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Curious About Silicone Baking Molds? Read This First

I like them for freezing portions of soups or other viscous foods. Never used them to actually bake with...

Dec 21, 2012
mrscherbear in Features

Asian Peanut Noodles

If you read the recipe, you'll see the reason for writing the measurement in teaspoons. IDK about you, but I don't find it easy to separate a tablespoon...unless I use teaspoons ;-)

Apr 10, 2012
mrscherbear in Recipes

Hi, my name is _______ and I'm addicted to ________ .(food only please!)

WHY did they get rid of the lemon ones?! They were SO good...

Oct 21, 2011
mrscherbear in General Topics

"THAT" need for dessert

Baked watermelon? Do tell....

Aug 05, 2011
mrscherbear in General Topics

There are some foods that I will not even try.

I have tried lots of critters, including one that no one has mentioned so far: bear. Anyone else had that? I found it similar to pot roast.

For the no-nos, though, much of it I just can't get over mentally: tentacles, organs (though as a kid I did like chicken hearts), living things, heads of things, raw mollusks (I know what seawater tastes like, and I don't need to have the added rubbery texture, thanks). Balut- oh GOD no. Am I missing out? Perhaps. Not sure I care, though, unless my refusal meant a threat to my survival.

That said, I haven't met a plant that I wouldn't try, barring toxicity, durian included. Never had it, but I don't think I would refuse it. And natto-I'd give it a go.

May 13, 2011
mrscherbear in General Topics

Vote Now for the CHOW Recipe Challenge, Best Chicken Breast Dish!

Dumplings, FTW!!! Anytime my hubby orders take out at work, he always brings me an order of dumplings after work. Yay, dumplings!

Mar 16, 2011
mrscherbear in Features

Beer Battered Fish Recipe

If you don't have a thermometer, a kernel of popcorn in the oil will tell you when the oil is ready-it pops around 350, and has never failed me.

Feb 18, 2011
mrscherbear in Home Cooking

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Second the General Store! The turkey and brie turnovers are lovely little snax!

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Don't write Frederick off just yet as too far...I commute from Frederick to Siver Spring 5 days a week!

In the SS area, I like Big Greek Cafe on GA Ave, BGR in Bethesda, Red Ginger in Kensington has good Chinese, Saboroso on Colesville across from the mall has awesome Peruvian-style chicken, David's cafe on Spring is a good quick lunch spot, MiRancho is a pretty good fresh mex type place, and Tastee Diner is awesome for late-night munchie fests!

Tastee Diner
118 Washington Blvd S, Laurel, MD 20707

Red Ginger
10525 Summit Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

Big Greek Cafe
8223 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Only Tools Don't Tip on Takeout, and Other Rules of Gratuity You Should Know

For "Chowhounds", you guys sure do not appreciate the actual work that goes in to the "experience" you expect. It is insulting. Waiters and bartenders earn LESS than Fed. min. wage because TIPS ARE THEIR ONLY INCOME. The $3/hr they earn is paid only so the gov't has something to tax!

In a perfect world, take out would be dealt with by the host/ess or the kitchen. Somehow, the bartender *who makes your drink, your date's drink, every table in the place's drink, AND serves you and the bar snacks, apps, dinner, and dessert* got tasked with that at most places, probably because the phone is next to their register. Yes it takes time to go through the specials. Yes, it takes time to leave your assigned station *which happens to be where your PAYING customers are* and check on and assemble an order. And then run for the extra this-and-that for the take out customer. Yes, I have worked a bar at lunch and served ZERO sit-in customers, and 5-10 take out customers and made NOTHING.

You try going to work and not being paid for your efforts. It sucks!

Nov 12, 2010
mrscherbear in Features

Is "gamey" really such a bad thing?

Ah-ha! Someone here has actually put a descriptor to the term gamey! Musky...ok. Can't say I disagree or agree, but I can say that I have had LOTS of game meats, and though I didn't like all of them, most are pretty awesome! I'll never forger the year my dad got a reindeer for Christmas can imagine the jokes he made, I'm sure. My landlord is a hunter, so I've actually had the chance to get to know venison a bit more intimately, and have only found an off-putting flavor in fattier pieces. Almost leathery, I'd say. Overall, I find game meats to be sweeter than commercial. If that's gamey, I vote we encourage it!

Oct 22, 2010
mrscherbear in General Topics