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Huntsville's 20 Most Distinctive Dishes.

My husband and I are really fond of eating local and there are some really good options here in Huntsville.

The Gypsy Schnitzel at the Cafe Berlin is spectacular; pork schnitzel, red & green pepper, onions and mushrooms in an insanely good cream sauce!

The Poor Boy Factory, as the name applies, offers great poor boys on Gambino bread; don't miss their homemade Hot Damn sauce!

Fred Bread is a real thing- available semi-spasmodically at the Lowe Mill Art Center - the cranberry and the garlic flavors are great!

Brunswick Stew is a very different dish to every cook, but David Gibson's #2 at the corner of Bob Wallace Ave. and Jordan Lane has my personal favorite. The broth is not gooped up with thick tomato sauce or any sweetness and is great with the hush puppies. The peanut butter pie is a real slice of the South!

Poor Boy's Cafe
210 N Lockard St, Blytheville, AR 72315

Gambino's Restaurant
18 Laurel Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Aug 22, 2010
lst1 in Central South