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Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

We went Tuesday afternoon and ordered the tripe stew along with other PR specialties. It was flavorful and rich tasting, but there were only two small pieces of tripe but lots of chunky vegetables in a nice sauce. When I told our waiter of disappointment there was not more tripe he explained it was a big pot and he just pulled out a ladleful, perhaps it was not mixed fully. We chose Arroz Mamposteao as a side and it was delicious. Mofongo with pork belly and chicken was also good, a little heavy for lunch, but for me not as yummy as the rice. There are also several items on the menu popular at Pubbelly for dinner (Dates w/chorizo) and PB Sushi (Tostones con Ceviche and Arroz Pegao w/spicy tuna). Looks like a semi-permanent La Lechonera sign out front so maybe it will be around for a while.

Seeking a butcher store...

We used to go to Epicure on Miami Beach, but it got ridiculously expensive. They don't even post prices. I heard that competition from TFM and Publix, both within walking distance is causing them to bring prices more in line, but haven't checked lately. The butchers know their stuff and will cut anything to order, they have prime meats and very nice prepared foods and will special order anything they don't have. Like CFByrne, I did get a fabulous rib eye from WF a few weeks ago at a relatively reasonable price.

Best fast food alternative heading south from MIA?

If they want quick and inexpensive, you don't want a burger chain restaurants....I would stop at a Pollo Tropical. There are lots of them around and you can try citrus grilled chicken, rice and black beans, sweet plantains and get in and out quickly and cheaply. They also have shrimp, pork, and other items, but if you haven't had the chicken, that is what they are known for..for those in parts of the country where spanish is not spoken everywhere.."pollo" is chicken. Lots of sauces and other toppings to try at self-service sauce bar, too.

simple, delicious, local Miami fare

Good News! I guess the management at La Camaronera listened and dropped the new pricing. Everyone, including the wait staff, was upset about it. So glad you are enjoying your visit. Thank you for the update.

simple, delicious, local Miami fare

Be aware of the price change at La Camaronera on their famous Minuta fish sandwich. It is now MP (market price the day we went was $14.99). That price is for the required order of TWO sandwiches. Everyone was complaining, many only wanted one sandwich, but then you would have to order the Mahi because you can no longer order one yellow tail snapper Minuta. Used to be the best bargain in town at $4 or so, now at $7.50 still ok, but need to go with a friend who wants one too.

Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral

Did anyone mention Sandbar Sports Grill? The best Fish Tacos and a really fun indoor/outdoor atmosphere. Lots of color and things on walls to keep a child occupied. Live music and right on the beach, one block from Ron Jon Surf Shop which is worth a walk through.

Oct 08, 2014
ruthless2 in Florida

Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral

One more thought....cross over to Cocoa Village and try Ossorio. Very casual eatery but bread, pizzas and pastries baked from scratch and homemade ice cream too. Walk around the cute little town and see a show at the historic playhouse if possible. Not expensive and they welcome children.

Oct 02, 2014
ruthless2 in Florida

Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral

If you have a place to cook fresh seafood, go to any of the Wild Ocean Seafood locations and pick up some Royal Red Shrimp (they are sweet, like lobster and worth the premium price), or have them steam them for you and have a picnic. Or choose anything and for a few dollars they will cook it for you. OR if you prefer a restaurant, try Dixie Crossings (Titusville) and order the Royal Reds and Rock Shrimp...broiled.

Oct 02, 2014
ruthless2 in Florida

asheville best bar food


Oct 02, 2014
ruthless2 in Southeast

Three days in Asheville

We enjoyed Storm Rhum Bar when we were there a few years ago, opens at 4pm, so would have to be a late lunch. Live in Miami Beach but rented a downtown loft for a month Aug-Sep, so following this thread for ideas.

Jun 11, 2014
ruthless2 in Southeast

good crawfish in south fl??

We went last Tuesday and tried all the NOLA/Bayou specialties. Got there at 7pm and they were out of crawfish by 7:45pm. We only got half the mudbugs we wanted since we ordered multiple small plates first. Waitstaff totally overwhelmed though restaurant was not full. Ate out on patio and after initial ordering, felt totally neglected, difficult to get attention for additional dishes, check etc.

Lunch with Elderly (but spry) Aunt and Uncle drivable from 41st Street, Miami Beach

I believe Joe's is open for lunch Tues-Sat 11:30am-2pm (though the take-away is open every day with lots of tables to sit and enjoy). Friday is most crowded, any other day shouldn't be a problem. I prefer main dining room. There is free self parking in their lot across the street or you can valet. They have a 'classic' menu item that includes all the favorites.

Lunch with Elderly (but spry) Aunt and Uncle drivable from 41st Street, Miami Beach

Consider Milos or Joe's for lunch.

Pride & Joy - - PART II

Four of us went to Pride and Joy last night after Happy Hour drinks at Bloom (across the street) and before the movie at O Cinema (around the corner). It wasn't as bad as I expected after all the terrible reviews and the patio seating was pleasant enough. Service was good too. The BBQ St Louis Ribs and Brisket-not so much- but the fried chicken, potato salad and draft beers were all very good.

Looking for decent Bakery (Bread)

There is a great baker from Montreal who sets up inside the Delaware Chicken Farm produce area (441 south of Sterling) ONLY on weekends. He has all kinds of great crusty breads. We do not live in that area but were lucky enough to stumble upon him once and bought as much as freezer would hold. They thaw and bake beautifully.

Lunch near Miami seaquarium?

Yes, EWB. Oasis and Donut Gallery are downright cheap and surroundings reflect that. RP menu is still inexpensive compared to Cantina at RC where fajitas or fish tacos are $30 each at lunch. Haven't been to RP and don't know anyone who has, just thinking of what is nearby and not a fast food chain.

Lunch near Miami seaquarium?

Having been to Seaquarium with (other people's) kids, I can say that everyone comes out hot, tired and hungry and not in the mood for anything fancy or far. If you are in that situation, consider Oasis Cafe (cuban), Donut Gallery (no donuts just B/L closes early, counter service only), or maybe the recently redone Rusty Pelican (haven't been but may be a distraction if kids can eat outside)....all on way back to Miami, inexpensive, fast and easy.
We tried to drive into the park at the tip of Key Biscayne for Boater's Grill but it was a weekend and ranger said we had to pay entrance fee.

Roast Half Duck

Try Sage Cafe and Oyster Bar on Harrison St downtown Hollywood. I had the roast half duck there a few weeks ago, but it was a little sweet for me what with the raspberry sauce and mashed sweet potatoes, but skin was crispy, service was excellent and Sunday is half-price wine night.

Lobster Deals in Broward?

Just back from Maine where you can buy lobsters everywhere for $3.99 a pound (they will even steam them for you for free or maybe $1), but they are the soft-shells. If you want the hard-shells, even at the source (right off the boats at the lobster piers) it is still $12-$15/lb.

Dim Sum in Miami

I have always enjoyed Tropical too, but live approximately equidistant between P Ho and Tropical so go whenever I get to either area around lunchtime. Have errands out west in a few weeks so will head to Tropical then. And wait for a weekend to go back to PH. BTW the leek dumplings at PH were one of the better items yesterday, but still really like the Tropical version, skins are much better.

Dim Sum in Miami

Had a disappointing lunch at Chef Philip Ho today. Most of the dumplings stuck to the paper and tore apart when lifted with chopsticks. Tripe and turnips was tasteless. All bones, fat and gristle on pork ribs w/black bean sauce, no truffle flavor and scallop taste was 'off' in those dumplings, lava custard roll was too sweet and filling was grainy. A few of the other dishes were ok, but not worth the drive and not nearly as good as previous visits. Will try to come on a weekend next time when more traffic = better quality 9hopefully).

Miami Spice 2012 Edition

We went to Barceloneta this week also. Sat at the bar and enjoyed the eight course meal. Plenty of food. (The couple next to us were so upset they weren't given the Miami Spice menu, with each new course we received they became more disappointed and frustrated). We had the salted caramel mousse dessert and it was OK, not one of my favorite flavors, but the bread pudding seemed too heavy after so many courses. I was wondering if you have three people how they do sharing, or if four can you try all the dishes since there are two choices for most courses. The sharing thing always gets me confused so we go as a couple for those menus.

Korean BIbimbop in Miami?

I had it at Bloom also and liked it. I asked the waiter to leave the bowl without touching for at maybe ten minutes while we ate other dishes so rice got crusty before stirring in egg. They have an excellent homemade hot sauce there also, you must ask for it, not on tables. I had a version at Pubbelly but bowl wasn't hot enough for crust to form.

How do you like to be addressed by your server?

Here in Miami where english is a second language to the majority of the population, the term of choice (mostly for those who grew up speaking spanish) when speaking to a woman is "Lady". I know it is meant to be respectful (like seƱora) but it really sounds awful to me. Hate it.

Jul 25, 2012
ruthless2 in Not About Food

soft shell crabs

Yes, Delaware Chicken Farm. I bought the last two they had Friday afternoon, they were kind of expensive at 6.95 each. I was told they will get cheaper as water gets warmer and more crabs shed their shells. Will go down to 4.95 each shortly. They also had (cajun) crawfish. They come in live and they cook them there, not very spicy but there is easy remedy for that. Long drive from south beach but whenever I am near that area I stop. Great new bread baker from Montreal at farm stand next door.

Looking for decent Bakery (Bread)

Old Heidelberg Deli on SR 84 in Ft Lauderdale. German Sourdough, probably not the same as San Francisco version. Interesting place, separate deli and restaurant.

Looking for decent Bakery (Bread)

Epicure Market (Miami Beach) has corn rye, as well as several other types of rye bread. Their challah and french breads are good also.

Have researched a week of good eating; looking for input and info about particular dishes to order

Please be aware that either a trip to The Everglades (the 3rd largest national park in the lower 48) or a driving trip to Key West is an all day affair. See for info on the Everglades to determine what you might want to do there. Their website also notes big construction going on by US 41 to Shark Valley (15 mile bicycle loop) suggesting you allow additional 30 min. If you go south down past Homestead you can go to Flamingo and take a ranger led boat ride up into Whitewater Bay. If down that way stop at Robert is Here, a farm stand with every imaginable tropical fruit and veg which they will let you taste as well as the famous strawberry milkshakes. There is a whole self-guided driving tour of the area there with stops at Schnebly's tropical winery, Burr's Berry Farm, and more It is a four hour drive each way to Key West, mostly 45 mph many times two lanes. Maybe only drive to Islamorada (MM 80- still 80 miles from Key West) but you will still get a taste of the keys....or further south to the 7 mile bridge and take tram/walking tour of small but historic Pigeon Key. Lots of places to stop and eat on both bay and ocean Key Largo to Islamorada.

70 yr old birthday party

Would they consider Chinese/dim sum? Chef Philip Ho in Sunny Isles has areas that look like they can be closed off, reasonable prices, and fun with all the little dishes. Lots of free parking, too.

Pubbelly or Yard bird?

Yardbird takes reservations and is larger so you have a better chance of being seated, probably better, more familiar food for kids. We did not have a great experience there - 4 of us on a Thursday evening around 6pm, high top by open kitchen. Ordered drinks and bottles of wine, which was better than food which was only ok. Service was intrusive and rushed. Items came out randomly, though we waited to order mains until we had almost finished small plates. Fried chicken not crisp, had been kept in warming oven. Sides came out after chicken finished. Wanted to love it, but didn't. Will probably give it another try, maybe at lunch. Easy to run up a tab for food at pub belly as everything is extra, even bread. Again, good, not great IMO.