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Recommendation for anniversary dinner in Paris

Which hotel are you staying at? I'm sure a great travel advisor would be able to secure you the table!

Jul 12, 2014
swl123 in France

Best foie gras dishes in NYC

Jungsik had an amazing foie starter surprisingly!

Aug 05, 2013
swl123 in Manhattan

Restaurants with Mason Jars?

They have a downstairs party room.

Although please let us know what day you guys go because service in the main room slows down for massive groups ;)

Jul 27, 2013
swl123 in Manhattan

Restaurants with Mason Jars?

Try Feast! It's in East Village... great for a huge group

Jul 25, 2013
swl123 in Manhattan

EMP - lunch or dinner?

So its worth the $x extra just for dinner? Can you pls elaborate why?

Jun 19, 2012
swl123 in Manhattan

EMP - lunch or dinner?

Hello - coming into NYC on holidays and so have flexibility in when/where to eat for a bit with no time constraints.

It seems that everyone says the tasting at EMP over lunch is a considerable amount less than the tasting at dinner. I can afford both... but would not be happy paying much more for the same amount of food, if just served at different times.

Is this true? As chowhounders - would you always recommend lunch tasting over dinner tasting then?


Jun 19, 2012
swl123 in Manhattan

Sunday in Amsterdam

Will only be able to do a dinner once this trip in Amsterdam... De Kas and some others seem to be closed on Sundays.

What will my best choice be?

Oct 31, 2011
swl123 in Europe

One dinner on a Monday

Argh - 36 hour trip into Vegas from far far away...

and my favorite E is dark on Monday :(
Was hoping to take my 18 year old brother there as thought he would enjoy!

Any other recs for me for a Monday night if I wanted something similar to e?
I looked at TWIST but it seems a bit out there for an 18 year old.
No px restriction.

Also while we're at it.. anywhere for an earlier dinner Tuesday? Flight out is at 9pm.

Oct 27, 2011
swl123 in Las Vegas

Restaurant by the airport

i normally drive up to YVR and have eaten at the Chinese/Japanese restaurant right by the security area way too many times. This time, I'd like to try something better :) any suggestions for great restaurants around the airport area?

Jul 08, 2011
swl123 in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Barcelona: Filling in gaps - esp Monday!

It will be a 1pm reservation this month.
Am looking for something different than El Bulli and Cinc Sentits. Would you pick from your list from top to bottom? I think I will skip Tickets/41 Degrees... unless anybody thinks I should definately go after having been to El Bulli.

El Bulli
Spain , ES

Jun 07, 2011
swl123 in Spain/Portugal

Is Cinc Sentits open for lunch on Saturdays?

Have just booked a Sat Dinner so they are open! Closed Monday though...

Jun 04, 2011
swl123 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona: Filling in gaps - esp Monday!

Am landing in BCN Sat 2PM... leaving Tues 11AM.

So far, have booked Cinc Sentits for Saturday's Dinner.
Have El Bulli booked for Sunday Lunch.
Will stay over in Roses Sunday - any recommendations for dinner or will El Bulli be enough?

What I'm lost for now is where to eat Monday?
It seems like all the recommended places are closed then.
Budget's not an issue - just wanted to experience the best Barcelona has to offer so if you guys could throw out suggestions on where to hit up, that'd be great.


Also, feel free to add any must trys - whether that is before dinner on Sat or on the drive to/from El Bullit etc.

El Bulli
Spain , ES

Jun 04, 2011
swl123 in Spain/Portugal

If you could only have one luxury appliance...

That's what I want to splurge on too but the funny thing is in HK - Wolf is authorized to sell everything BUT gas! Pretty ridiculous when I went into the showroom.

So I'll spend some dough on induction it sounds like. What are your favorites?

Aug 24, 2010
swl123 in Cookware

If you could only have one luxury appliance...

and the rest would have to be middle of the range brands... which would you choose to be your luxury item?

Cooking Hobs?
Kitchen Hood?

Aug 24, 2010
swl123 in Cookware

Complete Kitchen Redo in Hong Kong

Hey guys - did a lot of research and it seems like Miele is the go to brand. However, its quite expensive here in HK and I wanted to get your opinions on if there is a cheaper option or if I should just pony up for Miele. I'll put in px comparisons for Siemens (have been told its popular here). Thanks!

Oven (60cm single):

Miele H5240, $2700 USD.
Miele H5460, $3750 USD.
Miele H5681, $5700 USD.

Siemens HB23AB520W, $1100 USD.
Siemens HB33A2550S, $1900 USD.
Siemens HV36A1560S, $2550 USD.
Siemens HB78AU570A, $3600 USD.

So the top is the basic model and each one that is more expensive comes with more bells and whistles so if you have any suggestion on how fancy a model is best in terms of price and what I'm getting out of it - that would be helpful.

Burners (Double Gas)

Miele CombiSet Stainless Steel $1700 USD.
Miele CombiSet Ceramic Glass $1225 USD.
Siemens Domino $1050 USD.

Burners (Double Induction)

Miele Combiset Stainless Steel $2125
Miele Combiset Cermic Glass $1550
Siemens Domino (new sliding control) $1600
Siemens Domino $1400

I'm also in need of a fridge and a oven hood - but I guess we can take this one step at a time. Thanks for all your input here.

Aug 23, 2010
swl123 in Cookware