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Food & Drinks for Bridal Party Meet & Greet

Downtown neighbourhood. Looking to spend $50 approx per person on a Saturday/Sunday. There will only be 7 of us so we don't need anything too over the top. Just a place to get some good eats and good martinis or drinks. I heard that Fire on the East Side is a great place to fit this bill. Anyone been there?

Food & Drinks for Bridal Party Meet & Greet

So my best friend and Maid of Honor had a great idea that we should have a Meet & Greet evening with the ladies in my Bridal Party so everyone can get to know each other and have a good time before all the crazy planning starts.
I am looking for a great restaurant where we can get together and have great food and drinks together. Because some of them will be meeting for the first time I prefer something with a fairly low-volumed atmosphere - No crazy music or loud crowds so we don't have to scream over it to talk. I would also prefer somewhere that has great drinks for a group of females of all ages -- perhaps martinis?!?

Does anyone have any great ideas for restaurants in Toronto where we can do this?

Please let me know and thank you for your input (in advance).



We are looking to get married in the next year and are really looking for a venue to fit our budget and needs. We are only planning on having approximately 60-70 people so it does not have to be a huge place. I do prefer there being a patio... perhaps a garden area?? The biggest problem is I need it to be in close proximity to a garden area for photos and ceremony. I haven't found a lot of this in the GTA. Our budget for the meal and venue cannot be anything over $10K which sounds like very little but can get us a lot if we aren't dead set on a large hotel etc. I do not like any sort of banquet halls --- again, I would like it to have a nice outdoor area. Also it does not have to be in the GTA as long as it is not past Milton area on the West.

Does ANYONE know of a good affordable place we can try?? Please not all the general venues... I've seen them all --- Grand, Hart House, Patella Mansion, anything like this. I need some outside-the-box thinking.

Please help...