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Afternoon Tea in Charleston, SC

I don't know when they started this nonsense but I saw it on their website yesterday.

Nov 15, 2012
Elliebelly in Southeast

Afternoon Tea in Charleston, SC

Could some one recommend a place offers high tea service except Thoroughbred Club at Charleston Place? They only serve their afternoon tea for a groups of ten+.

Nov 14, 2012
Elliebelly in Southeast

vancouver in oct

Total agree with you on Go Fish. We went there right after landing. We had (halibut)fish & chip, oyster burger, & fish stew/soup. Their ingredients were fresh & the condiments in the burger were tasty. All I need was a cold beer at that moment but ..... to be con't

vancouver in oct

Really?! Bears... lurking! I may have to rethink that! Thanks for the advice! Definitely will head to Pure Bread & Pasta Lupin........ love bread & pasta!

By the way, any pointers for the local wines?

vancouver in oct

I'm also heading to Vancouver at the beginning of Oct (first timer). Could you help me with a couple of qs since I like your recommendation a lot.

First of all, I booked the Westin Grand Downtown but thinking about rebooking some hotels around YVR instead since they are far cheaper. How is the traffic from YVR to Downtown area during weekday/weekend?

And here is my hit list during my stay, what did I miss (Love to eat almost anything and price would be an issue if the food is weak):
Vij's Railway Express food truck
Beaucoup bakery if opens
Saboten Tonkatsu
Motomachi Shokudo
Raincity Grill
Salt Tasting Room
Octopus Garden
Japa Dog
Sun Sui Wan
Ajisai Sushi Bar
Salty Tongue

Hit list for Atttraction:
Richmond Night MKt
Mole Hill
Stanley Park
Drinks at Top of the Vancouver revolving Res't for the view
Nitobe Memorial Garden
English Bay Beach
window shopping at Commercial Dr & Gastown

Lastly, How are Scandinavian Spa Whistler and Whistler Village? Recommend it ?

Many thanks in advance!

If in Barcelona

Is that any other way to get to Restaurant U from Barcelona except renting a car? If it is a must, which rental car company is reliable? Thanks!

Jan 27, 2012
Elliebelly in Spain/Portugal

Sullivan, Orange and Ulster Counties: New places?

Food is ok at The Fat Lady Cafe if they do arrive..... After boating in the area, five of us went there for a late lunch. It took them 75 mins to service us a kid burger, 2 pasta dishes & 2 salads(picture that.... we were the only table at the time).

On a recent Saturday night, our original plan was having delicious pizzas at Benji & Jakes. Unfortunately for us, they were closed for a wedding. So, we head to Luzon Station instead...... slow service in all areas (keep in mind...... it was primetime on a Saturday & the dinner room was only half full). We did ask our waitress why the food wasn't coming. She had no excuse and just smile. The only explantation we came up with is their menu is too big for the kitchen staffs to handle.... Anyhow, their Shrimp Fra Diavolo was pretty good!

Did I mention Benji & Jakes is great place for pizza & entertainment!?

The Fat Lady Cafe
13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

Benji & Jake's
5 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749