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Szechuan Restaurant- Wilmington, DE

If you're talking about the Szechuan on Kirkwood Highway, I'd pass. Greasy greasy greasy.

There are far better places nearby.
Mikimoto's in Wilmington is by far the best (if your husband is scared, definitely go here. A lot of AMAZING fusion food and familiar things like steak, etc.) Excellent service and a great bar.

The Crownery is another good place, it's traditional Chinese . Really good service, the staff has always been helpful in helping pick out a meal just right for you. The downside is it's a little pricey for what it is.

Lantana Sq, Hockessin, DE 19707

Aug 20, 2010
amascovs in Mid-Atlantic

Fresh Poultry in Wilmington DE?


I'm relatively new to the area and have yet to find a place with decent poultry. The local Fresh Grocer leaves a lot to be desired, and unfortunately the fabulous farmer's market in New Castle doesn't carry meat (that I've found).

Thanks in advance :)


Aug 20, 2010
amascovs in Mid-Atlantic