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Garllcky, oniony aroma in Haverhill II

I was told today that it is not Joseph's but Fantini's bakery.

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Anybody else having trouble with it? When I click, nothing happens.

Jan 24, 2011
carl sbergensis in Site Talk

Onion-ey garlic-ey smell in Haverhill

Sorry, the reply function wouldn't work for me. I have been told by a friend from Haverhill that it comes from Joseph's Gourmet Pasta when they cook certain things.

What's happened to the Common Man

We used to enjoy the one in Lincoln, N.H., and I once had a great buffet at the Plymouth location, so we visited the one in Windham (I had a hankering for prime rib). Granted, it was on a weekend night, an iffy time at restaurants, but everything was horrible. A Sapphire martini did not taste like Sapphire; the second was no better after asking the waitress to make sure it was, indeed, Sapphire. Escargot was glopped up with too much cheese and I believe bacon (it's been a while, I've had trouble accessing this site). Prime rib tasted as if it had been steamed. A barbecue dish, pulled pork, I believe, (as I said, it's been a while) was cloyingly sweet with maple flavor. Whatever vegetables we had we forgetable. The whole experience was on a par with a chain such as Chilis.

Has this place gone downhill or is it just the Windham location, which is enormous?

Rye Berries

Thanks to you both. I tried Andover WF (very small) and the mega-store in Woburn,which I figured had the most stuff. I'll try Fresh Pond and the other places.

Rye Berries

Anybody know where to buy them around Boston or anywhere in New England for that matter? Even Whole Foods doesn't have them. Thanks.