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Should a chain comp an item (or offer some other compensation) if an entree is prepared wrong?

There is a big difference between food served at a friend's house (and that they would have to waste if you refused to eat it) and food you're paying for at a restaurant.

Sep 11, 2014
MisterBill2 in Chains

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

Yes, and they always do a nice job for HVRW.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

They didn't last time so I would not expect it this time. I made a reservation for Sunday since it's my birthday :-). I had a great meal there last HVRW. I still salivate when I remember the profiteroles.

I only looked because I was on their website after getting an email from them (they've redone the upstairs room).

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Fall 2014, November 3-16

It's time to start thinking about Hudson Valley Restaurant week again. The dates are November 3-16, so restaurants that take reservations 2 months in advance are now starting to open up. I actually made a reservation at St. George this week for the end of HVRW, so they obviously take reservations more than 2 months out.

Has anyone done American Bounty or Bocuse at the CIA for RW? By the time I remember to look they're always booked on weekends, but they book 2 months in advance so I could possibly get a reservation this time if I act quickly. I don't think I've ever seen their RW menus.

North books 28 days in advance. X2O seems to book 2 months in advance, so those dates are starting to open up as well. I wonder if it pays to make a reservation at The Inn at Pound Ridge now on the off-chance that they will be participating? They didn't last time, but they had just opened. They don't NEED to participate but many JG restaurants in Manhattan do participate in RW, so we can hope. Of course, given how their service seems to be when they're busy, it might not be a great experience.

The list of restaurants will be on this page but it appears that they haven't updated it from the spring HVRW (despite changing the dates) so take the list with a grain of salt and only use posted menus as a reference for WHAT they might have in November.


Looking for New Years Eve dinner and stay over in the Hudson Valley

The Roundhouse in Beacon has hotel rooms, and their restaurant Swift is great.

How to cook beef top of rib roast?

I think it's still in the freezer, which is what my wife tends to do with stuff I buy that she doesn't want to make. Who knows if it's even any good anymore. It might have been thrown out after the power outage following Sandy, although not everything in our freezer melted.

Sep 04, 2014
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Great new things at North!! [Armonk]

I had read about the poor service before dining there, and I know I was surprised that our service was as good as it was. We didn't even order wine, so we were not spending a bundle. They refilled our water and bread several times. I doubt we got special service because I have the VIP flag on Opentable (that's a joke), so I guess we just got lucky, or else going early is better than late.

Applebee's Port Chester closed

Unless I misread that thread, it was talking about what went into the former Applebee's in Mamaroneck 2 years ago, and that place (Harbor Steak) has now closed. So now both former Applebee's locations are available.

Great new things at North!! [Armonk]


What time did you go? We were there a couple of Sundays ago, but we had a 5:30 reservation. We had great service, very attentive, and got seated upstairs as I had requested. They do not bring leftovers to your table, they give you a ticket and you pick it up from the coat room on the way out. Sounds like they forgot to give you the ticket (or maybe they just forgot to box it, I guess). They really should have done something for you after taking you to a table and finding it was already taken.

Great new things at North!! [Armonk]

Funny you mention the hobknobbing with regulars at North being a problem for you, because if you read the Opentable reviews that is a common theme. I am known there so they do come over and say hello, and the last time we were there I mentioned to my wife that I could see how some people would be upset.

Yes, Peter Kelly does do an excellent job of visiting everyone and making them feel welcome (and I am always amazed how he seems to be at the restaurant I'm at, and they swear he isn't cloned). And he is more of a celebrity chef than the North guys so people do appreciate it.

elita's deli, ossining

If I don't eat pork, will I have problems eating their stuff? Is there pork in the rice and beans? Are the dishes labelled?

Inn at Pound Ridge open

So our dinner was tonight and we had a great meal. I had the crispy sushi rice with hamachi, salmon with corn pudding and salted caramel popcorn sundae. My wife had the baby beets, grilled lobster and blueberry cobbler. Our friend had the shrimp salad, pork chop and the cobbler. I had a 5:30 reservation, which may be too early for many but worked for us because we wanted to get home early and we skip lunch on Sunday. I had called earlier today to ask if we could be seated upstairs. When we got there, they said that they were able to accommodate me (the room was still fairly empty). Service was very attentive, none of the problems getting water or bread refills that others had apparently reported (our friend had read up on all of the reports). The food was excellent, and the sundae looked even better in person than in the pictures I'd seen (not to mention the taste being amazing). The bread was excellent, I took the extra home to eat with my leftover salmon tomorrow. They refilled it several times without our having to ask.

I had only two complaints. First, the beets were not as I've seen pictured. First, they were all red (the waiter originally said they were yellow and red). And they were cut into pieces, so they must have run out of baby beets and were using larger ones. There also wasn't the root portion attached like I've seen in all of the photos (obviously because they were not the whole beets). My wife, who had not seen the photos, had no problems with the presentation and loved it (although I think she would have been happier with some yellow beets). Second, they don't refill iced tea, and they charge $5 for a glass (our friend ordered one). We just stuck with water since we don't drink wine.

I'm sure our eating at 5:30 on a Sunday contributed to our getting excellent service where others have reported problems. I'm not sure I'd want to eat there on a Saturday night until they get their act together.

We'll definitely go back.

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

Glad to hear it was OK but sorry to hear about the small appetizer portion. We don't generally drink so for us the Amazon deal which just lets you spend $100 on anything was a better deal. We haven't been there to use it yet.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

I suspect it's not true even if she said within 50 miles of NYC.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

Yeah, their website was supposed to be up last week but obviously still is not. BTW take the comment "Best sushi outside of NYC hands down!!!!! Down right addictive!!!!" on FB with a major grain of salt as the poster has the same last name as the owner.

Steak in White Plains?

I've seen them on a bunch of discount sites (Gaucho Grill).

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Wow, so much negativity towards this place. I thought people really liked it. Maybe I'll just find someplace to eat in Stamford during their RW. I'm waiting for one place in particular to post their menu.

The Hudson Room - new restaurant in Peekskill

A new restaurant has opened in Peekskill on Division Street (but not the main "restaurant row" just south of Route 6) called The Hudson Room. They have a rather varied menu, with lots of sushi options as well as non-Japanese food. Wings and sushi, an interesting combination :-). They've also got live music. Their website isn't ready yet but they have a Facebook page and the menu is now available there.


It turns out this is the first restaurant opened by the guy mentioned in an article from March which we had discussed in the Peekskill Restaurant Week thread. I figured I would start a new thread with the new restaurant's name in the title to make it easier to find. The only way I realized it was the space mentioned in the article was because the owner listed in the article, Louis Lanza, is shown cooking on the Facebook page.


As usual, if anyone eats there, please post.

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Interesting.. I thought i had read somewhere that they were good. Oh well.

Inn at Pound Ridge open

That's really low! No, it is not. And it's Stamford Restaurant Week that week and I'm passing that up as well! But I keep meaning to get here, and given that it's not that far from our friends house in Stamford, it seemed like a good place to meet.

Inn at Pound Ridge open

We're finally going to be eating here in a couple of weeks, meeting a friend from Stamford on a Sunday night. Is there a suggested place to ask to be seated? I'm undecided on whether to get appetizers and then pizza/pasta instead of an entree, given that many say the entree portions are small and I'd rather avoid an overly expensive meal. Dessert, of course, is a requirement.

Hopefully it won't be that crazy on a Sunday, it looked like all times were available when I made the reservation a couple of days ago.

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

I think it was $2 each. But the issue was the surprise charge on my bill.

Steak in White Plains?

Was there no sign saying that parking was $10? They charge $10 to park at 42.

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

Interesting, I will have to stop by and look at the menu next time I pass by since their online menu doesn't show it.

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

Not important enough to my meal to bother paying for.

Rte. 9 between Wappingers & Poughkeepsie

No, I don't drive it on weeknights. But is the traffic bad heading over to 9 from the Taconic on 55? I know it's bad further south. I doubt it's very bad heading from Marist to the CIA.

Rte. 9 between Wappingers & Poughkeepsie

The CIA is less than 5 minutes north of Marist. It's the next driveway on the left (or maybe a little past that).

Rte. 9 between Wappingers & Poughkeepsie

We are fans of Crave, which is a mile south of Marist on 9G right by the Walkway over the Hudson entrance. You could go to the CIA and hit the Apple Pie cafe (although they are only open until 5pm) or Caterina De Medici serves a less expensive menu in the Al Forno Room until 6pm.

Red Devon Review[Stanfordville]

Here's a reply to a post I made on their FB page. BTW does anyone know where their chef went?

We lost our executive chef. We now have a new chef and we are working on getting everything right and ready to re-open! We will keep you posted on when we decide to re-open!

Is there a better place to buy fresh orange/grapefruit juice or lemon/limeade than Stew Leonards?

Fairway? That location isn't nearly big enough for them.

Does anyone know where the next Fairway is opening? Now that they've opened Lake Grove they should have another one listed as opening next.