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Misfit Restaurant vs. Upper West for 22nd birthday?

Hi, Im planning on having my birthday dinner with a group of 7 girls on a Wednesday night; however, I cant decide whether Misfit or Upper West would be better...They both have happy hour until 7 but the atmosphere is a little different in those two places. Ive only been to Upper West for DineLA and had a great experience so I would love to go back but I'm wondering if Misfit would be more of a fun restaurant/bar to go to for a birthday dinner? Any thoughts? :)

Mar 19, 2013
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area

need quick amazing takeout between LAX and west LA

Gjelina Takeaway
C & O Trattoria
Ayara Thai

Mar 19, 2013
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area

special dinner in Newport Beach

There is a really good steak place called Mastro's in Costa Mesa
and if your son wants sushi, I recommend Sushi Wasabi. The restaurant may not look so fancy but I can guarantee you the quality :)

Sushi Wasabi
14460 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

Mastros Restaurant
2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Oct 28, 2011
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area

special dinner in Newport Beach

i second marche moderne! i loooove their octopus appetizer and lamb ribeye with carrot puree :p

Oct 27, 2011
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area


you should defininately try the cheesesteak sandwiches and foie gras cotton candy.
Other dishes that I really like at the Bazaar are boneless chicken wings and croquettes
aaaand skip the watermelon nigiri it was such an off putting dish for me =/
the desserts there are not as good as their food but its not too bad so its worth a try

Oct 15, 2011
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area

Susina cakes vs. Lido bakery for a birthday cake?

I need to get a birthday cake for my boyfriend next week
and I CANT decide between the two!! :(
he is not a big fan of chocolate so Im thinking about getting'

Berry Blossom from Susina
Berry & Cream from Lido

any recommendations?
which one do you prefer? :)

Mar 11, 2011
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area

CUT - is it worth it?

YESSSS!!!! but make sure to order something above american wagyu :)

Aug 21, 2010
ozsj0402 in Los Angeles Area