doughnuts
Cinnamon, Vanilla Sauce

Ice Cream & Sorbet
Pick 2
Kabocha Squash, Concord Grape, Local Cider
House Made Waffle Crisp, Mint

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Tagine's menu is up on their website.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Saint George's menu:

Soupe du Jour daily preparation
Escargots a la Bourguignon garlic herb butter, breadcrumbs
Salade du Marché preparation changes daily
Mouclade steamed mussels, white wine, curry
Roasted Baby Beets goat cheese, hazelnut, orange
Mousse de Foie de Volaille apple jam, baguette

Coq au Vin
fresh buttered noodles, onion, mushroom, lardon
Trout Grenobloise
spinach, lemon-caper, crouton, brown butter
Ricotta Dumplings
hen of the woods mushrooms, black garlic, sage parmesan
Hanger Steak Frites
choice of: bordelaise, bearnaise, maitre d’hotel butter
Lobster bearnaise $9 supplement

For dessert, the email I received said that their entire dessert menu would be included (which won't help much here since it's not on their website).

I had dinner here last HVRW. The profiteroles were just amazing, as were the frites. In fairness, everything was excellent, but the profiteroles were memorable. PS Volaille is chicken :-).

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

Sadly, some people don't know the difference. Word does find the error, but not when the whole sentence is capitalized.

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

Yeah, maybe I didn't scroll right to the entrees.

Campagna - the old Bedford Post, Bedford, NY

If you view the PDF version of the menu it has prices. However, they only have the antipasti and pastas there.

They're open for Thanksgiving (I checked reservations as far out as they book, 30 days), if anyone's looking for someplace to eat that day.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

You should go to the CIA. From what I'm seeing, their RW menu is their normal menu. Bocus has a 3 course $45 menu on weekdays (with a few reasonable supplements) and it appears that is what they are doing for HVRW. I'll know for sure after eating there next Saturday. First time I actually thought of making a reservation there while they still have tables available.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

There are some very good dishes on the menu. They've been known to change/add stuff during RW, so it might be a little different when you're there.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

North's menu:

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Dinner Menu
Twenty-Nine Dollars & Ninety-Five Cents

Hubbard Squash Soup
Crème Fraiche, Amaranth, Popped Sorghum

Kale & Quinoa Salad
Greek Yogurt, Radish, Preserved Meyer Lemon

Cauliflower Panna Cotta
Romansesco, Mache, Walnuts, Macari Honey


Meiller’s Farm Beef Brisket
Black Pepper, Black Dirt Potatoes, Radish, Carrots

Whole Roasted Pork
Spaetzle, Salsify, Chorizo, Apple, Chili

Red Fish – Palmer Island, MA
Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Oats, Pickled Onions

Pasta Chittara
Winter Squash “Bolognese”, Mint


“Super Awesome” Chocolate Chip Cookie
Jane’s Hudson Valley Vanilla Ice Cream

Selection of Jane’s Sorbet or Ice Cream
Pear | Plum| Lemon
Killer Chocolate | Seeduction | Vanilla

Olive Oil Cake
Quince, Pepitas, Seeduction Ice Cream

Dorset, Consider Bardwell –Jasper Hill Farm, VT ¬¬
Cracked Black Pepper Shortbread, Mimi’s Honey, Husk Fruits

Restaurant Week Wines
$29.95 | bottle
From the North Fork of Long Island
Merlot, Collina, Macari Vineyards, MV
Chardonnay, Collina, Macari Vineyards, MV

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Yes, and it's quite interesting.. 5 courses. Not clear what they will do if you don't eat some of the stuff where there is only one choice, like the slider.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

I was just told that Valley in Garrison will be open Thursday thru Sunday for HVRW.

Tagine Anyone else gone? [Croton on Hudson]

They're doing HVRW this year. And their FB page says that they'll be taking reservations (and having valet parking Thursday-Saturday). I've never been there, but I think I will check them out.

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Did you order from the entrees section? I haven't been thrilled with those but my wife likes their burgers and I really like the Thai noodle salad. If you order carefully you can have a good meal.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Restaurant X's menu is posted and has some different stuff than they've done in the past.

I got excited by Char's posted menu (the one in Mahopac), since it's pretty close to me. Sadly, it turns out to be for the Char in Greenwich (I figured this out when none of the items matched their normal menu, but they do the one in Greenwich). The Mahopac Char has their menu posted on their website and is much less exciting (to me, at least).

There's a new place called Destination Bistro in Yorktown which is participating (it's what used to be Nutin' To It, near Cablevision in downtown Yorktown Heights). Their menu looks adventurous. I may try them. Also, I noticed that Tagine in Croton is participating for the first time. I might try that. I find it interesting that they are doing HVRW since Jon Pratt has not done HVRW for any of his places in the past.

BTW Duo Bistro in Kingston has a great HVRW menu. I just need to decide if I want to drive all the way up there. Still waiting to see what Crave has.

Costco in Yorktown Heights?

I think the Planning Board is looking to get it finalized in November to send to the Town Board (I think the comment period is only 10 days this time but I could be wrong). My only concern at this point (and I hate to bring politics into Chowhound) is that should Murphy win the State Senate election (hopefully not), the Town Board could be down one member again for some period of time and who knows if they would approve it (especially if the former supervisor gets elected in 2 weeks). Plus the opponents could find some BS reason to oppose it in court, if/when the town board approves it.