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SF Woman Dining Alone, Dinner Rec Midtown

Prune! Of course!!

Jan 07, 2011
jillsunnyside in Manhattan

Wow!! Best brunch I've had in awhile...68 Greenpoint

I had brunch this morning on that sleepy stretch of Greenpoint Ave below Franklin - the place I think is called '68' and is next door to the bar Coco 66. There were four of us - we all tried different things - blueberry pancakes, eggs sardou, migas, and boudin sausage with spicy cheese grits. Everything was out of control delicious, beyond what I expected. I think my favorite was the boudin dish -- spicy cheese grits -- need I say more?!?! Had little bits of jalapeƱo in it, was smooth and we fought over the last bite. Came with what looked/tasted like shredded raw collards. An excellent contrast for a rich dish. So satisfying.
The pancakes were soft but crispy on the outside, made of magic. My sister in law said they were the best pancakes she ever had. I agree. Real maple syrup.
Hardly anyone was there, strangely. We had a lovely table outdoors. Coffee was great too.
Going back as soon as I can!

May 30, 2010
jillsunnyside in Outer Boroughs

Chicken dumplings???

If you're looking to dine out, I had some fantastic chicken dumplings last night at Yakitori Toto, 55th b/w 7th and 8th. There are many chicken choices but the best thing I tasted was the dumpling. YUM!

Aug 25, 2008
jillsunnyside in Manhattan

Best Indian on Lex 27/28th?

Any recommendations? I'm looking for the occasional fairly quick lunch, in and out in 20 minutes. Tasty, filling, cheap. Thanks!

Aug 25, 2008
jillsunnyside in Manhattan

Best diner in Queens?

I'm picking up three Spaniards tomorrow at Kennedy Airport and thought that their first meal in the USA should be at a diner. Which one???

Aug 21, 2007
jillsunnyside in Outer Boroughs

Need 5 lbs of Parmesan

I'll be leaving Sunnyside tomorrow morning heading west on the BQE. I want to stop somewhere before the Verrazano Narrows bridge for 5 lbs of Parmesan. Suggestions?

Aug 14, 2007
jillsunnyside in Outer Boroughs