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Pyracantha (firethorn) jelly

Looking at the Friends of the Urban Forest site, it would appear that the trees that are all over here, at least in my neighborhood (Noe Valley) are Washington Thorns (, decidedly part of the hawthorn family. Did your botanist friend remark on that at all? Also, as far as I can read, all haws are edible, at least cooked. Do you know any different?

Nov 12, 2010
seantimberlake in Home Cooking

Papalote-Inspired Salsa

I finally made this last night, and while it is a very good salsa, as szabe said, it is not Papalote. I did use ancho rather than pasilla and dialed down the vinegar a touch as well. However, I felt that the pepitas added too strong a nutty flavor (not unpleasant, just a major departure from the Papalote salsa's flavor). Next time I will try it with masa harina as thickener, and a touch of oil as szabe recommended.

Aug 20, 2010
seantimberlake in Recipes