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Looking for reasonably-priced, toddler-friendly UWS Italian

We are meeting an out-of-town, good-food-loving friend for dinner, and he has requested Italian food. The Upper West Side would be the ideal location, though West Midtown and Morningside Heights/West Harlem would be fine too. Our 14-month-old will be coming along, so it needs to be a place that is fine with a sometimes-too-loud and sometimes-Cheerio-throwing toddler in a highchair -- it will be on the early side (5pm), so that should help with this issue. My wife is a vegetarian, so at least a couple good veg entree options are needed. Reasonable prices would also be good -- nothing too fancy.

I saw the following recommendations on a previous similar thread:

Cesca (but seems too pricey for this occasion)

Would any of the above work? Which would you most recommend? Any other ideas?


Aug 24, 2010
evanb1313 in Manhattan