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Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

We went to The Commissary last night. Report here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9769...

about 10 hours ago
Malcolm Ruthven in San Francisco Bay Area

The Commissary (San Francisco)

Had dinner there last night with two visiting friends. Great "Presidio" atmosphere, very good/great food, very spotty service (large party in a separate room for our waiter. maitre de essentially became our waiter). Very long wait for food and drinks. Wine was served in strange wide and short glasses with straight sides; sure seemed like small pours to me. But the food was superb. Asparagus plate (with other things) was special as were the fried brussels sprouts, the best roast pork dish I've ever had; didn't know roast pork could be so tender, juicy, and flavorful. It served the purpose perfectly, especially because we were in no hurry.

Photo of the dining room: http://ruthvenphotos2.com/files/IMG_1...

about 10 hours ago
Malcolm Ruthven in San Francisco Bay Area

Snake River Farms American Kobe corned beef @ Costco

Did you leave it in the wrap it came in while cooking?

Besides chowhound, is there any other good food blogs/discussion forums you follow?

My favorite Bay Area food blog is Bunrab ( http://bunrab.com/dailyfeed/dailyfeed... ). They left for Portland for a while, but now they're back.

Snake River Kobe beef tri-tip $8.99/lb

Now there's expert testimony for you! Was that recommended technique for both types of tri-tip?

I like to fix tri-tip for friends visiting from other parts of the country who have no idea what tri-tip is. They're always impressed with its flavor. If you don't have time to cook it at 220F (most of the time for me), I've found it works fine to cook at a higher temp which is how it's done in about 1/2 hours. Still very good :-)

Snake River Kobe beef tri-tip $8.99/lb

I don't know about Kobe, but I've cooked a lot of tri-tips. In general, they're tender enough you can good them to any stage of doneness you want. I prefer to cook mine on the Weber, using indirect heat (coals on the sides, meat above in the middle over a drip pan). About 1/2 hour often works for medium rare. When done, let it sit a few minutes then slice and serve (the slices).

Snake River Farms American Kobe corned beef @ Costco

No year designation?

Snake River Farms American Kobe corned beef @ Costco

What does 2/10 and 3/10 mean?

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Thanks for the great reply. I suspect we'll settle on The Commissary.

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Thanks for the great food report. I sent an abridged version to my friends, with a link to the website, and got a reply back with "still dealing with Colitis and spicey foods are not good for her digestive system". Is their food "spicy"? I didn't "get" that form the menu, but thought I'd ask you.

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Thanks for mentioning The Commissary. I had looked at their website and found the menu to possibly be more adventurous than would suit my friends, but that might not be correct. I'm glad you think their food in excellent. Can you tell me more about the food?

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Any other suggestions?

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Can you always find street parking on California St? How long a walk to Garibaldi’s?

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

Having dinner with long-ago friends who visit here yearly, one in a wheelchair. They know and appreciate good food but are not adventurous eaters. The Presidio Social Club was great but want another place this time. I'm thinking Garibaldi’s (I've never been) because of the great recs here (old) and yelp (current) plus the menu looks fine for the purpose and the price point is fine.

Any recent reports from people here? Where/how do you park your car?

Other recs?

Best Aquachile in San Francisco?

What is Aquachile? Google turns up all sorts of things that don't like what you mean.

Himalayan Cafe and Grill, Santa Rosa

Do you mean Santa Rosa? How about an address.

Himalayan Cafe and Grill, Santa Rosa

Did you go to the Himalayan Restaurant in Windsor? Or?

Burmatown in Corte Madera (Marin County)

My favorite food bloggers, Bunrab, who left the area a few years ago but seem to be back, have a very good review of Burmatown.


best pizza by the slice

I think Liguria's has more flavor because of the thinner bread and pretty much same amount of sauce/flavorings.

Sonoma report - January 2015

>Kindle family estate<

Did you mean Kunde?

best pizza by the slice

I don't know what style you'd call it, but have you tried the pizza at Tony Tutto in Mill Valley? It's definitely my favorite.


Shwe Myanmar: Burmese in San Rafael (Marin County)

I went back for lunch today and had their Pork Curry & Tea Leaf Salad special. The Pork Curry was just as good as the Chicken Curry that I had last time, with interesting mild flavors; it contained potatoes which I don't remember in the chicken version. The Tea Leaf salad had much less lettuce this time, making it far more flavorful, a big improvement.

best pizza by the slice

I agree about Bovine. Also, reading the first article above reminded me of how much I don't like NY-style slices. That must be an early-acquired taste.

Empanadas @ Wild Sage Deli in Healdsburg

Stopped there yesterday for food for later. A Gaucho sandwich (lamb, dijon, Meyer lemon confit, olive oil on a hard roll) was excellent. beef empanada was also excellent, all very fairly priced. Pre-made green salad had good cherry tomatoes, didn't seem special except for that. Friend said the coffee (drunk immediately) was one of the best she'd ever had. Lots of locals there including firemen. Nice patio in back if you're eating there.

The paper menu says they're closed Sunday. Don't know if that is correct,

Link to paper menu (doesn't include empanadas): http://ruthvenphotos2.com/files/Heald...

SF Sourdough Revisited

The sourdough at Bordenave in San Rafael is a shadow of its former self and not really worth eating, in my opinion.

NAPA & SF in February

If it's a sunny and warm-enough day (obviously for lunch, not dinner at night), a table on the patio at Auberge is a special treat, overlooking Napa Valley with a view that people come halfway around the world for.

Aicha Moroccan on Polk? [San Francisco]

What's the atmosphere like?

Oso Restaurant, Sonoma

Bauer recently wrote a rave review about Oso. Small-plate menu consisting of not-so-small plates at reasonable prices. Hasn't anyone been there?

Northern Sonoma Cty wine festival Jan 17-18, 2015

I'll be sure to stay away that weekend, because of the price and the number of people. I find winter a great time to visit wineries because far less people are there, even fewer if it's raining. But not "up there" that weekend :-)

New French Cafe in Sausalito

Bio in Sausalito has closed. It is likely to reopen soon for dinner only so Sylvie, the owner, can concentrate on her SF place during the day and Sausalito at night.

It's also available for private events and parties. If anyone is interested in what would essentially be a catered event in the Bio location, call Sylvie at 415-324-7080.