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size of oven needed to roast a turkey?

good afternoon!

we're considering this range:

the main oven is 3.5 cu ft.

we love the reviews but want to be sure we aren't setting ourselves up for disaster with the lower oven. we will probably mainly use the upper oven for roasting vegetables, baking, etc. but we want the occasional turkey!

is there a way to tell if a roasting pan and modest size turkey would fit?

i figure if anyone knows ovens, it's you fine folk.

thanks in advance.

Feb 06, 2011
julie77 in Cookware

need an alternative to frontera grill

many thanks all! i'll send my sister links to mexique and mudial and see what she says.

i wish xoco were open on sunday (or frontera for that matter!). that would be a great lunch choice for the group...

Aug 25, 2010
julie77 in Chicago Area

need an alternative to frontera grill

hi folks.
my sister has decided to throw an impromptu bachelorette weekend for our other sister. in chicago. so i'm in charge of dinner reservations.

the bride to be loves mexican food so i figured i'd give frontera grill a shot. no dice. booked up.

and then the chow creative juices kind of crashed. we aren't in a place to take everyone to topolobampo (not that they'd have a table either)...what other mexican restaurants would be a celebratory time for 5 women (including my mom....i know, i know)? we're not looking to dance on tables, just great food in a great environment.


Aug 24, 2010
julie77 in Chicago Area