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Narrowing down Yountville/Healdsburg

>hat is policy on sharing tastings?<

No problem. That's my usual practice, sharing tastings (one class). To me, it eliminates the need for spitting out the wine :)

Moosetta's Russian Piroshki, Sonoma Valley

I went today and it is is the back of the building. If you don't know that, it's confusing to find the "Rocket" sushi place (which was the former piroshki place) closed and to see nothing about piroshki. Just go to the back of the north side of the building.

They're open Tuesday-Friday 11:00-3:00, but have piroshkis only on Thursday and Friday. They have sandwiched, soup, and salads every day they're open.

I had the beef and cheese and it was truly excellent. At long last, good/great piroshki is back!

Rocket Back Door
18812 Sonoma Hwy

Fire Code bans use of barbecues on decks of apts. and condos - HELP

I encountered this in Marin County several years ago. i solved the problem by finding a ground floor unit with an outdoor patio, small but enough for a charcoal-fired Weber.

El Mono Fresh in El Cerrito

I assume you mean Limon Rotisserie. After enjoying the one on South Van Ness several times, I went to the one on Valencia about a year ago. I liked it a lot less, but really can't remember why. Then I went back to the one on SVN and also thought the food wasn't as good as before, particularly the Lomito Saltado which was one of my favorites. Has anyone been to either place recently?

Mi Casa Cafe in San Rafael

Their Facebook page doesn't even have an address.

But now I see you posted the address above.

Los Moles in San Rafael?

I ate lunch there today. First, the name is Los Moles. The seven different moles, all chicken (leg & thigh or breast), are in a separate part of the menu and all are $13. I had the Mole Poblano which was complex and excellent. You can read the many ingredients on the menu in my photos or on their website. It may take a while, but I'm going to work my way down the list until I've had all of them. The rice was excellent as were the three corn tortillas that actually tasted like corn. I finished the meal with flan that was also excellent. As you'll see on their website, there are many other choices including taqueria-type items. The service was friendly and prompt, the presentation of food almost Japanese-like.

A few photos:

Moosetta's Russian Piroshki, Sonoma Valley

The Rocket signage is visible from the front, from the street. It looks to be in the same location as Moosettas's was. I've seen the sign but not stopped.

Moosetta's Russian Piroshki, Sonoma Valley

Facebook page says "every Thursday and Friday!! First come, first serve. 11-3:00"

Good wineries near town of Sonoma

I've never been to Laurel Glen or Pangloss. Need to put those on my list to try. I take visitors to Arrowwood for the view from the porch; their wine is quite good. Then a short distance away in Kenwood is the tasting room for Muscardini, a particular favorite of mine (I do prefer reds).

The best San Francisco sourdough?

No, haven't been back to Bordenave.

SF Sourdough Revisited

I called the phone number on their website and was told that was the business office, and that they sold retail only at the outlet store. That's at 151 Spruce, SSF, 650-589-4572, open 8-5 every day. There's no indication of this on their website which the outlet store person said was badly in need of updating.

Los Moles in San Rafael?

Has anyone been to Los Moles in San Rafael? It's in the location on Lincoln of the long-lived Las Camelias.

Bay Area - I need your help

For brunch, the food at MH Bread & Butter in San Anselmo is both creative and excellent and still comfort food. I think I've had all of their egg dishes and have found each one amazing. Of course everything is served with their wonderful bread. Weekdays, get there by 11:00 am for the breakfast menu. Weekends they serve it until their 3:00 pm kitchen-closing time.

You'll find three egg dishes near the end of the photos.

Bay Area - I need your help

I'll cast my burger vote for Phyllis' Giant Burgers in San Rafael, on the "Miracle Mile" on the way to San Anselmo. Hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, but the real deal for burgers, including grilled onions if you want them (no extra charge). I like the burgers at this location better than the newer and larger locations.

2202 4th St
San Rafael, CA 94901

Bay Area - I need your help

I'm with you. I just don't get it. But hey, others do...

SF Sourdough Revisited

I certainly never tried grilling stale sourdough back in the day. Never even thought about it.

SF Sourdough Revisited

My remembrance is that you had to eat it the same day, or at least the next, or it was just too stale to eat.

Red Bird Bakery - new in Santa Rosa

Is there seating, tables, etc?

barndiva or the healdsburg shed?

Has it been that long? Seems like yesterday :-)

barndiva or the healdsburg shed?

I was there last September (I think it was) with two other people and we all thought it was very mediocre and disappointing. A winery owner who had sampled a few or more of his own creations said the employees there that he knew called it a [very bad name].

The Clover Scoop Shop | Cloverdale - Sonoma County

We'll have to agree to disagree :-) I find Three Twins to have the best chocolate ice cream I've probably ever had (their Bittersweet Chocolate), and the few other flavors I've tried have been very good. And this coming from someone who didn't like their initial offerings (10 years ago??) at their shop in north San Rafael. Years later as it was appearing in many places I decided to try it again. I found it much better and so far that's been my experience every time. I probably have it once a week, mostly from Good Earth in Fairfax.

Easy Quick Pickles

I made my first batch a week ago, five quart jars of mixed veggies. It's all great!

Now I have a question: I finished one jar of the pickled veggies and have more than half a jar of brine left. Would there be anything wrong with just adding new veggies into that jar of brine?

May 16, 2015
Malcolm Ruthven in Recipes

Thai Aroi-Dee in San Rafael?

Two of us went there for lunch yesterday, first time for the othe person. Both of us thought it was the best Thai food we've had in Marin (also probably in a wider area). I had the lunch special with (1) the recommended-above Yellow Curry (chicken), spicy, and it was just great with multiple complex flavors and (2) Chile Paste with pork, spicy, which was much saucy (as intended) and also great. I starter coconut soup seemed even better this time that the last time I was here. I could eat a large bowl of that for a meal.

Native Sons BBQ [San Francisco]

Thanks. That type of schedule in that location isn't going to work for me.

Native Sons BBQ [San Francisco]

Is this a permanent place? Indoor tables? Etc...

Great Eats within a mile of Union Sqaure [San Francisco]

Bio, a French cafe mostly for takeout but (I think) with a few tables, is very near Union Square. I loved the short-lived sit-down place in Sausalito last year and was so sorry it didn't make it. The Food was great. Give the Union Square place a try.

75 O'Farrell St.
Monday-Sunday: 6am-6pm

Capp's Corner is closing. [San Francisco]

I was also in SF at that time. The one I frequented the most was the New Pisa.

Has anyone used this mole base?

I fixed the whole container, adding a whole quart "box" of organic chicken soup. I thought it could use a bit more liquid, so I added a bit of water. I then got a whole cooked Mary's organic chicken from Whole Foods (labeled 1.75 pounds), pulled apart the meat (weighed 1.4 pounds), and mixed in some of the mole. I've had a few meals of it and like it a lot. The mole is different than I've had before; the sesame seeds are quite noticeable as mentioned by someone. But overall I'd say it was quite good. The same store also has another type they sell and I may try that one next.

Thai Aroi-Dee in San Rafael?

I had a very good lunch there today. The lunch specials are $10 (plus $1 for brown rice) and include two choices. That took a bit to sink in; I first read right over it without noticing. I had the Chili Paste with chicken (stir fried in special chili paste with green beans, bell peppers, and topped with kaffir lime leaves) and the Fresh Ginger with pork (stir fried fresh ginger, garlic, bean sauce, carrots, bell peppers, yellow & green onions). Everything was great tasting, and the Chili Paste was about as hot as I'd want. The meal started with a bowl of coconut soup, clearly tasting of coconut. Give this new place a try.

Thai Aroi-Dee in San Rafael?

Thai Aroi-Dee is a new place on 4th St in San Rafael (west end, taking over the Om space). Several rave reports on yelp for authentic Thai.

1518 Fourth St
San Rafael