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Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

why are these recipes always "adapted"?

Mar 13, 2013
upkerry11 in Recipes

Grilled Padrón Peppers

You need a "recipe" for this? Stay tuned, how to prepare a glass of water net week.

Aug 27, 2012
upkerry11 in Recipes

Hot and Spicy Chex Mix

more empty calories for fat americans

Apr 20, 2012
upkerry11 in Features

Breakfast Corn Dogs

No wonder Americans are so fat.....

Apr 17, 2012
upkerry11 in Recipes

Pepperplate menu planning app

Why bother with an app? Create a free blog, make sure you are the only one who can read/write it and post your recipes. Access them anywhere there's a computer and not your phone etc... This app is a waste of time.

Feb 10, 2012
upkerry11 in Home Cooking

Fat Chef: New TV Show Tracks Losers

kill your TV. Another sewer pipe into your home.

Jan 27, 2012
upkerry11 in Features

Why Is Tea at Coffee Bars So Bad?

Because it's not in American culture to drink tea as I (an Irishman) does. Steamed water? Yuck.

Jan 20, 2012
upkerry11 in Features

Stop Bashing Paula Deen

Why do you watch these dumb cooking shows anyway? Wanna learn how to cook? Cook then. Kill your TV.

Jan 20, 2012
upkerry11 in Features

Spicy Tomato Soup

If you add a few slices of torn up sourdough french bread it makes the soup silky smooth, you'd swear there was cream in it.

Dec 26, 2011
upkerry11 in Recipes

The Most Obnoxious Chefs of 2011

why do you people watch this crap?

Dec 23, 2011
upkerry11 in Features

Planning to Drink at the Office Holiday Party? Use This Flow Chart

I avoid any and all Christmas parties that are work related. BORING.

Dec 08, 2011
upkerry11 in Features

McDonald's Channel Part of a Strategy to Eject Laptop Lingerers?

Does anyone who reads CH actually eat at MD? Gross....

Oct 21, 2011
upkerry11 in Features

Oven-Smoked Bacon

Is it worth it? Is it fun for you? Do you enjoy doing it? Then yes, it is worth it.

Oct 21, 2011
upkerry11 in Recipes

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

Allyson Jossel of Nopalito was so very kind to provide the recipe for the lovely fruit "gaspacho" they serve. Here it is. Be sure to throw some business their way as restaurants rarely respond, let alone give, recipes. It was a long shot for me.
I haven't made it yet but will do so and compare it to my version.


Yield: 4 servings


1 Qrt. Summer Melon, small cubes
1 C Orange Juice
½ C Lime Juice
3oz Queso Fresco
1 tsp. Chili Powder
1oz Hot Sauce
4 each Lime Wedges
Salt to Taste


In a mixing bowl combine the melon, orange juice, lime juice and salt. Lightly toss. Pour into your serving dish and top with queso fresco, chili powder, hot sauce and garnish with a lime wedge.

Robertson's Marmalade

No it's their generic replacement and it's terrible.

Robertson's Marmalade

Does anyone know where I can buy this marmalade? Trader Joe's used to carry it but no more. Piedmont Grocery has it for 7 bucks a jar(!).TJ's was half that.
thanks, bil

Easy Hot Breakfasts in 15 Minutes

Jam and cheese? Gross....

Sep 23, 2011
upkerry11 in Features

Gyros meat

thanks for the tip!

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

I boiled the corn, let it cool and cut it form the cob Placed it under he salamander (yes, it "pops") till it was charred a bit, stir it around. Sauteed white ions till nicely carmelized. I minced them fairly finely. make sure they dry out and brown. Tossed the corn and onion together, sprinkled queso on top (this is where salty cheese is ok IMHO) as the corn is so sweet (hopefully - mine was). Drizzled some crema on top and was lucky to get a friend's homegrown cherry tomatoes and they were soooooo sweet it was incredible. I kept it very simple this time to see what it would taste like and it tasted pretty much the same to me as the restaurant. I am going to experiment with different chilis and chili powders to see if I was another layer of complexity to it but I am careful about overwhelming the corn flavor as this is supposed to be a corn salad. The sweetness and astringency of the tomatoes worked well together. Some cilantro or another herb or maybe epazote might be good. Chilis might ruin it but I gotta play around wit hit. It's half the fun ain't it? Now if I only had more people to share it with... guess I'll have to eat it all:)

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

It's the one on the corner. At present their food in the back is some of the WORST Mexican I have ever tried (never again).

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

I thought it was La Tienda,across from the Cheese Shop near the PO, one block south of Uni and SPA.

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

I squeezed two valencia oranges as this is what the waitress said they use (I may add a seville next time as it will make it more sour and still be somewhat "orangy").
I only used cataloupe and honeydew melon. I added a *touch* of apple cider vinegar. I think the secret is their spice "mix". Whatever they used I decided to keep it simple. I used a cascabel chile (my favorite, bought at La Tienda on Univ/San Pablo Ave in Berkeley) and ground the entire chili in my spice grinder (sans seeds). On the menu it mentions "bufalo" sauce/salsa and its a small, thin bottle of slightly smokey but not hot (to my palate) sauce. Get the regular/classic and not the "red chile" one. Juice of one lime or so. I did not put the queso on top as it makes it salty but you might like it if you can get a really good one. Most commercial quesos are too salty I find.
Make sure the OJ and bufalo sauce and cider vinegar are well mixed. I don't think the fruit can sit in this for a long time as it starts to break down fast. Today I added some leftover watermelon. I think a firmer melon is better though I had no problem eating it:). I'm going to mess with other dried peppers and see what happens. No doubt it'll change the character of the dish but I am curious to see what version I like best.
Just FYI - I made the Esquit Tostado con Crema y Queso (look at he menu online) as well last night and that was easy. LMK if you wanna know what I did for that one. The boys at the firehouse were VERY happy last night. I served it with my own carnitas recipe and made tortillas. Not bad for 8 bucks a person.

411 13th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

I did, no answer yet. If they respond I'll post it here. I actually asked for the entire recipe so keep your fingers crossed. I made it last night based on what they list in the menu and it's pretty damned close.

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

Not in Nopalito's. I'm wondering what Nopalitos uses chili wise in THEIR Gazpacho. They use summer melons (cantaloup, honeydew,,watermelon), OJ (Valencia the waitress said), lime juice, Bufalo hot sauce and some queso sprinkled on top. I ground one cascabel and it tastes pretty damned close.

Nopalito's "Gazpacho"

Anyone know what chile(s) they use in this dish? Very tasty. B

Visiting from NYC - where should we eat?

Old Jerusalem Restaurant in the Mission is one of my favorite middle eastern places, not fancy but great food and inexpensive.
2976 Mission St. near 16th St Mission BART Station. RE: Mexican food I haven't found one place worth a damn in the entire Mission District so I'll be curious what others recommend here too.

Old Jerusalem
2976 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Gyros meat

Does anyone know where you can buy the pressed meat used in most gyro places? They all pretty much use the same mix. I heard Cash and Carry might have it. A recipe for the spice mix would be appreciated also. Bill

Red Enchilada Sauce

I've been experimenting with many kinds of dried chilis to get a complex red enchilada sauce. I started off by following some basic and simple recipes but (as I suspected) none really tasted great. All were ok and not much better than you get in your typical San Francisco Mexican restaurant in the Mission. I know it's all about the chilis. Does anyone have a recipe for a great red sauce? I am going to continue to mess around with various chilis but would love to hear from someone who has already done much of the experimenting and has come up with what they think is the perfect red sauce for enchiladas. thanks, bill

Jun 26, 2011
upkerry11 in Home Cooking

Perfect Cheeseburger

What's so special about this burger? Nothing.

Jun 09, 2011
upkerry11 in Recipes

in town Oct 16-21

OK will do. I hadn't thought about the non food questions. Sorry, I shall make note of it in future postings. thanks,Bill

Sep 06, 2010
upkerry11 in Manhattan