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Will this terra cotta saucer work as a pizza stone?

Exactly, there's no problem with using terra cotta, but a product that's not meant for use in food (and the original poster said it even had metal in it) to be used for it, especially in the very hot conditions that a good pizza needs, seems like a bad idea.
Even if it was pure clay, I would have my doubts about whether it was food safe as it's coming from a home improvement store. Since it's porous, it still might have chemicals that have accidentally gotten into it.
I just figure that spending an extra $10 for a real pizza stone is a better idea :)

Oct 26, 2010
MmmVegan in Cookware

Will this terra cotta saucer work as a pizza stone?

I wouldn't use it, as it's not made for food, who knows what it might have in it? The other posters have covered that topic really well though.

Is there a reason why you can't just buy a pizza stone? I bought mine for less than $40 (in Canada) and I love it. With the use you can get out of it (I use it for lots of breads other than pizza) and the fact that it'll last, it's worth just buying the real thing.
Oh, and storing a flat pizza stone is a lot easier than a large saucer with a rim, I bet.

Oct 26, 2010
MmmVegan in Cookware

Foods you eat strangely

The way I like to eat pizza is completely ridiculous.
First I tear off the crust piece by piece and sort of scoop up the toppings with it until the toppings and crust are all gone. Then, if I'm able to, I'll try to peel the crust in half, with the dry bottom and saucy top. I always have extra sauce on my pizza so I can "dip" the bottom crust bit into the sauce and eat it. And then my favourite part, the saucy, soft, top crust with no toppings, yummy!
Only my family and my boyfriend sees me eating like this though, usually I have manners, I swear! :)

Oct 25, 2010
MmmVegan in General Topics

Where's the best beef jerky in Edmonton?

I have no idea about meat (see username lol) but I figured while visiting Edmonton I could get some delicious jerky (beef or bison) to ship to my boyfriend in Afghanistan. Any suggestions? If it's a motivator, right now the guys over there say that a jerky from Ontario is the best, and I know that Alberta can totally beat out anything from Ontario, right?

Aug 22, 2010
MmmVegan in Prairie Provinces